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What a game it was, too! You can find many stories written about today’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the St. Louis Rams, but I chose to go right to horse’s mouth.

“Favre then passed the Dolphins’ Hall of Famer on the first play of the Packers’ next series with 23 seconds gone in the fourth quarter. The game was halted as Driver hugged Favre and other teammates patted him on the shoulder pads. Public address announcer Jim Holder acknowledged the record, prompting a huge ovation, and Favre shook hands with referee Ron Winter before flipping the souvenir ball to an attendant on the sideline.”

Brett Favre has now passed the football for nearly 35 miles professionally! He made sure that Dan Marino received his due credit. “I’ve said this all along: I’ve never considered myself to be in the same league as Dan Marino,” Favre said. “What a great passer, maybe the greatest passer ever.” Dan Marino’s carreer passing record is 61,361 yards in 17 seasons. Brett’s record is now 61,405 yards in 17 years. Yes, what a game! (Read the rest of the article.)

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    Monday Nite Football is no longer on abc TV. It is on ESPN. That is all good and well if you are one of those people who wastes your money on cable TV! Yes, I consider it a waste, but that is not the reason I hate abc. Is the Super Bowl supposed to be on cable, too? Is this a silly question?

    I think not. They claimed that they weren’t making money. Is this so? NO, it is not. Football is more watched than basketball and baseball. So why did they sell out? Could it be that it’s because the players are predominately black? No, I don’t think so, to be fair. I just thought I would throw that in their faces as they do to almost everything I believe in and take a stand.

    So why do I hate them? They took it off the air. Monday Nite Football has a song, a theme, many, many fans, and it’s only on 16 weeks out of the year. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know why, and frankly I don’t care why. I just know that they ruined my life.

    I can put up with all the democrat hacks they have on as ‘seriously objective’ talk show hosts on Sunday morning. I cannot live without my Monday Nite football. So, “SCREW YOU, ABC!”

    Shweeh! I finally got that off my chest. Now if only I could figure out why it took me until after 6:30 pm to get on the computer today…

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    NFL Game 3, 2007

    It is now time for tomorrow’s game 3 of this year’s season, and I am here with the match-ups for you. As the games play, I will also provide you with their scores. I will pick who I think will win except for three teams: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and the St. Loius Rams. Why? Because I do not like them at all. 😉

    Here is the match-up for the 1 pm EST games:
    Arizona Cardinals vs. *Baltimore Ravens: Final: ARI 23; *BAL 26, San Diego Chargers vs. *Green Bay Packers: Final: SD 24; *GB 31, St. Loius Rams vs. *Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Final: STL 3; *TB 24, San Francisco 49ers vs. *Pittsburgh Steelers: Final: SF 16; *PIT 37, Detroit Lions vs. *Philadelphia Eagles: Final: DET 21; *PHI 56, Miami Dolphins vs. *NY Jets: Final: MIA 28; *NYJ 31, *Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots: Final: BUF 7; NE 31, *Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Final: *MIN 10; KC 13 and *Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans: Final: *IND 30; HOU 24.

    In the line-up I just posted, I noticed a few things I’d like to mention before continuing. I really do want Buffalo to crush NE Pats. Arizona is looking pretty good this season, but I chose the Ravens because while the Ravens may have been a young team, they have shown grit. Green Bay over San Diego. I know. How dare I! Every time I’ve rooted against the Pack, they’ve won! I want San Diego to win…or GB. lol. I just wish the Steelers were performing better. I think they may tomorrow. The same with my Eagles. Detroit is a contender. Miami sucks. Look, don’t yell at me! I’m not the coach nor the players. They need to get a move on! That’s as simple as that. That’s about it for this round. Now we are coming up to the five games that are going to play at 4:15 pm EST.

    4:15 pm EST.
    Cincinnati Bengals vs. *Seattle Seahawks: Final: CIN 21; *SEA 24, Cleveland Browns vs. *Oakland Raiders: Final: CLE 24; *OAK 26, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. *Denver Broncos: Final: JAX 23; *DEN 14, NY Giants vs. *Washington Redskins: Final: NYG 24; *WAS 17 and *Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons: Final: *CAR 27; ATL 20.

    There is another game later tomorrow night at 8:15 pm EST. This team is Dallas Cowboys vs. *Chicago Bears: Final: DAL 34; *CHI 10. Why not? Someone has to root for them. 😉

    Monday Nite Live at 8:30 pm EST: Tennessee Titans vs. *New Orleans Saints: Final: TEN ; *NO .

