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Gregg has been thoughtful and gentle in his asking of these questions. What we would like to know is what the candidates truly believe, not what is politically correct. Many times what may seem correct can do much more damage to one’s soul than ever thought. Read the very simple first question:

12 Questions For Pro-Same Sex Marriage Presidential Candidates
GrassTopsUSA Guest Commentary
By Gregg Jackson

1. To those who say: “Banning homosexual marriage is a form of discrimination, similar to the banning of interracial marriages, which makes homosexuals into second class citizens.”

Anti-miscegenation (interracial marriage) laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1967 (Loving v. Virginia) because they frustrated the core purpose of marriage in order to sustain a racist legal order. Since the decision didn’t change the fact that marriage was still between one man and one woman, how is banning “same sex marriage” discriminatory? [Continue reading.]

Very simple, straightforward and no wiggle room. What do they believe? This is not a matter philosophy, for if it were there would not be so much ‘to do’ about it. Come on, candidates. Truth or dare. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE AND WHY?

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