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There is a group named “Iraq Veterans Against the War” which is planning another lie-filled ‘investigation’ titled “Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan“, this March 13-16, 2008, (at the Capitol) to provide ‘information of the atrocities’ our fine men and women are committing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They claim to have 4736 ‘people’ who support them. I find it ironic that they don’t use the word Soldier, don’t you?

It is not too late for us to infilitrate them. Remember, you must hold your tongues. You are just there to record everything. There is to be no violence. What you can do before you go is e-mail all of your friends and family members to ask them to stand with us against these liars.

You can get in by using this link. Make up a statement that they will want to hear. They may even ask you to speak at this display of disgusting dishonor. That will your opportunity to reveal the tapings you have made of THEM! The lies, the hatred for troops, and possibly who is sponsoring this meeting. Put it out there if you can get it.

We do not have much time. Please organize as if this was enemy terrotory and you were going in to save your buddies. In essense, you will be. Godspeed.

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It is amazing to me how often ‘normal’ people are fooled by these punks. Okay, let’s do a little game called, ‘Connecting the dots.’

  • There was a war in Lebanon when the Izl-amists were trying to slaughter the Christians which were 50% of the at that time, and the Christians fought back. This started in 1975.
  • Israel stepped in to try to help.
  • We went in also to try to help stop the civil war.
  • On October 23, 1983 at 6:22 a.m., a large delivery truck drove to the Beirut International Airport where the Marine Barracks was located. The terrorist attack killed 220 Marines and 21 other U.S. service members who were stationed there to help keep the peace in a nation torn by war. [Source: Arlington National Cemetery.]
  • We left.
  • Syria moved in.
  • Christians fled instead of being slaughtered.
  • We have tried for decades to get Syria out of Lebanon.
  • Iran, through Hizbullah, blew up the Khobar Towers on June 25, 1996. Nineteen Americans were murdered and hundreds were injured. These were located in Saudi Arabia in 1996, and nothing was done about it. [Source(s): GlobalSecurity.org and OpinionJournal.com.]
  • The assassination of PM Rafik Hariri.
  • The rise of the Cedar Revolution.
  • Supposedly, Syria finally left Lebanon in April 22, 2005, after the Cedar Revolution. (What else was happening at that time? The ‘staying power’ of the USA during the Iraq War, perhaps? Hmm.) [Source: Spirit of America.]
  • Samir Kassir, a founding member of Lebanon’s Democratic Left movement, was assassinated by car bomb in Beirut. Along with this assassination in Lebanon and the UN refuses to release its findings of who ordered the first hit, Syria, Hizbulla, and Iran are all involved. [Source: Spirit of America.]
  • Which brings us to today’s articles.
  • I have not included many of the atrocities which have occurred in between these years for lack of space. Now Hizbullah is trying to interfere with the elections in Lebanon, and Iran is preaching in its Friday prayers that the USA should stop ‘meddling’ in the Lebanon elections. HUH? And these candidates for president want to talk to these people?

    If you sincerely believe that talking to these people will bring about peace in that region, may I recommend you switch therapists? Seriously.

    Sources: The Daily Star: Geagea: Hizbullah obstructing election to bring Syria back and Tehran prayer leader tells US to leave Lebanon alone.

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    Somalia in trouble again

    I have some rather disturbing news which was foreseeable, had anyone bothered to look. After the Ethiopians left Somalia overnight on Thursday/Friday, Islamists moved in quickly to overtake Guriel, a small town in south-central Somalia. Here is article from The Daily Star:

    Islamists move in after Ethiopians leave Somali town.
    By Agence France Presse (AFP)

    Saturday, December 29, 2007.

    MOGADISHU: Islamist militia on Friday took control of a town in south-central Somalia after Ethiopian soldiers withdrew overnight, witnesses said. The Islamists, who briefly controlled much of south and central Somalia before they were ousted by Ethiopia-backed Somali government troops early this year, have since been waging near daily attacks against the joint forces. “The Ethiopian forces withdrew from the town overnight, and now I can see the former Islamic courts fighters,” said Mohammad Haji Elmi, a local elder. The Islamists took over Guriel town, some 300 kilometers north of the capital Mogadishu, which they had previously controlled. Somalia has been plagued by 16 years of violence that has defied numerous bids to restore stability. – AFP

    Yes, we really know how to fight this war, eh? Why don’t we all just pick up and leave? This is the best evidence of why…NOT! We are not cut-and-runners. If we were, we would be speaking German or Japanese. Please, do not vote for anyone who suggests we can just come home and all will be well. It won’t. Don’t forget, we were helping the Somalians and Ethiopians in this war. See what happens when you run? HUH?

