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Have you ever given any thought to a ‘three-dimensional’ website? Look at it this way, we no longer live in a world where the net is a ‘flat earth’ development. To give you a peek inside this fact, Douglas Farah has written a very informative and chilling article.

At the Counterterrorism Blog, you will find just about any type of news that we are NOT hearing about on the news. Especially the type of news which we should all be looking for to keep our country safe. I suppose that could be because of the elections, but you would think our survival would be an election year topic. Oh well.

Jihadists Move to Encryption on Internet Sights.

…Today’s Washington Post carries an extensive look at the radicalization of two Islamists from the state of Georgia who were filming potential targets in Washington, D.C.

Much of the process took place on line, as did the radicalization of an Egyptian businessman who sponsored the trip of combatants to Iraq based on the Internet statements and broadcasts by Yousef al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. [Continue reading.]

So, they think catching illegal aliens is too hard of a task? Check out this story from Jayson Javitz over at Wizbang!


…’They think they’re pretty much home free once they get up here,’ said Bill Botts, of the Border Patrol’s Gulport, Mississippi, station. But Operation Uniforce, as the two-week crackdown started Jan. 13 is called, ‘is pretty much a shocker for the [alien] smuggling organizations.’

More than 300 illegal immigrants and alien smugglers had been arrested as of Tuesday, just over a week into the operation. [Continue reading.]

Now I will share with you some articles and their links and who they are written by in groupings. That is because there are too many of them! lol

First I would like to start with Michael Yon. This first post of his is Moment of Truth in Iraq, a book that Michael has written, and it is very good. I’ve read the first chapter of Danger Close (it is online), and you might like to read it also. He is one of the citizen journalists who tells it as it is, not the way we would like to hear it. I like that. It shows me respect, because he trusts that I can make up my own mind.

CORRECTION: It has been brought to my attention that Michael’s book is Titled “Danger Close.” Jon is correct. The link to the first chapter is right here and you may purchase it only at Michael’s site here. Thank you Jon for catching that for me. *blush*

His next post is News Flash: Dragon Skin. This one is about body armor. Next is “Commanders Update #9, Commander’s Update #9 JAN 08, By LTC. James Crider. Then there is “General Lee Comes Home, Part 2, Stryker Dubbed ‘General Lee’ Rejuvenated, By Ann Roosevelt, for Defense Daily. After that one is this one where he was profiled by the NY Times, “News Flash: Frontline Blogger With a Soldier’s Eyes. They actually did a good job. Then finally, there is a collection of Michael’s writings: Archives: Table of Contents.

This one is not technically a blogger (Former Ambassador to the USA, John Bolton), but he has written a very chilling warning to President Bush, Condi, and the new president of the USA in the Wall Street Journal’s opinion and commentary section. The title of this article is “North Korea’s True Colors.” Read it! Another article which they printed is “The Legacy, Bush of Arabia. This U.S. president is the most consequential the Middle East has ever seen. by FOUAD AJAMI.” It is a refreshing look at both President Bush (whom I have lost much hope of having anything positive get done) and the Iraqi people. It is a good read.

For the following articles from CentCom, I will put them in list form. There are many good articles!

Here are six links to YouTube videos from Blackfive: This video is 1:16 minutes long. The title is “Sgt. Giles.” This one is “Arab Jabour: An Introduction,” and it is 2:45 minutes. This next one is titled “Arab Jabour: Terrain Denial.” The next three are “Surge Plus One: Doura,” “Robin Williams in Kuwait” and “Crazy I-Ranians threaten US warships with Jihad.” Now I have links you may be interested in reading.

ANA deliver infant saving mother, child, by Public Affairs COMBINED JOINT TASK FORCE- 82, Bagram Media Center.
ANA provides assistance to Kunar villagers, by Luis P. Valdespino Jr., Combined Security Transition Command.
Medical engagement a success in Abu Farris, by U.S. Army Christopher McKenna, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.
Soldiers distribute wheelchairs, by U.S. Army Grant Okubo, MND-N PAO.
Tip leads MND-North Soldiers to bomb factory, MND-N PAO.
Kirkuk academy graduates 1,325 police, by U.S. Army Margaret Nelson, 115th MPAD.
Iraqi Soldiers graduate leaders’ course, by SPC Emily Wilsoncroft, MND-C PAO.
Paratroopers battle elements, keep valley safe, by Sgt. Brandon Aird, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs.
Afghan, Coalition troops hold clinic in Farah, CJTF-82 PAO.
Army exchanges medical skill with Djiboutians, by MC1 Mary Popejoy, CJTF-HOA.
Afghan students prepare for future through education, by Spc. Gregory Argentieri, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs.
Ghazni PRT brings care, clothes to Nawa District, by Spc Nathan Hutchinson, 22nd MPAD.

