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I found this article to be so dishearening. If this were Israel trying to build one home on THEIR own land, there would be a world-wide outcry. So why is everyone silent when the Arabs, by invitation from Bashir, are moving into the land that belongs to Darfurian refugees? You may read about it in The Independent on Sunday.

I am at the point where I can no longer just write and call about this situation. I am going to call the UN and find out just who is in charge of Darfur over there. I will be polite. I will be firm. I will demand that these people are arrested, along with Bashir, for the theft of property.

Will I get very far? Who knows? I have been known to be very persuasive. Still, we are dealing with terrorists in the UN on OUR land. If this fails, if they keep diddling around in Congress, I just may reconsider the reasons why I dropped out of the race for Congress in the first place…
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If you are not familiar with the area, then allow to fill you in a little. Do you remember all those floods we read about and saw on TV a few years back? Well, many of those people were trapped, because bridges that were built there did not take into consideration the levels of the flood waters. Even with the bridges, they could not pass to higher grounds.

Please remember, I am not sure if this is where the floods occurred. I am just using this as a frame of referrence and a theory. Why? I’m so glad you asked!

Currently, the surface of the road is two meters above the river bed, but during floods the water level rises to nearly four meters high. The new box culvert bridge will accommodate for the flood water levels.

To fix this issue, the Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 40 will construct a box culvert bridge approximately 20 meters long and five meters wide. The project will consist of backfilling, compacting, reinforcing and re-grading the portion of the road near the culvert that is damaged. On the entrance and exit sides to the new box culvert bridge, the road will be reinforced for approximately five meters to ensure stability of the entire structure. The Seabees will also re-build the Walela Bridge so local villagers have another avenue to travel as well. [Continue reading.]

The Civil Affairs (CA), which is an arm of the CJTF-HOA (Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa), has taken this under their wing. Please read this artice to find out how far they have come and how far they have yet to go. Thank you.

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Hopeful News for 29 N. Koreans

Being born in N. Korea is like being born in a death camp. North Korea is one of the few communist states left in the world. There are “work camps” which are where you go if you get caught trying to escape. Many people die in these camps from starvation, beatings, and disease. Does the UN know of these conditions? Of course they do. The difference is that N. Korea is not the USA. Over 2 MILLION people have already died in the past decade. It seems the only countries fashionable to condemn are the United States of America and Isreal.

Today I have learned learned that 29 North Koreans were succussful in escaping to a Japanese school. From there, they were taken to the Japanese Embassy. You see, many embassies will turn the N. Koreans over to the Chinese government, which in turn repratriates them to N. Korea. Most of the time, the penalty for escaping is death. The Chinese are signatories to the refugee act in the UN. Again, we see the failings. They are never condemned for this treatment. Knowing that someone is going to face certain death is reason to grant refugee status. We must speak out for the over 300,000 hiding in the streets of China waiting for an opportunity to make it to South Korea.

South Korea does not have a good record, either. They do not want many N. Koreans to come to thier country. In their defense, they may be worried about spies for N. Korea. Otherwise, I see no reason why they should turn away children. To read more on this subject, go to RFA.

You will find many stories about the Asian countries. This group is funded by the USA, and we are trying to find out what is going on in a closed society. I highly recommend this site.

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