    I hope everyone has a wonderful game weekend. Should I keep putting these up as a Linkfest? I think so. Otherwise, how will everyone remember? Even if football is not your ‘thing’, you can still stop by and see if your favorite team won. Hopefully, right? lol. Everyone have a great weekend, and don’t forget me! 😉

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    You may read all the other posts over at Rosemary’s Thoughts.com.

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    How did Denver cheat? Ask the Ref’s

    I was watching this particular game last night, the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, in overtime. From 52 yards away, the field goal was made by the Raiders. They put the 3 points on the scoreboard, and the game was won. It was over. People started on their way home. But wait!

    What is this? They’re taking the points off the board! What is happening? The Raiders have to try again. Why? What is the penalty? They’re trying to kick it at the same line? THERE IS NO PENALTY? So what happened?

    Ah, Denver called a time-out…when? If it was not recognized before the play, it is never accepted as being a time-out. At least not until now.

    I want an investigation. I want to know how much in debt those refs are, and I also would like to know which ref saw the time-out. Did anyone see it? I certainly did not.

    Of course the Raiders missed the second attempt at a 52 yard field goal, so Denver went on to win the game with their own field goal. Too bad we don’t cheat, eh? Even if we had called for a time-out, it would not have been recognized.

    Maybe some of you who are into football do not care about either the Broncos or the Raiders. That’s fine. What are you going to do when this happens to you and you know for a fact it is a lie? That you got cheated? Don’t expect others to stand up for you if you are not willing to stand for others. That’s all I’ve got to say.

    This will be my post for today’s open trackback. I am too angry-still-to write anything cute or nice. Just don’t send any porn, or you will be banned. How’s that to let you know my mood?! Grrrrr.

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    Prayers for Kevin Everett

    Many times we are serious, silly, non-chalant in our writing; but today I would like to ask a favor of you. Please, go to this site and send Kevin your best wishes and prayers.

    Kevin Everett is one of the Buffalo Bills tight ends. He has suffered a major cervical spine injury in last Sunday’s game, and he was immediately taken to surgery from the field. You may read more about his condition and the reaction of the team here.

    He was visited by his teammates, but he cannot speak as of the writing of that news article. We are asking you to go to the first link and send a message of encouragement, get well, prayers, whatever you feel like saying EXCEPT do not send any crap. I will hold you personally responsible, and so will God. You got that? Good.

    I am going to introduce this as my open trackback instead of tomorrow’s games finals, because you will still be able to find those stats right here. I believe this is more important, because it involves one of our brothers in Christ. Please use the first link above. There is another link that provides you with an update and a little information about his conditition. Thank you, and God bless you. (For you athiest, thank you for your good deed.)

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    NFL Game 2, 2007

    Hello there guys and gals. How are you doing today? Getting ready for the weekend, I hope. The College games will be played on Saturday, but I do not cover them. Carl may be able to help with that. Are you ready for some football? (LOL)

    There are 8 games that will be playing at 1 pm EST. Again, I shall give you the names of the games and my pick, the final scores as they happen, and any other little tidbits. Here we go:

    1 pm EST.
    Houston Texans vs. *Carolina Panthers, Final: HOU 34; *CAR 21. I don’t like Carolina, but I do believe they will beat Houston. (Great game, Houston!) Next we have Cincinnati Bengals vs. *Cleveland Browns, Final: CIN 45; *CLE 51. I think Cincinnati was doing well last year, but that was last year. Cleveland is at home. ‘Nuf said. WOW! *Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans, Final: *IND 22; TEN 20. I’ll take it. New Orleans Saints vs. *Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Final: NO 14; *TB 31. The only hope I can give to New Orleans, who I really want to win, is to root against them. Weird, eh? Oh well. lol. *San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams, Final: *SF 17; STL 16. I hate the Rams, and I will never root for them. On the other hand, I like the 49ers. 😉 Now HERE’s my game! *Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Final: *BUF 3; PIT 26. (Boo-hoo.) Okay, this is not fair! Both of my teams suck, even though I like them both. Geez. Green Bay Packers vs. *NY Giants, Final: GB 35; *NYG 13. This is what happens when both teams suck. Oh well. Finally we have Atlanta Falcons vs. *Jacksonville Jaguars, Final: ATL 7; *JAX 13. Do I believe the Jaguars will win? I do not care. Not until the Atlanta coach comes out and makes a public statement that the creep (Vick) is never permitted to step foot on their grounds again.