Next I have for you some articles from ACT! for America is a great site to go to find patriotic people keeping an eye on legislation and other news that we can appreciate. They now have chapters that are posted on their website. You can also receive e-mails from them, if you wish.

This next news article is an interview between National Review Online and M. Zuhdi Jasser. This is the third part of the article. The title of this portion of the interview is “We Need a Hero, Looking toward 2008 and beyond.” Mr. Jasser has also had a press release, “FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award given to Zuhdi Jasser.” One more article here. It is written by Electa Draper at the Denver Post. The name of the article is “Moderate Muslim view outshouted by Islamists.” Oh, those so understanding and tolerant libs. You may read about him and keep up with him at AIFD. This acronym stands for American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

American Congress for Truth is a very fine site. It is run by conversatives who just happen to be black. This is an amazing site, and you really should add it to your sidebar. For example, they are on top of this internet problem which I started this post off with.

Terrorism Probe Points to Reach Of Web Networks.

In April 2005, police swarmed the U.S. Capitol to confront an erratic Australian man, carrying two suitcases, who they feared was a suicide bomber. After blowing up one of the bags, officers realized he was harmless.

The police never noticed the two nervous young men on a nearby sidewalk filming the Capitol during the standoff. But they might have been the real threat, according to newly released documents.

The men, ultraconservative Muslims from Georgia, were making surveillance videos that could help extremists plan “some kind of terrorist attack,” as one man later acknowledged, according to court documents disclosed last week. One of their videos was sent to a notorious al-Qaeda publicist in London, authorities said. [Continue reading.]

Does that give anyone pause? It does me.

Okay, that should be enough information to hold you through the weekend. Don’t worry. If it doesn’t, I will still be posting at my site. I am having an Open Tracktrack Alliance and an Open Trackback at Linkfest. Share with others your work. Before you trackback, please add me to your post. After you this, I will add your name and title to the main page. This way, everyone will be able to see your work and may come over to view it. Have a good weekend everyone!

Update: I just have to add this one last(?) post. It is very funny and is also a member of Open Trackback Alliance. Since I do not like to post a trackback on someone’s post who has not listed that post for today’s OTA, I have written this little piece about it. Oh, what is it? Study: Few Keyboards Actually Destroyed By Coffee. Enjoy!

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What a wake-up pain in the neck, lol

First, let me apologize for taking so long to post your trackbacks. Ya see, they were not showing up on my site, so I didn’t know they were there. I do not know what is happening with haloscan, but I seem to have temporarily fixed the problem. It seems that somehow the trackbacks were put into moderation, which I did not have as my setting. I did not know what to do, so I e-mailed them. Of course, but I have not heard back. (I haven’t exactly checked, though, so I may be incorrect on that. lol)

Anyway, since I never used the moderation, I didn’t know how to ‘okay’ the trackbacks. So I proceeded as usual. I fidgetted. I tried a little of this and a little of that, and I finally hit the correct way. If this EVER happens to you, all you have to do is:

1. Go to ‘Manage Trackbacks’.
2. If you notice there are trackbacks there that have not shown up on your trackback page, continue.
3. On the left side is the name of your post, in the middle is the trackback, these are the two I am discussing.
4. Click on YOUR post’s link.
5. This will take you to YOUR trackback page.
6. I tested it to make sure, and my trackbacks were gone.
7. I tested the same link I tested, and it reappeared. So don’t freak out if it disappears. 😉

That is our lesson for today about how to go around haloscan when the *itch doesn’t want to act right. Now I have to go so I can check my e-mail. lol. Have a great day everyone!

PS. I’ve just noticed that sometimes it shows and sometimes not. I found a way to fix that, too. Just hit ‘refresh’, and you should be good to go. If you try to leave a trackback and are still unsure whether or not I received it, please e-mail me. (It isn’t working for comments, either.)

Update: Haloscan has informed me about a ‘hard refresh’. To do this, simply use the Shift+Refresh at the same time. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know that little trick. Thank you, Haloscan.

(Original post time is 4:12 am, but I want to move this up above the other articles. This way I can see if any trackbacks are being held back.)

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Conservative Cat: Conservative Cat.
Pursuing Holiness: Well, what’s your plan, then?
With many thanks to: Linkfest Haven Deluxe.
1389 Blog – Antijihadist Tech: Foehammer: Anvil Outage Caused by Islamist DDOS Attacks.
1389 Blog – Antijihadist Tech: Ezra Levant Takes Down Canadian “Human Rights” Commission.