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    Peace in the Middle East!

    No, it is not my title. It is the title of an Israeli man, Abe, who is friends with a friend of mine, Bos’un. Bos’un sent me this e-mail because Abe does not yet have a blog of his own. I am proud to post his words and thoughts here.

    That elusive thing called peace. Israelis write love-songs and dedicate poetry to peace. Children are introduced to the concept in kindergarten and grow up believing in ultimate peace in the Middle East. Songs that have come out during Israel’s many wars have a verse or part of a verse dedicated to peace.

    What is this peace and how is it viewed? Israelis have a very naive and childlike picture of peace. As one battle hardened veteran tank officer once confided in me, “Peace means that we would go to their houses and they would come to ours.” A “cold peace” such as exists between Israel and Egypt was not imagined by most Israelis. Egypt turns a cold shoulder towards Israel but maintains a condition of “no war,” which is apparently as close as it permits itself to come to “peace.”

    Jordan, the other Arab country to have a peace agreement with Israel also distances itself from Israel socially. While the country has agreements with Israel that include agricultural, industrial and transportation, the people themselves are not exactly brimming with joy at the fact. This can be explained partially by the fact that over 70% of Jordan’s population is Palestinian.

    There is another reason why the two Arab countries that have a peace agreement with Israel seem standoffish towards it: Neither one of those two countries is a democracy. Israel is a democracy, and a very loud one. As Israel’s first Prime-Minister, David Ben-Gurion, said, “It’s difficult to be a Prime-Minister in a country full of Prime-Ministers.” Israelis are very vocal in their criticisms of politicians, authors, actors and many other “performers”. A friendly discussion between Israelis looks, to outsiders, as if a full-fledged battle is about to erupt.

    Not so in Egypt or Jordan. Criticism of the government is downright dangerous in Egypt. In Jordan it isn’t wise unless you are participating in a demonstration that is pro-Palestinian and, of course, anti-Israeli. The governments of both countries are wary of having their people get too close to Israelis and pick up their cavalier attitude towards government. French soldiers, while serving in America’s War of Independence, learned about democracy and about speaking out. They were one of the many seeds that eventually produced the French Revolution.

    The Arab governments of Egypt and Jordan wish to maintain control over their respective populations and, naturally, wish to keep them away from those “independent-minded troublemakers,” the Israelis.

    What do the people think? The regular Egyptian is a very friendly individual. He hates nobody and just wants to support his family (a very, very tough job in Egypt). On my first trip to Cairo after “peace” was established, I walked up to a street-vendor of peanuts and asked him how much the peanuts cost. Noticing that my Arabic was Palestinian dialect, he asked me where I was from. When I told him that I was from Israel, he thanked Allah and the prophets for permitting him to see the day that an Israeli could legally walk the streets of Cairo. He then told me that, for me, a serving of peanuts was free of charge. He was obviously a poor man and the price was, no doubt, considerate of Egyptian third-world incomes. My income, in Israel, was astronomic compared to his, and I argued with him, telling him that I wished to pay. He wouldn’t hear of it, and called to a friend, half a block away, a vendor of cold drinks, to give me a discount on such a hot day. I ended up sitting on the curb eating peanuts and drinking ice-cold “Tamar-Hindi” (a delicious drink derived from the “heart” of the date palm), while carrying on a hearty conversation with half a dozen Egyptians. The whole picture seemed surreal (and still does).

    And how about the Palestinians?

    I’m glad you asked me that question. This calls for a story: Once upon a time in 1968, I was in a car driven by a reserve infantry officer. I was at the time a tank driver and the third occupant of the car was a fellow tanker, a gunner, from my company. We were on our way to our camp at the Mitle Pass. We were passing through Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, when the driver realized we were low on gas. We drove through the town looking for a gas station. We finally asked a local who told us there was one near the market. We drove to the open-air market and, indeed, there was a gas station. Manning the pump, we looked around. We were surrounded by Arabs, all jabbering and trying to get close to us. We had an interesting conversation while filling gas. We were at their mercy, having two Uzis and a pistol between us. The crowd could have disarmed us and torn us to pieces in seconds. Instead, we enjoyed friendly banter and a loud, “Go in Peace,” when we were done.