    4:15 pm EST.
    There are 6 games being played at 4:15 pm EST. They are Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals, Final: *SEA 20; ARI 23 (Good going, Cardinals), Dallas Cowboys vs. *Miami Dolphins, Final: DAL 37; *MIA 20 (this is a tough call for me. Both teams are sucking right now), Minnesota Vikings vs. *Detroit Lions, Final: MIN 17; *DET 20, *Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, Final: *OAK 23 and I don’t care; DEN 20, but actually it is 20, 23. The Raiders won that game. The refs did something I’ve never seen before. They never even called a penalty, but the Raiders had to do another 52 yard field goal. Why are they at the same line if there was a penalty? I WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE REFS GAMBLE!!! BTW, we are in OT. A flag was thrown against Denver, but it was picked up. Now they are near the 10 yard line. This is not a fair game. DENVER CHEATS. They are now claiming that while the game in progress, Denver called for a time out. WTH(eck)? Kansas City Chiefs vs. *Chicago Bears, Final: KC 10; *CHI 20 and *NY Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens, Final: *NYJ 13; BAL 20. I know this last one is dangerous, but what can I say? I’m from NY! 🙂

    There is one game that will be played at 8:15 pm EST. That is ****San Diego Chargers against the cheating, no good New England (I can’t call them Patriots, so I will call them) THIEVES, Final: *SD ; NE . (Right now we are stinking up the field. 0, 24. Gee whiz.)

    Monday Nite Football’s game will be Washington Redskins vs. *Philadelphia Eagles, Final: WAS ; *PHI .

    Don’t worry if you miss a game or two. You can always come here to find out what the scores were. Have a nice weekday!

    Again, I will be using this for my open trackback so that all those that are interested in the NFL will know where they can find the information about the games. Well, at least the final scores. Everyone have a nice weekend!

    Update: As many of you know, Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills was injured very seriously in the last game. If you would like to be a good sport or just a good person, please take a moment to show your support and send some good wishes. With all of my heart, thank you.

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    New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts will play tonight in the opening of the professional football season! (Final: NO 10; IND 41.) The game will start at 8:30 pm EST. Who wants to win more? I know the Saints would love a win, and I’d like them to have it, but I have to go with the Colts. They’re looking pretty good, and it’s no time to be picking favorites for the heck of it. 😉

    The next games will be played on Sunday at separate times. Some will play at 1 pm EST, three will at 4:15 pm EST and yet one will play at 8:15 pm EST. There will also be two games on Monday, but there is no more Monday Nite Live. Grrrr. I will just give you the teams, my picks, and the final scores. Have a great football weekend!

    Here are the Sunday listings, starting with the 1 pm EST: Denver Broncos vs. *Buffalo Bills: Final: DEN 15; BUF 14 (you still suck, Denver!), Tennessee Titans vs. *Jacksonville Jaguars: Final: TEN 13; JAC 10, Miami Dolphins vs. *Washington Redskins: Final: MIA 13; WAS 16, *Carolina Panthers vs. St. Louis Rams: Final: CAR 27; STL 13, New England Patriots vs. *NY Jets: Final NE 38; NYJ 14, Atlanta Falcons vs. *Minnesota Vikings: Final: ATL 3; MIN 24, *Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns: Final: PIT 34; CLE 7, *Philadephia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers: Final: PHI 13; GB 16 OT and Kansas City Chiefs vs. *Houston Texans: Final: KC 3; HOU 20.

    Here are the three teams playing at the 4:15 pm EST time. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. *Seattle Seahawks: Final: TB 6; SEA 20 (good game), Chicago Bears vs. *San Diego Chargers: Final: CHI 3; SD 14, and Detroit Lions vs. *Oakland Raiders: Final: DET 36; OAK 21.

    This is the game that plays at 8:15 pm EST, NY Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys: Final: NYG 35; DAL 45.

    Oh no! I just remembered that Reggie Bush is with the Saints. It is almost half-time, and the teams are tied at 10 points each. Under these conditions, I am giving myself permission to change my mind. I want the Saints to win. HEY! I’m a woman. Deal with it. After all, I had to deal with my computer freezing up on me again…uh oh. I think I’ll stick with my first instincts from now on. grrrrrrrrrr.

    Here are the two teams that will play on Monday starting at 7 pm EST and 10:15 pm EST respectively. *Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals: Final: BAL ; CIN , and Arizona Cardinals vs. San Franscico 49ers: Final: ARI ; SF .

    PS. Sorry, Debbie. I’ve been so busy that this is the only thing I have time to post. I promise not tell anyone, though. lol.

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    Well. It seems like my instincts won again. Boo. I only time to write one post today, because I’ve been busy trying to get all of my other posts over to my new site. So this is it. I hope you don’t mind. 😉

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