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Politics 101

If you have no plans, no policies, no ideas, make up a big lie and have everyone including the press repeat it. Sooner or later they will give in and believe you. Rosemary

If you intend to run for office, have strong convictions, a way to easily convey your message, always remain true to your convictions, and be satisfied with the outcome. Rosemary

One of these quotes was written about the Left, one of them was written about Conservatives. It is up to you to decide which is which. If it takes you more than an instant, maybe you should do some soul searching and a lot more reading about the founding of our great country!

I have a few articles I would like to share with you in this post. The first one has to with an angry Senate who does not have the time to fund our troops, yet it can vote to hold in contempt Karl Rove, retired political advisor to President Bush, and Josh Bolton, President Bush’s Chief of Staff. Hat tip to Fox News.

Lawmakers of both parties say Congress shouldn’t threaten to cite someone with contempt and not follow through.

“I vote for the contempt citations knowing that it’s highly likely to be a meaningless act,” Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said. “In this context we have no alternative.”

Specter and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, joined 10 Democrats to report the citation to the full Senate. All seven no votes came from Republicans. [Continue reading.]

Apparently the Congress would like to peek at privileged discussions about the firing of 8 US Attorneys, rather than do the work they were hired to do. If you ask my opinion, the president did not fire enough of them! Hey, do you think I can have a peek of Hillary’s notes taken by one her aides? Hmm…lol.

Next I would like to discuss my friend who happens to be a talk show host, Gregg Jackson. He was interviewed by Jan Mickelson because Gregg used to live in Massachusetts under Gov. Romney’s Commonwealth Care. There are many things the public has yet to learn about this man, and all you have to do is listen to Jan’s taped interview. The link for this the one which includes Jan’s name.

It is amazing to me how Conservatives can allow themselves to be led around by their noses just to remain in power. If we have no Conservative, I’d rather not be in office. At least that way, we would stop being blamed for all of these RINO’s. (Republican in name only.) I’m certain the Left feels as strongly about their candidates as I do. After all, we just have a difference of policy opinions. We are not enemies. At least I hope not.

For a change of venue, let us look at the House of Representatives. I don’t know if they are representing you and me, but they certainly are representing al Qaida! I love the way Jay puts it: “222 morons would rather have blood on their hands for following a moronic moral code that is politically popular than to do what’s necessary to save lives when it comes down to it. No matter, this bill’s final fate ends with the President’s veto pen. I have a feeling we will all soon be missing President Bush on some issue. Hat tip: Stop the ACLU.

This next one is an e-mail, and they don’t have a link for it. Therefore I am going to present it in its entirety, because it is that important.

Black Activists Condemn Philadelphia City Council’s Boy Scout Eviction.

Washington, D.C. – Black activists from the Project 21 leadership network are condemning the Philadelphia City Council’s decision to evict the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) from its regional headquarters after the city failed to reach a compromise with the Boy Scouts on a gay rights policy.

“I live close to Philadelphia and am aware of the problems plaguing the city,” said Project 21 member Jimmie Hollis. “The fact that the City Council is taking exception to the Boy Scouts is an outrage. With so much to fix, why are they so willing to instead hobble an organization trying to help people?”

On June 1, the BSA’s Cradle of Liberty Council will be forced out of the Bruce Marks Council Service Center because it will not rescind its policy of prohibiting homosexual members. City Councilman Darrell L. Clarke told the New York Times, “you cannot be in a city-owned facility being subsidized by the taxpayers and not have language in your lease that talks about nondiscrimination.” This date became final last week when the City Council broke off negotiations with the BSA.

BSA spokesman Gregg Shields told the Times, “we believe that open homosexuality would be inconsistent with the values that we want to communicate with our leaders.” This policy was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000, when the Court ruled the BSA is a private organization that can set its own membership rules under the protection of the First Amendment.

The Marks Center was built by the BSA, but the half-acre parcel of land on which it is located is owned by the city. A city council vote last May struck down the ordinance that granted the BSA a special $1 a year lease. BSA leaders say they cannot pay the estimated market-value lease of $200,000 a year while continuing to serve their 69,000 local members, provide in-school training and after-school mentoring programs and send 800 needy children summer camp.

