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This week’s Iran

LA’s Iranian exiles seek unity on regime change in Iran. Friday, July 7, 2006.
Ahmadinejad warns Jews in Israel to leave Israel. Saturday, July 8, 2006.
Why El Baradei must be forced out of the IAEA. Sunday, July 9, 2006.
Iran and this week’s G-8 Summit in Russia. Monday, July 10, 2006.
Iranian Press hides EU blacklisting of Iran. Tuesday, July 11, 2006.
Iranian dissident to meet with Noan Chomsky. [How disappointing.] Wednesday, July 12, 2006.
Iran behind Hezbollah’s war on Israel. Thursday, July 13, 2006.

Those are the titles of the list of articles. Usually, Doctor Zin will use the first article in the list of many to name the article of the day. Please check every link to find more articles. Thank you, and have a great day.

PS. Here is a topical organization of the week in review.

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