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Last week I received an email informing me that PalTalk was being targeted by jihadis who were trying to shut down an Arabic Christian chat room through a petition drive. It appeared that the ISP agreed to this, if they gathered one million signatures. Well, we received the confirmation today of that lie. They never agreed to any such nonsense, and they are going to stand strongly on the side of constitutional free-speech!

You really must read about this situation over at ACT! For America. They truly have a lot on the ball.

You may even think about signing up to receive their emails. I have learned more about things the news should be covering from these people about all of the little and large, cold and hot, wars we are being confronted with these days. Our freedom relies solely upon our shoulders.

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There is a group of men, one in particular, who are training the Afghan National Police in every aspect (starting from the ground up) of police work. Finally, after being out in the middle of only God knows where, he has had an opportunity to post to his blog. I encourage you, I implore you, if you do nothing else today, please visit his site. It is named, “Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure. The date on this post is August 31, 2007.

He is wonderful man with an ex-wife who is very kind (I think) and 4 children whom he loves ever so dearly. His children adore him as well. His brother and sisters are helping him while he’s overseas, and they are very supportive of him. So am I. I am very proud of him.

He volunteered to go over there. He is in the National Guard, and he wanted to do what he deemed necessary. He is with the PMT (Police Mentor Team), and his team and he are trying to train the ANP (Afghan National Police) to be able to stand up to the terrorists on their own. We are not walking away from these people this time, and I am glad for this.

It takes a minimum of ten years to quell an insurgence. I just don’t know how long it will take to ‘quell’ a war with people who want you dead just because you exist. We have no choice but to find out, because victory is our only option. Have a nice day.

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    Lebanon had by-election voting yesterday. Partly due to “two assassinated [Pierre Gemayel and Eido] anti-Syrian lawmakers in the latest showdown between the government and its opponents.” The Christian candidate, Michel Aoun, won, but the official count has not been announced as of yet. Read the whole story at Bahrain Tribune. If that link does not work, try this one. Have a blessed day.

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    This is one cool article. I know. I’m sick for thinking it is cool to know that our men can kill so many of our ENEMIES, right? YOU’RE READING THE WRONG SITE! Go away! lol.

    I love it! Check out this paragraph:

    “It’s not like the previous wars when they lined up and we would mow them down,” said Mantle. “Fires have a lot of different effects. When we fire the 155s from here, the enemy doesn’t hear the round coming in. It immediately puts the enemy on the defensive and has a tremendous demoralizing effect.” [Big guns play big part in eastern Afghanistan.]

    Give them all the guns they need, then give them about twice that! Let’s kick butt!

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    Opinion Journal has written a tremendous article about the new strategy that went into full effect on June 15, 2007. Today is July 11, 2007, and the Democrats have been decrying that this is a lost war. Have they spoken with the soldiers? No. Have they spoken with the generals who are on the ground? No. Have they read this article? I strongly doubt it. Why do I believe as I do? Because I have seen this movie before, as Sen. John McCain has put it.

    This is the Baghdad Security Plan, and its mission is to secure the people of Baghdad. Even so, commanders are not ignoring the outlying areas of Iraq. U.S. forces have killed or captured many important al Qaeda leaders in Mosul recently, and destroyed safe havens throughout northern Iraq. Troops are conducting counterinsurgency operations in Bayji, north of Tikrit. And Iraqi forces have “stepped up” to secure some southern cities. The Eighth Iraqi Army Division has been fighting Shiite militias in Diwaniyah, an important city halfway between Basrah and Baghdad. As commanders stabilize central Iraq, they will undoubtedly conduct successive operations in outlying regions to follow up on their successes and make them lasting. [Read the whole article.]

    I am so very proud of our brave men and women who are willing willing to wear the uniform of the USA and fight for our freedoms. They know what they are doing. They know the different between right and wrong, good and evil. Trust me, they have seen things no one should ever see. They know…and they continue to do the jobs that Americans won’t do…oh, wait a minute…they ARE Americans! How about that, President Bush? Is this not the most honorable and toughest job? Hmm. Just as I thought, but getting beyond that…

    Thank you, Military. All of you. You are in a class of your own, and you deserve to be there. That doesn’t mean we will treat you differently, because we know that is not what you want. We just want you know how grateful we are to have men and women such as you. Thank God!

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    These are two great articles. First, we have the ISF (Iraq Security Forces) working along side the Coalition Forces (CF) to put pressure on any al Qaida still left in the neighborhood.

    BAQOUBA, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) teamed with Task Force Lightning units, Thursday, to clear Baqouba and surrounding areas as Operation Arrowhead Ripper continued.

    “We are shoulder-to-shoulder with Iraqi Security Forces in this fight,” said Brig. Gen. Mick Bednarek, deputy commanding general, operations, and commander of Operation Arrowhead Ripper. “Specifically the 5th Iraqi Army Division led by Maj. Gen. Saleem Kariem Ali Alotbei, along with the provincial director of police, Maj. Gen. Ganim, have provided the Iraqi security forces to the fight.

    The weeks ahead are absolutely key in not only holding and retaining the ground that is cleared in partnership with Coalition Forces (CF), but also in building trust and confidence with the citizens of Diyala.” [Continue reading.]

    There is also a picture that comes with both of these articles. Well, all of them today, actually. Wait until you read how many AQ they killed! 🙂

    This next article is very moving. Two soldiers who were only doing their job turned the mind of one man (who could in turn change the minds of others) when they took notice of the needs of his son.

    KIRKUK, Iraq – The nine-year old boy would most certainly lose his leg. Given the prohibitive cost of medical care and his family’s lack of resources, amputation and a life of pain and dependence seemed inevitable. The Iraqi boy’s father was resigned to that conclusion.

    Then two soldiers got involved and hope arrived along with them.

    Sgt. Donald R. Campbell and Capt. Geoffrey Dutton, both Georgia natives, brought coalition and Iraqi resources together to give an Iraqi boy hope after a chance encounter during a routine patrol in Kirkuk, Iraq. [Continue reading.]

    These guys are very special. It makes me so proud to be an American. Thank you for your service, stay safe, and God bless you.

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