While the Cradle of Liberty Council was thought to be willing to enact a policy statement previously agreed to by the BSA’s New York chapters saying that “prejudice, intolerance and unlawful discrimination in any form are unacceptable” without dropping its homosexual prohibition, Philadelphia officials preemptively said that, if it did so, the BSA would still be violating the city law.

“If the Boy Scouts were anti-God, championed homosexuality and were anti-establishment, I would venture to say they would find themselves welcome in Philadelphia. It’s the fact that they stick to and seek to promote a responsible and reasonable code of ethics that makes them a target of the anti-family left that tends to dominate urban governments such as Philadelphia’s these days,” said Project 21 chairman Mychal Massie.

Project 21, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research, has been a leading voice of the African-American community since 1992. For more information, contact David Almasi at (202) 543-4110 x11 or David Almasi, or visit Project 21’s website at Project 21.

This just really makes me want to cry. Maybe if we chopped off a few heads they would stop bothering us? Cowards!!!

I have saved one of the best for last. Have you heard about what Pope Benedict XVI had to say about the hoax of climate change? It is wonderful to finally be on the side of science, where we started, and to have all the fearmongers on the on the humanist, irrational side. If you would care to read a well reasoned article, the link is right here. Hat tip: Sonnabend.

Well, that’s enough for now. I must be going. I still have several still to read. lol. Have a wonderful evening. 😉

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    M. Zuhdi Jasser was interviewed by Kathryn Jean Lopez over at NRO. This interview is posted in three sections at NRO. Here is the first one, A Muslim American, the second one, Dr. J CAIRs, A jihad against jihad, and the third one is yet to be released. This is fine article, and I recommend you read it.

    The Vets for Freedom debated in England last night. Unfortunately, I just opened the email. There is an article, however, letting our elected officials know of the importance of funding our troops before they leave for another one of their vacations.

    American troops are winning.
    By Pete Hegseth
    December 11, 2007

    However, the more things change in Iraq, the more they stay the same on Capitol Hill. For the past month, with a few off-handed exceptions, Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill has largely refused to acknowledge success. They are stuck in the talking points of June, and stuck on a narrative of failure.

    Despite the incredible progress made by our military — which has opened the door for real and sustainable political progress in Iraq — the Democratic leadership continues to insist that we de-fund the war and bring the troops home no matter what. Beholden to entrenched and noisy anti-war interest groups, the Democrat leadership in Washington seems willing to cut-off much needed funding, placing our brave troops in harms way. [Read the whole editorial.]

    This editorial isn’t hard hitting, just factual. Maybe that’s why it isn’t getting the play that it should…

    I don’t know about you, but this next article concerns deeply:

    Saudis give big to U.S. colleges.
    “There’s a possibility these campuses aren’t getting gifts, they’re getting investments,” said Clifford May, president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. “Departments on Middle Eastern studies tend to be dominated by professors tuned to the concerns of Arab and Muslim rulers. It’s very difficult for scholars who don’t follow this line to get jobs and tenure on college campuses.

    “The relationship between these departments and the money that pours in is hard to establish, but like campaign finance reform, sometimes money is a bribe. Sometimes it’s a tip.”

    The $40 million gift from the Saudi donor, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, was the latest in a tradition that started in the 1970s — Muslim donors pumping millions of dollars into American universities to fund Islamic studies, hire faculty specialists in Islam and fund books and seminars on the world’s second-largest religion. [Continue reading.]

    What the h***?! Thanks for the tip, M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD.

    For this next op-ed, here are words of one of the authors: “My sincere hope is that this op-ed will help serve as a sort of “political reconciliation” in our own country. It is time to put aside petty partisan differences, and rally behind the need for success in Iraq and in the Long War.” I couldn’t have said it better.

