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This is a heart-breaking and maddening story. It was sent to me by Sonnabend, and I believe it is originally from Michelle Malkin. Here are her words:

“My son’s best friend, Jon, who’s in the Air Force stationed in New Jersey at Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base was shot by a crazed anti-military white guy on Independence Day and he remains in critical condition. He had been on leave here in Ohio and got back to his home off base and was unpacking stuff from his car when this 22 year old guy walked up to him and asked him if he lived in the house. When Jon said yes, the guy said “not any more” and shot him point blank in the chest. He tried to shoot him again, but his gun jammed. Jonathan made it into the house. The guy then shot himself.

Turns out the guy left a couple of suicide notes stating how much he hated the military and he wanted to go out making a statement, so he chose to make his statement on Independence Day trying to kill a soldier. We are very worried about our Airman. He’s the sweetest, nicest, do anything for ya kid and he’s like a son to me. He’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf and then gets shot in his own driveway here in the U.S by an anti-war, anti-American lunatic. This is gut wrenching.”

I am posting this tonight. Can we all (I know you decide for yourselves but if we all do this, I think it will matter) put a post on this?

The MSM is pretending it didnt happen,…this is hot on the heels of the man threatening to shoot Rush Limbaugh.

I know what you post is your business, but I think we all need to let this one be known.A US soldeer is in critical condition because some ant war loon shot him IN HIS OWN HOME.

The dinosaur media is anti-American, but do they have to be so flippant about it? I am glad this a**hole shot him. I wouldn’t want him to be in a prison and breathe the same air I breathe. (Or that I would have to pay for.)

My request is for anyone and everyone who reads this to please pray for this young man who is the victim of this nut’s rage. He can be healed through pray, but only if you so. Believe it. I’ve seen it happen. So pray, please. Add this post to Del.icio.us

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