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What a day. I’m telling you! I wake up, go to my computer, and Norton tells me I have a problem. They say I am vulnerable, so I am not about to open anything. Nope, I shut it all down. Then I hit Norton, and go to FIX NOW. Yeah, right. It tells me I do not need any updates, but Norton insists I do. Okay, so I go to Help and Support. Yeah, that really helped. They told me the same thing, that there was nothing wrong. Um, then why do I still have an exclamation point telling me I am vulnerable?

Anyway, you can figure out I got it fixed because I am writing this. I wouldn’t open blogger until I was protected. Why am I telling you this? Because it is after 11 pm, and I have to get my Open Trackback Alliance Weekend submitted! (Actually, it is open trackback Friday, so I need to get it in today.) So everyone enjoy.

Share your best posts, your funniest posts, or some other adjective posts. Just be sure to link me to the post you trackback with first. Have a wonderful night. 😉

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Wednesday’s Open Trackback

Howdy. Things appear to move along swimmingly. I am already up to September 2004. I have a question, though. Should I carry over the number of hits from these other sites since I will be using only this site from now on? I have left instructions as to where to find the post, should anyone look for a particular post. I hate going to a post that is no longer there. I think that’s how the spammers find us!

Have a wonderful Open Trackback Wednesday. I am enjoying Linkfest, and it is my hope you would join so I can read your great articles. However if you do not wish to join, you may trackback here as well. It is just a recommendation. Please follow the rules of respect, though. No porn, and treat others with a differing opinion with respect. That does not mean you can’t debate an issue. It does mean to remember that it is the issue you are debating, not the person. God bless each one of us. 😉

Posts I’ve trackbacked to at Linkfest: Plank’s Constant: The Muslim Plan to take over the world, Woman Honor Thyself: Doozie of the DaY, Outside the Beltway: John Edwards Love Child Scandal, Faultline USA: Sleeping With The Bombers, Adam’s Blog: Post of the Day for December 19, 2007, Celebrity Smack: Linkin’ Around the Christmas Tree, The Amboy Times: So What do you do at Church?, Big Dog’s Weblog: Did Students Also Suck up Government Benefits?, Leaning Straight Up: Penn ST student who wore VT victim costume discovers that choice=consequence, and Wolf Pangloss: Elfin Che and Open Trackbacks a Week Before Merry Christmas, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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    Howdy, ya’ll

    Sorry I’m so late, but I’ve been setting up a site for someone who has about as much knowledge about blogger.com as I had about it when I first started. Wow. That brings back so many memories! I’ll never forget the time I forgot to save the template BEFORE I tried playing with it. Now I save them all just for the heck of it, even when I need to! lol.

    Anyway, I’m going to be busy for a minute. I’m going to add the trackbacks to my last post. I don’t really like to have my personal life out there, but I hope it helps someone who ends up with wrist drop. I may have a cast on, but I see no reason for that to stop me from blogging. Maybe just a little slower, but not quit. lol.

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    I’m having some trouble with my links since I bought this new site, but I realy have some very cool sites. Some you may like, some you may hate, but I’m sure there is at least ONE you will find that you will like. BTW, if any of techies could tell me what’s wrong, I’d be mighty obliged. 😉

    I’d really like to learn how to read the code on my wordpress template. My good friend has suggested a site where I could get some information, but he also said there wasn’t any ‘good’ ones over at the wordpress that they offered.

    I’d ask him, but he’s already done so much for me. I don’t want to take up all of his time. I like to fool around with my templates, and sometimes I get carried away. That is why I need to know what I’m doing. Thanks for understanding. Have a great day.

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    FHK Situation Report code

    sitrep1.JPGThe Fort of Hard Knox has come up with a code that you may add to your template or put anywhere you like. What is the Fort of Hard Knox? It is a great site that deals with current events, political activism, social activities, etc. Check it out, see if you like it, and then make your decision. Have a great day!

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    This one is given to me by Darth, who makes his own. (Gosh, he is so gooood!)
    Add this post to Diggsubmit?phase=2&url=BlogItemPermalink

    I did it! And with technology to boot! Whodda thunk it? lol.

    If you get frustrated with what you are doing, stop. Get up. NOW WALK AWAY. Back away from the computer. It does not own you! You can even turn off the screen if you’d like! Now, don’t you feel better? So what if you’re late for work! At least you’re not in the nut house! LOL. Hey, I can call it a nut house. You ever been to mine? Then you’d know what I mean. LOL. I wasn’t talking about a hospital. LOL.

