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Hat tip: Counter-Terrrorism Blog.

Douglas Farah has been working overtime to prove that Charles Taylor is continuing to violate the political assylum he was given by Nigeria. Taylor is funding terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and many others through bribes from businessmen who want to rape the country of diamonds and timber. (I have not bought nor worn a diamond since the early 80’s when I first heard of the atrocities done to children to mine them.)

This is a chart of the companies Viktor Bout owns. What does this have to do with Charles Taylor? Viktor Bout has front companies which he is laundering money and is a

provider of weapons to Taliban and most sides of most wars in sub-Saharan African in violation of U.N. embargos.

He can do this because he owns many companies. One of the reasons this was kept so close to the chest is because one of his partners is a citizen of the USA. American citizens need much more scrutiny than other citizens. (Remember that the next time you want to trash America, will ya.)

Viktor Bout is involved with Chichakli-controlled

30 companies and four individuals designated, he is clearly the most important and newsworthy.

Bout was very active financially in the USA.

For years Chichakli, the son fo a former Syrian president and self-proclaimed childhood friend of Osama bin Laden, has helped Bout on many fronts, while happily residing in Richardson, Tx.

There are a few links with more information for those so inclined.

This is a flow chart of Taylor’s involvement in the diamond and timber sales that made him an estimated $105 Million dollars, although it is believed he had to spend at least 80% for the weapons he gave to outlawed groups to continue wars (page 10.)

This link is a copy of the Coalition of International Justice’s report from following Charles Taylor’s money path of war and destruction.

Excerpt (page 18 of “Path of War and Destruction”): “As president, Taylor controlled access to the country, allowing him to host a variety of international criminal syndicates and terrorist organizations, ranging from Israeli, Lebanese, Russian and Ukrainian organized crime groups, to al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Each of these groups, as well as scores of businessmen seeking to enter the diamond or timber business, were obligated to pay Taylor directly, in cash…

This is the appenices where all the documents, proof, records, and other data you would expect to find. It is very good.

This is Douglas’ blog where he comes right out and explains the reaction of the Nigerian government at the UN.

At the press conference at the UN Correspondents seat in New York yesterday, a senior Nigerian diplomat made the most unequivocal statement to date that Taylor will be turned over if he is found to have violated his terms of assylum.

Hat tip: Andrew Cochran from Counter Terrorism.

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