    Getting Beyond Stalemate to Win a War.
    By John Batiste and Pete Hegseth
    Saturday, December 8, 2007; Page A17

    Congress has been entangled in a war-funding debate that pits war “supporters” against antiwar “defeatists.” With all sides seemingly entrenched, a stalemate looms. The Pentagon, meanwhile, will soon begin stripping money from its training budget to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Our military men and women deserve better than partisan politics; they deserve honest assessments of our nation’s performance in fighting the Long War. [Read the whole article.]

    It is about time, too. Thank you, Vets for Freedom.

    M. Zuhdi Jasser has written another article in The Middle East Quarterly about the Flying Imams. He exposes them in a way only another Muslim could.

    Exposing the “Flying Imams”.
    Creating intermediaries in order to claim false mandate remains the root of the imams’ strategy. Organizations such as the National American Imams Federation and the Assembly of American Muslim Jurists exist to impose hierarchy and, from that self-appointed hierarchy, to establish the mandate to speak on behalf of the entire Muslim community. The Islamic Society of North America, an un-indicted coconspirator in the United States of America vs. Holy Land Foundation et al. terrorism financing trial,[28] formed a Leadership Development Center to train and indoctrinate imams.[29] On March 7, 2007, it announced a leadership certifying program for imams in conjunction with the National American Imams Federation.[30] [Continue reading.]

    No World News would be complete without an article from Michael Yon.

    Infrastructure to MRAPs.
    Al Qaeda, in particular, however, has made a point of destroying as much critical physical and human infrastructure as possible. Despite spending enormous energy trying to win their war in Iraq, it seems safe to say that al Qaeda has lost or will lose in Iraq. Yet even on the ropes, al Qaeda is still dangerous. They still blow up bridges and attack power stations. But so many groups have turned on al Qaeda that they are having a difficult time just breathing. They are still present and dangerous, but even Ansar al Sunhah has turned against them. When a group as crazy as Ansar al Sunnah turns against al Qaeda, AQ must be evil.

    Even criminal gangs—like local mafias—who feed off the chaos al Qaeda drags around like a fetid shadow, are now feeding information about them to American forces. [Continue reading.]

    This is a powerful read. Michael has been to Iraq and Afghanistan without the aide of any big press. He does it all by our contributions, so you may want to think of slipping him a small (or large) donation when you’re there if you enjoy his writing. Thank you. 🙂


    I believe this great group of bloggers belong in this category, because they certainly do their best to shed the light on one of the most incidious organizations operating in this county, the ACLU. Stop the ACLU has done extensive work, and they willingly share it with us so that we are able to alert our readers as well. Check out these latest posts:

    ACLU Disappointed: FISA Court Denies Access to Wiretap Records.
    Writing for the court, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates refused. Releasing the documents would reveal closely guarded secrets that enemies could used to evade detection or disrupt intelligence activities, he said. Sources could be outed, targets could be tipped off and diplomatic relations could be damaged.

    “All these possible harms are real and significant and, quite frankly, beyond debate,” Bates wrote. [Read the whole article]

    This one is hysterical. It also has the reaction from the ACLU.

    Now for the next article:

    ACLU Claims Religious Test ‘Proposed as a Necessary Qualification’ for President.
    If you can’t win your issue by the strength of your argument… then lie. Apparently that is the tactic of the ACLU if a recent “ACLU’s Diary” entry on the DailyKos by T. Jeremy Gunn is any indication. With all the talk of religion surrounding the various candidates for the GOP nomination for president lately it has obviously been driving our ACLU Director of Freedom of Religion and Belief out of his gourd. (Though, one is excused for thinking that his title is a bit misleading for it should probably be a Freedom from Religion and Belief, but be that as it may…) Gunn goes off half cocked over the supposed forced imposition of religion on the campaign for president. [Read the entire article.]

    This is scary. They are supposed some big time constitutional lawyers? They should read the constitution again. THERE IS NO RELIGIOUS TEST. Yikes!

