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There are many events that occur in our country where I am supposed to just shut up and take it because of other’s First Amendment right, but I must not remain silent for this. As you are aware, there is a ‘so-called church group called the Westboro baptist church’ that protests our brave men and women when their families are at their most vulnerable. They throw the most hateful speech I’ve ever heard and being a First Baptist Church member, this is NOT a church that has any affiliation with us. I DENOUNCE YOU, whatever your name is.

It is one thing to disagree with a policy, it is quite another to destroy another human being. FOR ANY REASON. They don’t care. They only want publicity, so they desecrated the funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, son to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder.

Think about this for one moment, please. Could you bear the loss of your child? This child was a man, and a brave one at that. He served our country well. So well that he gave the ultimate sacrifice…his life. His family desired only that they have a private funeral to say good-bye to their beloved son, but that was not to be.

Now? Finally, someone is taking them to task. They are being sued in a Maryland court for an unspecified amount of damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress. You may read more about this story at Stop the ACLU. I find this totally disgusting and reprehensible. I have to stop here before I say something very un-Christianly.

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Source: Radio Free Asia.

The Chinese (and therefore the Tibetans) celebrate the birth of the People’s Liberation Army on August 1. This year, however, there were protests in Tibet to allow the Dalai Lama to be allowed to come back home.

“Rongyal Adrak is generally a religious and good person, but because he was frustrated at being unable to meet the Dalai Lama…he shouted in the midst of all the people that the Dalai Lama must be invited home,” one source said.

“[He said,] ‘If we cannot invite the Dalai Lama home, we will not have freedom of religion and happiness in Tibet.’” [Continue reading

I believe this to be true. The communists, no matter where they are (that means you, too, ACLU), hate any and all things religious. Why? Because if you do not have to depend on the government for your sustinence, then you may even encounter a thought all of your own!

As the report goes, it started out with only a few people in jail, but now there are over 200 people in jail. Imagine this. What would you do if, in America, they started locking up people for going to Church? The point is to do something and everything you can before we get to that point! If you do not believe this can happen, just pick up a paper. It already has.

Update: I have two more articles you may be interested in reading.

As you are having nice day today, please say a prayer for those less fortunate. Thank you.

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Los Angeles Protests

There is a massive rise in complaints as corrupt local officials continue to evict people from their homes. People have tried, unsuccessfully, to appeal their case to a higher court. They have heard nothing in return. They have even tried to petition the Governor with no response there, either.

Since Jan. 2004, there have been over 18,600 complaints in one department of beauracracy. Last year in that same beauracracy there were 18,000 all year, but this is still too many. These local officials are throwing people into the streets with only a few dollars while they keep the money they were paid for the property.

They have decided to go to Sacramento and protest in front of the Capitol. In some areas, local police have taken to beating the evictees to the punch by being at their homes at 2 am, so they could not go to Sacramento.

In one area, they sent 600 police to awaken the people and throw them out of their homes that were bought and paid for, but the local government sold them. They used rubber bullets to get the people out and to control them. Six people were injured seriously enough to need treatment.

The Governor is aware of the situation, but he has no control over these officials. All the laws he passes, they ignore. He has no control. Are you feeling any anger? Good! Keep that anger. You know how you feel right now? Now read from RFA’s Press Room what is happening all over China! They are very unstable, and people are talking as if there is something torid in the planning. You should be aware and not surprised when China attacks the USA. Remember, you heard it here. Show some outrage for injustice. Thank you.

Update: These areas are run by Democrats, so when they blame Republicans for throwing old people into the streets, please remember this.

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