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Oh my. Yesterday we learned that at around 11pm (the day before), there was a vote taken for an agriculture bill. Why is our government in the business of agriculture? That’s a whole different story, but I do not like it either. Our government isn’t supposed to be in ANY business!

What happened was this, as close as I can tell. The democrats have the majority in the house, so they are the ones who call the final vote after congress is done debating and then the vote is taken. The vote was 215-213 when the final vote was called. However, the man sitting as speaker pro-tem thought the count was 214-214, in essence considered a tie and the bill would lose.

That was all they needed, on both sides, to bring out the teeth. (Finally! I hate it when people who hate each other lie to our faces by saying, ‘my good colleague, etc.’) The speaker pro-tem re-opened the vote! This has never been done. It is as if the voting polls were closed, the votes were counted, and someone didn’t like the outcome so they opened the polls again. This is not done.

Then the democrats wanted to just wash away the vote as if it never took place, and so they did. That is when the republicans got up and walked out. It has been poisonous, so they say, ever since. (You could have fooled me. I thought it was poisonous before.)

What was the bill actually about? It was a provision to deny all illegal aliens from gaming the system. No protection or access to benefits and housing by employers and landlords. In other words, the illegals would not be allowed to take jobs that American people WILL do. Democrats did not want that to happen, so they could keep the poor, well, poor. Dependent.

The coming days should be very interesting. There is a bill that needs to be passed right away, but the democrats do not want anything to do with giving the president, the cia, our troops or anyone else…the tools necessary to fight this war.

So. Are you proud of yourselves for the government you gave us?

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    This is outrageous. In one county of Mississippi, there was flagrant voters’ rights denied, manipulated, paid off notaries public to illegally mark certain ballots, they imported illegal voters to run for office, they manipulated the registration rolls and so many other crimes that I’m surprised we haven’t heard from the high heavens ne’er a word about this.

    Here is one quote from Judge Tom Lee, “These abuses have been racially motivated.” Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Anyone? Hmm. This seems unual. Let us read further. Maybe they do show up.

    The man who is in charge of local politics is Ike Brown. He does not appear to be related to any of the bigwigs in the north. Oh, he is also a two time felon. Judge Lee had this to say about Mr. Lee, “…being the majority race in Noxubee County, [he believes that the politians] should hold all elected offices, to the exclusion…” of all other races. There are 12,500 people that live in this county and the other race makes up 30% of all the people, yet they only hold 2 out of 26 seats in that county.

    Judge Lee went on to condemn the political party of Mr. Brown for not taking more agressive steps to stop this abuse.

    No. I don’t see mention of the usual northern clamering people. Oh well. Maybe next time?

    This is a great article, because it was written at all. It is a travesty of justice and it mocks our constitutional rights. I have not mentioned his race or party on purpose. Mr. Brown is a black man who believes that ‘his’ county’s political seats should be held only by blacks, no whites need apply. Yes, he is a member of the Democrats. So are 9 out of 10 people in the press. Is it any wonder why you haven’t heard of this travesty?

    You want to start talking about a fairness doctrine? I say, “Let us start with the press”.
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