    The National Center for Public Policy Research has sent out a press release to make us aware of an injustices and intimidation happening in Ohio by the NAACP’s local chapter. Here is an exerpt:

    Black Activists Renew Condemnation of Local Ohio NAACP Chapter for Interference in School Play.
    Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network have renewed criticism of the Butler County (Ohio) chapter of the NAACP and its executive director over the group’s new call for federal intervention into a local school district. The NAACP is protesting a student presentation of the Agatha Christie play “And Then There Were None.”

    Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie says the local NAACP chapter chairman, Gary Hines, deceived him when Hines told Massie that he is not trying to intimidate Lakota administrators or its school board. Hines repeatedly insisted to Massie that he was not attempting to have the play canceled. Massie considers Hines’ request for federal intervention a contradiction of this assertion. [Read the entire press release.]

    Sounds rather uncouth to me, as if anyone cares.

    OMG! You may believe this next article, but how did we get here?

    Democrats Vote Yes to Ramadan, But No To Christmas.
    War on Christmas? Bah!

      From the office of GOP Rep. Steve King:

      Congressman Steve King reacted this morning to the nine “NO” votes on his resolution to honor Christmas and the Christian faith. The vote shocked Capitol Hill observers because votes on similar resolutions honoring the holidays of Islam and Hinduism passed without any NO votes.

    [Please read the entire article.]

    There is also a video. Unbelievable.


    Boy, is this one a doosey:

    California Budget Deficit Reaches $14 Billion, Growing.

    Six weeks after the legislature passed, and the Governor signed a “balanced budget”—in September, 2007, the deficit ballooned to $6.1 billion.

    Then a month ago, the Finance Department announced the deficit was $10 billion.

    All along, the California Political News and Views believed the two year budget deficit would be $20 billion.

    Last night the Department of Finance announced that the deficit is now $14 billion…and could grow. We still have six and a half more months before the end of the fiscal year. We still believe the deficit will reach $20 billion. [Read the entire article.]

    This is serious, because the state of California’s economic well-being or recession effects the entire United States. If you want to know what it is like to live under total democrat control, look no further than California. I have an inclination to run for office, just to save our state! We’ll see…

    What irony. I just looked at my email and found this: California Piglet Book for California! LOL. You can go to that link and read all the hard work Citizens Against Government Waste and The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation have put into collecting this data. Wow.

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    Also, I’ve trackbacked to these sites: ACLU Disappointed: FISA Court Denies Access to Wiretap Records, ACLU Claims Religious Test ‘Proposed as a Necessary Qualification’ for President, Scrooges on the Hill: Saying no to Christmas resolution and Democrats Vote Yes to Ramadan, But No To Christmas.

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    Blackfive has a great link to Greyhawk who hits the nail on its head about Iraq. He sets the record straight between the reality of on-the-ground circumstances in Iraq vs. dinosaur media defeatism. Hey, he’s been there and done that, have you? An absolutely must read.

    I just have to add this article that I just read to this post. For those of you who actually read what I write, lol, this has the potential to be outstanding:

    Colorado Supreme Court Approves Ballot Language for Abortion Amendment.

    by Steven Ertelt
    LifeNews.com Editor
    November 14, 2007

    Denver, CO (LifeNews.com) — The Colorado Supreme Court has affirmed the ballot language a group wants to place on the 2008 ballot that would restore personhood to human beings from the moment of conception. The measure has already sparked a heated debate over abortion as abortion advocacy groups have filed suit to prevent a vote. [Continue reading.]

    Everyone should at least admit that the discussion should move forward. Why are people in groups like NARAL so afraid? All you have to do is understand that they came into existence to get rid of our black brothers and sisters. Yup.

    Here is an article to prove to you that the first article, written by Greyhawk, is true. This verifies what we’ve all known about those who begin a sentence with, “We support the troops, but…”

    Boy Scouts Accused of Being Too Pro-War.

    In a nutshell, a troop of Boy Scouts tried to raise money for the the U.S. troops. Some moonbat cried that the message was too pro-war and so the city removed the donation boxes. Talk about appeasing the appeasers. Outrageous! [Continue reading.]

