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Victory Caucus: Stand by the Mission

Would you like to host a copy of the petition that is for Stand by the Mission in Iraq for our Troops on your website or blog? Visit Victory Caucus to find out how to have your own petition. You could also go to Loving God Holy to get the instructions.

Please feel free to put this patch or words on your sidebar. It will take visitors to Victory Caucus so that they may sign the petition as well. As we sit around wondering what we could do to fight back against the MoveOn.org crowd, this is one of the best things we can do. The troops will surely appreciate this also. Thank you.

PS. Just in case you do not have a website or a blog and would like to call to Congress toll free to show your support for the Troops, you may reach them at 1-877-222-8001. Have a nice day.

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I have filled out a petition to put an end to the theives over at the ACLU. Are you aware that our very own government PAYS them to do to us what we would not allow the government do? Nice, eh? NO! It isn’t. That is why we must put a stop to it right away.

Would you please help me to do this by signing this petition today: Stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU. We always sit back and wonder what we can do. THIS is what we can do. Thank you so very much.

I will be using this post as my Sunday open trackback post. I hope many of you would give this a mention on your own site. this really burns my hide. Thank you to all of you who help us.

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    I have written an article to introduce to the Committee to Protect Bloggers (CPB). Now I will introduce you to the very great work they do.

    This one is about Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman. He is a young Egyptian blogger who has been sentenced (back in February of this year) to 4 years in prison for ‘contempt of religion’ and 1 year for ‘defaming the president of Egypt.’ There is, however, a group (Free Kareem) which has been trying to free this man. Their campaign would you sign a petition, and I am asking you to do so as well. You may reach them at their site. Thank you.

    If you think your freedom of speech has been infringed, listen to this:

    Mideast Youth reports that Kuwaiti blogger Bashar Al-Sayegh was arrested on August 19, according to the blog Forza Kuwait. According to the blog The Kuwaiti, “Bashar Al-Sayegh was arrested and beaten yesterday by the Kuwaiti Secret Police for an anonymous comment on Bashar’s forum regarding the Amir (which was deleted).”

    An update on The Kuwaiti’s post says Bashar has been released. The Kuwait confirms it and sends pictures.

    This, too, is care of CPB. Now on to one of those friendly allies: Turkey.

    WordPress Blocked in Turkey

    According to Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the WordPress blogging platform, the hosted version of the program, WordPress.com, has been blocked in Turkey.

    It looks as though a law suit brought against a Turkish internet company by an individual resulted in allegedly libelous material being brought down by a wholesale blocking of the popular platform.

    This is still very odd. Some say it was on purpose, others an accident. Some say the military was involved, some say an Islamic creationist.

    Nice guys, eh? All of you people using WordPress have cause to be as upset as I am. So you did not think they could come after you because you are in America?

    Tips to CPB

    If you become aware of a threat to a blogger, or of the action of a government that is likely to have an effect on blogging, please let us know. Also, if you have been called in for questioning, let us know and indicate whether you would like us to post on it, or to have a post ready in the eventuality that you do not return home by a certain time. We have done this for bloggers in the past.

    Please do not wait until there is no one left to help you before you respond…

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    A Letter to the People of Iraq

    There is a letter being sent to the people of Iraq that I found over at Victory Caucus. This is a wonderful site, and I highly recommend you sign up and join us.

    You do not have to be a conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, or whatever label they choose to ascribe upon us. Just as long as you love America and wish for her victory (hence the name, lol)

    This letter is one of encouragement and to let the Iraqi people know that we know how to go around the media when it is necessary. It is necessary. Our press appears to be working for al Jazeer! So we shall carry the message ourselves. Please join us. When I signed the petition, I was only #13. I know we can do better than this! We are better than this. Thank you for all of your support for our troops and the people we are helping to help us.

    Here is the petition: Online petition – A letter to the Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iraq.

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    This is the post for an open trackback. Please take a moment to sign the petition and take a look at Victory Caucus. Thank you, and have a wonderful day. 🙂

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