    These are all the topics that Digg has available. If it isn’t here, you won’t be able to Digg. The reason I am doing this for you, is because I had someone very kind do it for me. Thank you, Darth. 🙂


    Now that you have the general idea of the codes, we can move forward without them. If you need to look at them again, you know where to find them.

    “Design”, “short_name” : “design”,
    “Gadgets”, “short_name” : “gadgets”,
    “Hardware”, “short_name”:”hardware”,
    “Tech Industry News”, “short_name” : “tech_news”,
    “Linux/Unix”, “short_name” : “linux_unix”,
    “Microsoft”, short_name” : “microsoft”,
    “Mods”, “short_name” : “mods”,
    “Security”, “short_name” : “security”,
    “Software”, “short_name” : “software”,
    “Tech Deals”, “short_name” : “tech_deals”,

    “Environment”, “short_name”:”environment”,
    “Health”, “short_name”:”health”,
    “General Sciences”, “short_name”:”general_sciences”,

    World & News:
    {“name”:”Business & Finance”,”short_name”:”business_finance”,”container”:{“name”:”World & Business”,”short_name”:”world_business”}},
    “Political News”, “short_name”:”politics”,
    “US Elections 2008”, “short_name”:”2008_us_elections”,
    “Political Opinion”, “short_name”:”political_opinion”,
    “World News”,”short_name”:”world_news”,
    “Offbeat News”,”short_name”:”offbeat_news”,

    “American & Canadian Football”,”short_name”:”football”,
    “Other Sports”,”short_name”:”other_sports”,


    {“name”:”Gaming News”,”short_name”:”gaming_news”,”container”:{“name”:”Gaming”,”short_name”:”gaming”}},
    “Playable Web Games”,”short_name”:”playable_web_games”,

    (Sorry, I have no idea what category they call this. I think it is Video.)
    “Animation Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_animation”,
    {“name”:”Comedy Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_comedy”,”container”:{“name”:”Videos”, “short_name”:”videos”}},
    “Educational Videos”, “short_name” : “videos_educational”,
    “Gaming Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_gaming”,
    “Music Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_music”,
    “People Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_people”,
    “Sports Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_sports”,
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    Okay, I admit. I do not know everything. I have been spending most of the day trying to Digg one of my posts to no avail. Of course, this does not include the time I spent on the phone with Poison Control, because my cat swallowed some Boracks (sp?) today! She was rushed to the hospital (I woke my brother up and had him take her). She is fine now, in case case anyone cares.

    I do not understand (totally) what the words “TITLE” and the such mean. Which goes where? Where can I find this information on Digg? They don’t seem to have any searches for things like this (to my knowledge). I must be doing it wrong, because it sure isn’t working. 😦

    Thank you so kindly. Have a wonderful day.
    Dig This Story

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    We have a lot of fun. Yes, it is called The Conservate Post Pimp, but that’s just a little humor. No one is solicited, but everyone gets to read interesting news they may have missed otherwise. It is really great.

    You could also think of it as a site where you promote what you’ve already written. There is nothing wrong with getting more readers!

    If you join, you will have more people reading your stories and digging them, if you use digg. Have a great day!

    Just in case you’re too busy tomorrow, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
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    Please check for viruses

    I have spent most of yesterday and all night getting Spybot Search and Destroy (just hit next when the Wizard tells you to go back because something is not complete–for the free version) and Ad Aware (also free), because Norton did not catch the viruses that infected my computer. I am so sorry to put you through this, but it is better that I tell you now than to have you infecting others. That is, if you are infected.

    I became suspicious when I went to sign in at one of the private sites where I write. I typed the first letter of my ID, and there was my whole address book! I got into a heated arguement with the administrator of that site for stealing my info, and he gently pointed me to the possibility that I may be infected. I was sure I was not, because I have Norton. YEAH, RIGHT.

    It will take about an hour each for them to scan your computer (if this is your first time), but it is worth it. I do recommend that you read the tutorial for Spybot. Again, I am so very sorry. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Have a day. (I know I left out the ‘nice’ this time. I do not think this is nice.)

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    Working on blogs, AARRRGGGG!

    As you may have noticed, I have been trying to make my site look more presentable. HA! It doesn’t help that I don’t know what I’m doing, but come on! I did it before, so what is different now? I was trying to put an Iraqi “Support the Pro-Demacracy Party!” button in my template, and that is what got the whole thing started! Oh well. I hope you can still read it. I will be writing an article on the holocaust-in Iraq, and the mass graves deserves an article, also. Well, everyone have a blessed day, and I’ll see ya in passing!

    Originally posted at My Newz ‘n Ideas.

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