    If you read this, you will understand why I have not a word to add. At least not one that would make it more clear as to my anger at these beaurocrats…

    Most Reverend Shlemon Warduni, Auxiliary Bishop of the St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Diocese for Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq officiated standing directly beneath the dome under the Chaldean cross. Speaking in both Arabic and English, Bishop Warduni thanked those American soldiers sitting in the pews for their sacrifices. Again and again, throughout the service, he thanked the Americans.

    Update: I just have to share this with you. Michael Yon is a citizen journalist in Iraq, and he recently wrote an article about Christians and Muslims placing the Cross on top of St. John’s Church. Today he writes about the phenominon of Muslims and Christians worshipping together so that these Muslims may make a plea to their Christians neighbors and friends: Please come home. This caption belongs with this picture.

    Today, Muslims mostly filled the front pews of St John’s. Muslims who want their Christian friends and neighbors to come home. The Christians who might see these photos likely will recognize their friends here. The Muslims in this neighborhood worry that other people will take the homes of their Christian neighbors, and that the Christians will never come back. And so they came to St John’s today in force, and they showed their faces, and they said, “Come back to Iraq. Come home.” They wanted the cameras to catch it. They wanted to spread the word: Come home. Muslims keep telling me to get it on the news. “Tell the Christians to come home to their country Iraq.”

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    Once again we are confronted by the Marxist leanings of our edu-propagandist system. No wonder. It is alright to have the children mock the Muslim religion by pretending to participate in it, you must, but any mention of our national anthem? OH MY GOD! You really should read this article about the Kern High School District who are taking a vote on whether it is CONSTITUTIONAL or OFFENSIVE or not. Huh?

    Hat tip: Stop the ACLU: California School Battles Over “In God We Trust”

    When things like this get so bizzarro, we end up with ugliness such as the next article.

    Would you consider this child abuse or brainwashing?

    Help us to stop this abuse for all of our children. They are entitled to grow up, learn how to discern for themselves, and understand logic. It is only right and fair.

    Hat tip: Stop the ACLU: Westboro Baptist Cult’s Child Abuse.

    Jay would like us spread this news, so I am going to do that by using this post as my open trackback with Linkfest. If you have not joined yet, just hit the picture and go from there.

    If you want to trackback to this post, remember to mention my site in the post you have chosen to do so. After all, it is only courteous. 😉

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    123Beta: “I Wish To See Closer, May I Land My Kinki Machine”?

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    Stop the ACLU Blogburst

    Below you will find an amazing article written by John from Stop the ACLU. I hope you enjoy it.

    The video above is from ADF and is practically a commercial for them, but I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. I urge you to go join and donate!

    By the way, Kender inspired this post. He wanted to write the blogburst, but his rant inspired me and I wanted to add more. So, I’m gonna use Kender’s quotes throughout.

    It seems a German citizen claimed that the CIA abducted him, drugged him and sent him to a prison in a third world country where he was tortured and finally released on a hilltop in another country in a case of mistaken identity.

    The Supreme Court yesterday dismissed the case without comment after the Bush Administration said that if the case were not dismissed it would threaten state secrets.

    What I want to know is WHY a group that calls itself the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union is so concerned with the civil liberties of a German citizen? The last time I checked, our civil liberties did not apply to the citizens of other countries, and the ACLU is not the arbiter of international law.

    Last March, the ACLU went crying to the U.N. about how ‘evil’ the U.S. is.

    The American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Human Rights Network today urged the U.N. Human Rights Committee to hold the U.S. government accountable for flagrant and repeated violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

    “Locally, nationally and globally, the United States has repeatedly failed in its responsibility to uphold basic human rights,” said Ann Beeson, Associate Legal Director of the ACLU. “We are appealing to the international arbiters to hold the U.S. accountable to basic human rights standards.”

    As sickening as this is, it is only one step in the ACLU’s agenda to undermine America’s sovereignty and freedom that so many soldiers have sacrificed and died to preserve.