    Later, I became very friendly with the workers at my sister’s farm. My sister and brother-in-law operate a farm just three km from the Gaza Strip border near Rafah. The workers would come every day and were like family. They demonstrated a willingness to support their families and live in peace. The last thing they wanted was to blow themselves up and take my brother-in-law with them.

    All this, of course, means nothing when the terror organizations come into play. The “silent majority” of the population will not lift a finger against Hamas in Gaza. They are terrified of them and just bow their heads waiting for the storm to pass. In the meantime, Hamas fires rockets at Israel (including my sister’s village) and Israel holds back because of the innocent people in Gaza. Israel retaliates when Israelis get killed. There is a bit of quiet, and the story begins again within days.

    Peace in the Middle East? It can only come about when a common enemy unites the moderates. I remember in 1969 (I think) General Shlomo Goren landed with a helicopter in the middle of our tank park. The battalion was parked in two rows with a large empty area of desert in the middle. The Bell Huey landed in the center sending a whirlwind of sand down our throats. The Chief Chaplain of the IDF General Rabbi Shlomo Goren stepped out and began to speak. He was a great speaker and we were mesmerized. One thing remains stuck in my head from that speech: “The lord doesn’t rely on the Jews. He knows we can’t be relied upon. Rather, he relies on our enemies. He knows that they will not lay down their arms until we have attained everything he intends us to.”

    Maybe, just maybe, the extremists are doing just that; forcing the moderates to co-operate. The less extreme Arab countries are beginning to realize what the monster is capable of, and they see that Israel is a solid force to rally behind. Many problems can be solved under the threatening shadow of Muslim extremism.

    But then again, maybe I’m just a nai¯ve Israeli.


    He writes very movingly, and I hope you will all visit Bos’un’s site to let him know. This way, he can encourage his friend to go ahead and set up a blog and let ‘er rip! 🙂

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    America Under Attack, by Larry Abraham

    I ran into this article while reading some of Good Ones from Mike. It is quite good, and it was written a few years ago. It is still pertinent today, and I recommend its reading. If you’ve already read it, it would be good to refresh your mind as to the gravity of it. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

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    The Republican Convention

    I have been hearing many good and bad things about how the Convention is going. Does anyone know where I can get a transcript of all speakers, including the women who were there who lost their husbands on September 11, 2001? I would appreciate it.

    As for the coverage, I don’t remember the MSM paying so much attention to the protesters at the Kerry Campaign, but then again, their whole platform sounded like a protest! I do not like negative people or people who think I swallow the party line. I do have a brain, and I use it to research the truth underlying what people say. If they (Kerry supporters) think I can be swayed by telling me something he did 35 years ago and then spend 26 seconds on his entire political life, they are wrong to think that there isn’t something fishy there.

    Why would he not talk about his achievements as Lt. Governor for Gov. Dukakus? Why would he not talk about his achievements as a US Senator? Could it be that he was too far to the left? Could it be that if he did, we would run to the Republicans? Why didn’t he talk about it? Didn’t he have any achievements? It makes one with a brain wonder…!

    Enough about Kerry. I hope that President Bush is not dilusional about the ILLEGAL ALIEN problem [Article I: Section 8-(3rd of the powers given to Congress) To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, …Article I: Section 8-(14th of the powers given to Congress) To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; Article IV: Section 4-The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; …)] that is so pervasive in the USA at this very perilous time in our history. Tell me, how can we have Homeland Security when our land on which our homes are built is not secure?

    I am exhausted with excuses of how Americans won’t do these jobs. What do you think I did as a teen? How do you think I worked my way through college? It wasn’t by sucking on the government teat! (Except for the grants and student loan which was paid back! Total disclosure.) Our young people need minimum wage employment to learn the “art” of working. This is the only way to learn a work ethic. I am not saying everyone will learn it, but you CANNOT learn it from a book. I know adults who have tried to get employment, but were turned away because they were not Hispanic. THAT is racist. I was one of them.

