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Monday Nite Football is no longer on abc TV. It is on ESPN. That is all good and well if you are one of those people who wastes your money on cable TV! Yes, I consider it a waste, but that is not the reason I hate abc. Is the Super Bowl supposed to be on cable, too? Is this a silly question?

I think not. They claimed that they weren’t making money. Is this so? NO, it is not. Football is more watched than basketball and baseball. So why did they sell out? Could it be that it’s because the players are predominately black? No, I don’t think so, to be fair. I just thought I would throw that in their faces as they do to almost everything I believe in and take a stand.

So why do I hate them? They took it off the air. Monday Nite Football has a song, a theme, many, many fans, and it’s only on 16 weeks out of the year. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know why, and frankly I don’t care why. I just know that they ruined my life.

I can put up with all the democrat hacks they have on as ‘seriously objective’ talk show hosts on Sunday morning. I cannot live without my Monday Nite football. So, “SCREW YOU, ABC!”

Shweeh! I finally got that off my chest. Now if only I could figure out why it took me until after 6:30 pm to get on the computer today…

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    Clinton shows fear

    It isn’t bad enough that the dead news stations know we don’t trust them, but then they have to go out of their way to prove why. Tonight was the GOP Debate held by C(linton) N(ews) N(etwork) and YouTube. I am not saying that anyone shined, because I don’t think anyone did. Is Hillary so afraid of us that she had to plant a video and have the homosexual ex-general actually come to the debate to argue with the candidates? Hmm.

    If you would like the real scoop on this, please go to Stop the ACLU and Webloggin. They both have documents and proof of the fact that this homo is on one of Hillary’s steering committees.

    Funny thing happened to us on the way to the debate tonight dear…

    H/t: Stop the ACLU and Webloggin.

    Also see: Michelle Malkin, The Moderate Voice, HotAir, Big Dog, Sister Toldjah, Right Voices, and Liberty Pundit.

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    No kidding. I was just sitting here flipping through the cartoons when behold my eyes! The Veggie Tales were on the tube! They were so adorable. I think this will be a good thing for our children.

    I’ve searched the net, and I’ve found many articles denounsing NBC for stripping God out of the picture. Do these people have such little faith? No, not NBC, the writers of these articles! Once these children watch Veggie Tales in the morning, do you believe they will not want more?

    Mom and Dad will then order more Veggie Tales from the store. Then they will allow their children to watch the Christian version of all the wonderful messages that are the original Veggie Tales hallmark.

    See, there are many things in this world to get our panties in a wad about, but I just don’t see how this is one of them. Would I like to see them finish each show with a Bible verse? Of course! Is our God so weak that He cannot be found in the cartoon I saw this morning? NO! They did teach morals and courage. They did teach how to solve a problem. When is the last time you saw that in a cartoon?

    Now, where does “that” come from, you might ask? The one and only God. So relax. Live life. Love your neighbor as yourself. Forget the petty bickerings. Most importantly of all, love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. This will give you a very good day. 🙂

    OTB: (For my NY friends, this does not mean Off Track Betting! lol) I have chosen to open this post to trackbacks today. If you have a post you would like to share with others, please feel free to post a trackback. NO PORN. You would think I would not have to say this, but some people have a lot of nerve. Especially around any and all things religious.

    While you are here, I also some posts from CENTCOM which are pretty encouraging. You will not read about such things in the dinosaur media, so just click on the ‘home’ button at the bottom of this post. Have a very blessed day.

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    Since I do not have the expertise that these people whom I am going to direct you to have, I think it best to do this in that manner.

    Here are some of the sources:

    Laura Mansfield web site: Bin Laden stresses martyrdom in short segment of new As Sahab video.

    Video Web Link from Laura Mansfield web site.

    CNN: Newly released bin Laden video calls for martyrdom.

    ABC News: Possible New Message From Osama Bin Laden.

    FOX News: Osama Bin Laden Appears in New Video, Officials Probe Authenticity.

    Hadeeth Sunnah Sahih Bukhari, Book 52. Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad). Quote from Volume 4, Book 52, Number 54.

    I would personally go to Laura Mansfield’s and Counter Terrorism Blog for any serious discussion of what is happening in the world today. They are very prolific in history as well.
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    Opinion Journal has written a tremendous article about the new strategy that went into full effect on June 15, 2007. Today is July 11, 2007, and the Democrats have been decrying that this is a lost war. Have they spoken with the soldiers? No. Have they spoken with the generals who are on the ground? No. Have they read this article? I strongly doubt it. Why do I believe as I do? Because I have seen this movie before, as Sen. John McCain has put it.

    This is the Baghdad Security Plan, and its mission is to secure the people of Baghdad. Even so, commanders are not ignoring the outlying areas of Iraq. U.S. forces have killed or captured many important al Qaeda leaders in Mosul recently, and destroyed safe havens throughout northern Iraq. Troops are conducting counterinsurgency operations in Bayji, north of Tikrit. And Iraqi forces have “stepped up” to secure some southern cities. The Eighth Iraqi Army Division has been fighting Shiite militias in Diwaniyah, an important city halfway between Basrah and Baghdad. As commanders stabilize central Iraq, they will undoubtedly conduct successive operations in outlying regions to follow up on their successes and make them lasting. [Read the whole article.]

    I am so very proud of our brave men and women who are willing willing to wear the uniform of the USA and fight for our freedoms. They know what they are doing. They know the different between right and wrong, good and evil. Trust me, they have seen things no one should ever see. They know…and they continue to do the jobs that Americans won’t do…oh, wait a minute…they ARE Americans! How about that, President Bush? Is this not the most honorable and toughest job? Hmm. Just as I thought, but getting beyond that…

    Thank you, Military. All of you. You are in a class of your own, and you deserve to be there. That doesn’t mean we will treat you differently, because we know that is not what you want. We just want you know how grateful we are to have men and women such as you. Thank God!

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    This made me so angry as I watched it. I have been doing what I can to help our troops, even though it’s only a little bit. What NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN have done to the morale of not only our troops but to the people of America is a lie, it is outrageous, and it is close to treason. After all, what is the definition of treason?

    1. Now rare. The betrayal of any trust or confidence; breach of faith. 2. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or (in monarchies) to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family. Treason against the United States is defined by the Constitution (Art. III, sec. 3) to consist “only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving aid and comfort to them.” Syn. See SEDITION.

    Watch this clip from Bryan over at HotAir and decide for yourself. (Please remember to watch the clip.)
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    You said it, Lou.


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