    The ACLU is obviously frustrated by their inability to advance their radical agenda more quickly under the U.S. Constitution and are now determined not only to convince the American judiciary to look to international law, but also to use it as a means to their ends. They hold it as a higher authority than our own Constitution and are more than willing to sacrifice our sovereignty in their pursuit to radically force change on America to fit their own radical views.

    The sad thing is that they don’t have to try very hard to convince our judiciary. While they lost ground in the case above, they win enough cases to make it scary. Last year, former ACLU lawyer and current Supreme Court Justice, Ruth “Snoozer” Ginsburg, gave a speech that argued explicitly for the relevance of foreign law and court decisions for the interpretation of the American Constitution. She isn’t the only Justice that buys into this philosophy. FIVE Justices believe that international law should bear weight in interpreting our constitution.

    The ACLU don’t hide this agenda, they are proud of it.

    The ACLU sponsored a conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia, October 9-11, 2003, to promote the use of international law in U.S. courts. The conference was titled “Human Rights at Home: International Law in U.S. Courts.” Publicit for the event stated, “The emphasis throughout the conference will be on using international law and human rights norms to advance justice in U.S. courts or on behalf of U.S. clients.” Some of the alleged human rights “injustices” cited were in the areas of “environmental justice,” “homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights,” and “children’s rights.”

    The ACLU publicity included comments from ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero and conference organizer Ann Beeson. Romero said, “Our goal is no less than to forge a new era of social justice where the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights are recognized and enforced in the United States.”


    Beeson added, “From the grassroots level all the way to the Supreme Court, international human rights law is beginning to emerge as a tool for the victims of discrimination here at home.”

    Editors Note: What? Do you mean the Civil War never happened? Do you mean the laws passed in the 60’s and 70’s never occurred? You ignorant idiots!

    The ACLU’s rhetoric and efforts to use international law to rewrite, undermine, and bypass the Constitution has already gone beyond academic debate into the realm of actual use. As stated earlier, there are plenty of judges that have already adopted the philosophy and the ACLU are already participating in court cases where the judge uses international law in their decisions. It isn’t only at the federal level, but has penetrated even into the state level.

    All through the confirmation process of Justice Alito, the ACLU and leftards were screaming that Alito was a racist bigot that would undermine judicial precedent. However, this judicial philosophy has more potential to undermine judicial precedent than any current philosophy being espoused, and it has already proven to do so.

    The purpose of the judicial branch is to interpret the law and determine if laws are constitutional or not. There are several major flaws in the use of international law in our courts. Not only does it undermine the very authority of the Constitution deeming it impotent of any power, but it also gives the judicial branch a power that was never intended to be granted to it; the power to write law.

    Followers of this philosophy view the Constitution merely as a persuasive authority, equated with foreign law, to be relied upon if they are in line with her predetermined beliefs. It doesn’t really matter if their beliefs are inconsistent with the Constitution itself, they can simply find a foreign law that is consistent with their beliefs.

    New rights, such as homosexual rights or abortion, should not be stretched from our Constitution that never granted them. If new rights like these are to be given, then the people should have some say in that. There is a process set in place by the founders to do just this. They should be granted through law or a constitutional amendment. They should not be granted via judicial fiat.

    Editor’s Note: These justices better be careful, or they will have a hard time explaining why Shari’a Law is unconstitutional! Remember, it will be Hollyweird and the judicial system that will be the first to go...

    Besides the issues within our own judicial system and its decay, the ACLU is also turning to international sources to undermine our nation’s sovereignty and national security.

    For [example], the ACLU filed a formal complaint with the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention against the United States, stating that the United States violated international law when it detained 765 Arab Americans and Muslims for security reasons after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on our nation. Eventually, 478 were deported.

    ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said, “With today’s action, we are sending a strong message of solidarity to advocates in other countries who have decried the impact of U.S. policies on the human rights of their citizens. We are filing this complaint before the United Nations to ensure that U.S. policies and practices reflect not just domestic constitutional standards, but accepted international human rights principles regarding liberty and its deprivations.” Source.

    Editor’s Note: How in the world am I responsible for what Bashir is doing to the Darfurians or Ahmadinejad’s actions towards the Persians?