    If the President does not address this issue without offering amnesty (no matter what you call it!), then I am in fear of another attack. Whoever comes up with a way to allow our Border Patrol to do their job, deport all ILLEGAL aliens (I love all people, so leave your racist sensibilities for some real racism,) and find the sleeper cells-ah, they will surely win many votes.

    This is not a time for politics. We are at war. All 19 of the hijackers were illegally in this country. It is about time we got serious. I do not want another another September 11, 2001. There will be noone left to vote for anyone if they or you are dead. This is too unbearable to realize, and that is why everyone desires to move on as if it never happened. Please, God, make them take this seriously.

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    We Won’t be Fooled Again

    The Democrat Party held their convention this week in MA. Many delegates, supporters, and family members attended. The theme: “Positive” and “Unity”. Sen. Kerry will deliver a message that is supposed be of hope, strategy, and a reason why we should support him rather than President Bush. Well, if the media would have covered the convention, we would have seen Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and a number of other “main stream” people. These people not only were not positive, they lied about our President. If this is what Sen. Kerry considers “main stream,” he is more out of touch with reality than we had originally believed.

    To go back to the 2000 election and drag up the lies about how President Bush actually became President is absolutely divisive, inaccurate, mean-spirited, and demeaning. It was the Supreme Court of Florida who wanted to change the rules of the game after the game was over. Can you imagine if the ref.’s, after the Super Bowl, decided that a down was going to be 8 or 12 yards instead of 10, so they could favor the team they like? There would be absolute chaos and heads would roll!

    That is what happened when the news called Florida for Gore one hour before the polls were closed. The panhandle didn’t bother voting, were they disenfranchised or do you care? All across the USA, the Florida effect had people closing up shop, people from the get out the vote effort went home, because we were told it was over. Did Gore get 1 million more votes in California? Yes, and that is why. When you tell people the new president 3 hours before the polls close, what do you expect? That is not the point, though.

    The reason we have an electoral college is so that states with only one representative and 2 senators (all states only have 2 senators) can have a say in how this great country is governed. If we elected our president based soley on number of votes, period, these small states would never see a candidate, people would spend more time on the coasts, and the fly over states would be just that-flown over! That is not what the founding fathers had in mind, and they have done pretty well up to now.

    Now that I have explained that stupid lie AGAIN, let it go…!!! Get over it! We are facing WWIV, and we must be united. United we stand, divided we fall…and we won’t get back up this time.

    I understand there are some people who honestly disagree that war is ever the answer, but I respectfully disagree. There is a group known as ANSAR. Please stay away from this group, since they are backed by communist groups and jihadist groups.

    Communism is an evil and torturous form of government that controls every movement of its enslaved people and determines for you what you will be, where you live, how much you earn, how much they will allow you to keep instead of your money being your money-because it belongs to the state, etc. You have no freedom under communism. Just ask some of our friends from Russia, Poland, Armenia, East Germany, etc., who managed to escape while Russia was still the USSR and they are now proud Americans.

    I have now heard the Senator’s acceptance speech for nomination for candidate. Without going into too many details, it was not positive. He accused the President of taking our men to war without a reason-even though Sen. Kerry voted yes to the authorization to go to war with Iraq! He used President Reagan’s and President Bush’s lines in his speech, such as a shining hill (Reagan,) hope is on the way (help is on the way-Bush)and tries to claim them for himself! Does he believe we didn’t watch the last Republican Convention? They also used the usual “attack them for what you are doing, but they are not. This way you take the heat off yourself, and put it on them.”

    This was done in an effort so no one will notice that 66% of Sen. Kerry’s ads are negative ads against President Bush, while only 33% of President Bush’s ads are negative! Come on, gents, it is an election year. If you can’t stand the heat-get out of the race.

    The Democrats have been attacking President Bush, with the exception of about 2 weeks after the acts of war on NYC, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Please, give me a break. If only the Republican Party had a backbone,

    I might not be so upset with them, but you Democrats seem to get away everything, and the press is complicit. Where is the outcry for the Sandy Berger investigation? Where is the outcry for the appellate court judges that have been nominated-some 3-4 years ago, but have not been allowed an up or down vote because the Republicans can’t get cloture (cloture=it is a Senate rule that says any controversial vote must have 60 votes to bring it to the floor of the Senate for a vote, but any 40 Senators can get together and stop the Senate from moving forward on any legislation it doesn’t like.

