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This is Veterans’ Day weekend, and I have an e-mail I would like share with you. They, better than I, can voice what and how I feel about this precious and solemn day.


This week, Americans across this great country will join together to honor our military veterans. From the blood-soaked beaches of France to the bombed-out back-alleys of Fallujah, the American G.I. has fought-and died-opposing that which is evil and oppressive, and defending all things good and free.

Veterans Day is about one thing: honoring the service and sacrifice of America’s veterans, and passing their collective story to the next generation. These stories, and the men and women who bear them, are the backbone of this American experiment and must never be forgotten.

As John Stuart Mill once said, “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing [is] worth a war, is worse.” The second we believe our freedoms inevitable, we cease to live in history and sour the soldier’s sacrifice. Our freedoms – purchased on the battlefield – are indeed “worthy of war.”

And today, with America still at war, it is fitting that we remember the troops currently serving in harms way. Because, as any veteran can attest, just one moment, one explosion, or one bullet separates Memorial Day from Veterans Day. Soldiers currently in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting for our freedoms today, knowing it’s possible they may never see tomorrow.

Vets for Freedom beseeches our membership to honor America’s veterans this week. Whether at a ceremony, in a letter to the editor, or with a simple “thank you,” find a way to ensure that every veteran – young and old – feels appreciated.

Please visit Vets for Freedom’s website to keep up with news on WWIV. This is a great group who keeps up with the news we never seem to have access to for some reason. Interesting…

I would also like to throw into this special weekend a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES! (11/09/07) Time got away from me, but that is no excuse to not say how much I appreciate you. Yes, the Navy sure did make you good. LOL. (No, I won’t take that back, so don’t bother asking.)

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    The Vets for Freedom are reaching out to many of us bloggers and members of their site so that we might spread the good news and good works which is happening in Iraq. I am now challenging you to join with us so that the Marxists do not have a chance to defeat America.

    To give you a teaser of their new item, Progress in Iraq. You will find it on the right sidebar in a rectangular button.

    • Despite an aggressive counter-insurgency posture, U.S. troop deaths have dropped, because they have slowly gained the trust of the population groups they are protecting (alongside Iraqi forces).
    • Fact: Since June, Coalition Forces casualties by IED have dropped by 78.3% (74 in June, 16 in October).

      Source: www.icasualties.org.

    This is a worthy cause and one we’ve been searching to join. Well, here’s your opportunity. Just think about it. All you have to do is write about the truth about what is happening in Iraq! You want to be a foot soldier? Join here. Thank you so much. 🙂

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