    Romero, of course, makes the United States sound like some rogue nation with no regard for human rights, not the beacon of liberty that so many have come to – escaping from tyranny and the bonds of oppression.

    Right now, Britain is practically banning freedom of speech and the Bible in the name of homosexual rights and tolerance.

    “Inciting homophobic hatred will become illegal, the justice secretary, Jack Straw, announced last night following a campaign by homosexual rights groups. The introduction of an offence of rallying hatred against homosexuals follows similar measures to tackle religious hate crime[s], which were passed earlier this year after lengthy rows over freedom of speech.

    “It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last 10 years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality. It is time for the law to recognise this,” said Mr Straw, introducing the second reading of the criminal justice and immigration bill.

    Editor’s Note: So. Mr. Straw. Do you mean to try to convince me that bigomy, pedaphilia, insect, and ALL types of SEX are acceptable are you? After all, it’s only sex. You cannot blame someone for the sexual orientation, and you certainly cannot hate them. So please answer me this. What would you do if one of these men raped your 4 year daughter, you lying hypocrite!

    If you can’t imagine the ACLU helping make the same thing happen here, you need to wake up. All of this should concern you. You may think that it doesn’t directly affect you in your everyday life, but it will eventually. The ACLU’s embrace of international law seeks to hypocritically do the opposite of what the ACLU claims to protect, and the Constitution forbids; nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

    In spring 2003, a group from the United Nations Human Rights Commission, of which former ACLU officials Paul Hoffman and John Shattuck are a part, met and discussed a resolution to add “sexual orientation” to the UNHRC’s discrimination list. Homosexual activists at the meeting called for a “showdown with religion,” clearly intending to use international law to silence religious speech that does not affirm homosexual behavior. Source.

    After the first amendment, the next thing you can kiss goodbye with international law is the second amendment.

    Editor’s Note: You can have my guns, out of my cold, dead hands!

    It is a direct threat to our very freedom of speech and religious exercise. In some countries, laws are being pushed and, in some cases enacted, that essentially criminalize forms of religious speech and activity if they do not affirm homosexual behavior.

    Another rant from Kender:

    The ACLU, the NYT and other groups and organizations that fight against our government on the GWOT, are basically attacking freedom and the safety and security of this nation, putting Americans in harms way in their misguided attacks on our governments attempt[ing] to track [down] and deal with [these] terrorists.

    What I want to know is this;

    When the islamists get control and impose sharia law, will the ACLU have the balls to stand up and say, “no way achmed”, or do you think it more likely that they will realize that speaking against the caliphate is a death sentence?

    I am betting they will shut up and become good little dhimmis.

    If we are going to turn the interpretation of our laws to international jurisprudence and decisions of foreign courts, judges, and legislatures, the question begs…why did we fight a war of independence? If the ACLU are successful in their agenda for international law, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution will eventually become irrelevant documents. More and more of America’s freedoms, and our very sovereignty will be sacrificed for international law. Our freedoms will vanish. The ACLU’s vision of freedom that includes the public sale of child pornography, the silencing of Churches and ministries, and unlimited abortion and euthanasia will replace them.

    Get involved. Donate and support organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund and the ACLJ that are out there fighting the ACLU’s agenda. Contact your representatives and Senators and tell them to support the Constitution Restoration Act that would put an end to the use of foreign law in our courts. Tell them to support the The Public Expression of Religion Act which would put a stop to taxpayer funding of the ACLU against the establishment clause case. Sign Our Petition To Stop Taxpayer Funding Of The ACLU. Pray that America wakes up before its too late.

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    These are critical issues for the survival of our nation. Please, at least check it out to see if you would agree with these people. I know I do. That is why I am going to have this post as my Linkfest open trackback. Please remember not to include porn. Yes, I personally am cencoring porn from my site. I, as an individual and not a government entity, have the right to do so. Amazing how little the screechers know about that which they screech! lol.