    This tool has been and is being abused, since no judge has ever needed 60 votes to be confirmed. The Constitution requires a simple majority. The Democrats have also used this tool to block the Energy Bill, Tort Reform, Social Security Reform, etc.?) Hey, why don’t you take away the Democrats perks? They did it to you when Sen. Jeffords jumped ship!

    You just don’t know how to fight back, and I am tired of hearing about a new tone. This is the tone, so deal with it! Well, please excuse me, but I had to get that off my chest.

    Back to Sen. Kerry’s message, you can’t do anything because you’re too stupid. You need us to do everything for you. Elect me, and I will make all 283,000,000 of you happy, because you are too stupid to know that you are not happy now! No thanks. We won’t be fooled again.

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    My Newz ‘n Ideas.

    It has been well known for quite some time now that you will find some people prone to conspiratorial thinking. Let us start with: The war in Iraq was for oil. If that were true, why is gas more expensive now than before the war? France, Germany, Russia, and China had contracts for future oil sales, and they were the most strident obstructionist. Could it be that they were all involved in the Oil for Food scandal that is under investigation as I write this? Their contracts are now null and void, since the government they dealt with no longer exists! Yes, it is indeed they who were against us because of your precious oil. Tsik tsik tsik.

    Second, there are no weapons of mass destruction and there never were. Okay, then why did Bill Clinton bomb Iraq in 1998? Why did 15 out of 15 members of the UN Security counsel vote to have Saddam turn them over or else…? Clinton, Albright, Burger, France, UK, Spain, Germany, and other countries all had intelligence that he did indeed have these weapons. If President Bush was had bad intelligence (which he didn’t,) then everyone was wrong. Ultimately thought, there is only one person who is to blame, that could have prevented the war. That is your darling Saddam. This is what happens when we don’t stick together. What don’t you understand about “Either you are with us or you are against us.” Saddam was dancing in the streets on September 11, 2001. I have not forgotten, have you?

    Last, but not the least of this argument, why did we FIND Saran nerve agent if it wasn’t there? What about the mustard gas, the 3000 chemical suits we found hidden in a hospital during the 3 week war, the soldiers that became ill due to exposure to WMD, and on and on? It happened because it is true. No conspiracy here, sorry.

    Maybe the President is friends with the Saudi Arabian government? Well, every president since FDR has been friends with the Saudis. It’s called diplomacy. You cannot scream for the diplomacy for a murderous dictator, Saddam, drive your fancy cars, scream about the price of gas, deny us the ability to drill for oil on our own soil, and not expect us to keep diplomatic ties with the Saudis. They are even moving toward local elections, or haven’t you heard through your pathetic screeching?

    Yes, there is a movement going on in the Middle East. People see what the Iraqis are able to do and wonder why they are not allowed. Freedom is the only thing that once you taste it, you can’t stop it from spreading. Are you forgetting Tienamin Square? I can assure they have not. Communism will fall. It cannot stand. It is evil the way it has to be implemented. If you were decent people, you would do what I do-buy American as much as you can. I realize computers are no longer made it this country. Thank you, lefties, for driving them away, and then you scream there are no jobs. Well, I’d have to say you’re right. Have you ever owned a business here? Capitalism was not meant to be an arm of the government, you fascist idiots with your regulations!!!! Please excuse me. You may have noticed that I have just about had it with these children dressed in grownup clothes.

    Do you not realize we are in WWIV? (Yes, the cold war was WWIII.) Lay off our, my, president. Your hatred will destroy you. If you want to destroy yourself, fine, just don’t take me with you. That is exacly what you are doing. The Middle East and al Qaida are watching everything you do. If they see disunity, they feel safe. Do you want the blood of your fellow countrymen on your hands? Keep acting like you know no better. You, we, will all the price. I am not saying shut up. I am asking you to THINK before you speak. That’s all. I hope and pray for the Afghani and Iraqi people, that they may continue to know sweet freedom, and never again let a dictator destroy your beauty and spirit.

    Well, now that I have given you some facts to ponder, although I really want to yell and scream at you that you are fighting the wrong people-we are not the enemy!-now I can go to sleep with a smile upon my face. A sad smile, yes, but a smile nonetheless.

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