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    I was sent an e-mail that a friend of mine, Jack Lewis, sent to Stop the ACLU. He is a wiz with computer codes and the such, so I am going to use this instead of my own. lol. Enjoy.

    Recently, the ACLU set their doomsday clock at six minutes before midnight! Once it reaches the ‘dark hour’ of midnight…we will be slaves to the ominous and evil ‘surveillance society’. This isn’t science fiction. This is typical scare tactics from the ACLU.

    They prey upon the paranoid. This is how they get donations to fund their machine. They cry about “American citizens being spied upon” when in fact there is no evidence that anyone has been hurt by the government’s terrorist surviellance program.

    While the ACLU cry that they are the guardian’s of liberty, and that privacy is one of those liberties….they have been exposed as being violators of that very liberty. They have a massive database of their own member’s private financial information they use for soliciting donations.

    The group’s new data collection practices were implemented without the board’s approval or knowledge and were in violation of the ACLU’s privacy policy at the time, according to Michael Meyers, vice president of the organization and a frequent internal critic. He said he had learned about the new research by accident Nov. 7 during a meeting of the committee that is organizing the group’s Biennial Conference in July.

    He objected to the practices, and the next day, the privacy policy on the group’s Web site was changed. “They took out all the language that would show that they were violating their own policy,” Meyers said. “In doing so, they sanctified their procedure while still keeping it secret.”

    Now the ACLU are proudly defending Rep. Larry Craig on grounds of privacy. In another recent case they are defending a “pre-operative transsexual” anatomically male’s “right” to use the female public restroom. Terrence Jeffrey calls out the ‘privacy hypocrisy’ on this one.

    “The government does not have a constitutionally sufficient justification for making private sex a crime,” said the ACLU. “It follows that an invitation to have private sex is constitutionally protected and may not be made a crime. This is so even where the proposition occurs in a public place, whether in a bar or a restroom.”

    But then the ACLU went a step further, arguing that there is not only a right to solicit sex, but also to engage in it, in a public restroom.

    “The Minnesota Supreme Court,” said the ACLU, “has already ruled that two men engaged in sexual activity in a department store restroom with the stall door closed had a reasonable expectation of privacy. They were, the Court held, therefore acting in a private, not a public place.”

    The conflated logic of the ACLU’s bathroom briefs seems to be that someone entering a public restroom intending to use it for traditional purposes has no protection either from the gender sign posted at the door or from the otherwise vaunted right to privacy. Someone entering a public restroom intending to solicit and engage in sex, on the other hand, is protected by both the First Amendment and the right to privacy.

    What else would you expect from a group that embraces an ideology that holds that partially born babies have no right to keep their skulls intact?

    Indeed. As my good friend Glib Fortuna puts it:

    This about sums up the ACLU’s worldview. To the ACLU, the only “freedom” the ACLU truly believes in is “sexual freedom” and the concomitant “right” of people who choose aberrant sexual behavior to be free of any criticism and free from anyone else exercising common sense (and more threateningly, religious liberty) if it “infringes” on these “rights” recently invented by the ACLU and its partisans.

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com or Gribbit at GribbitR@gmail.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 200 blogs already onboard.

    It’s me now. They do a very good job over at Stop the ACLU. You can find out what court cases are pending, when they are coming to a neighborhood near you, what silly little things they’re defending now and what horrific people, such as terrorists, they are trying to give more civil rights than they wish you to have.

    I would just like to add one thing. THE GOVERNMENT DID NOT GIVE US OUR RIGHTS. GOD DID. For if the government had indeed given us our rights, then they surely could take them away, no?

    Have a beautiful day. 😉

    I would like to use this post to help more people become aware of the great work they are doing over at Stop the ACLU. If you are not yet a member of Linkfest, it is easy to become a member. Would you like to meet other conservatives? We even a rather friendly liberal who is brave enough to sign up! Kudo’s! We are tired of our posts being buried over at digg and other liberal social stations. Talk about open mindedness? HA! Increase your reading over here at Linkfest. Also, please don’t forget the rules of no porn and to be kind to one another. Thank you.

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