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I know most people don’t like to read about personal stuff, but that’s okay. I’m going to write about it anyway. There are other topics I’m writing about as well: Military, Politics and Religious. Choose your medicine.

Have you ever entered a buccoo amount of code only to find that server just took you offline? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. I couldn’t believe it! How did anger the ‘ISP god’? (There is no ISP god, but something is going on there. lol) I was able to fix it and save my work. That is fantastic!

If you’ll notice, I’ve changed the font size and look for my posts and my links on the sidebar. I like my links smaller than the text so as not to distract the reader. I don’t know. I’m just weird like that. To be fair, I like it better like that. 😉

I have now kept my promise to write once a day. Do I have anything else to say? You bet! I have some Military News that you may interested in reading. What I do is copy it off the CentCom website or feed or email so that it can be read without having to scroll over and back and over again. Their news is larger than the screen. I don’t like that. Otherwise, I would write a summary and send you there. We good on that? Okay, here goes:

New air traffic control tower to expand TQ’s capabilities.

05 December 2007
By Sgt. Wayne Edmiston
2nd Marine Logistics Group

AL TAQADDUM, Iraq – The AN/TSQ-120B is a temporary air traffic control tower used by Marines in expeditionary operations until a more sturdy structure can be built. Although designed for just 90 days of continual use, the one at Al Taqaddum Air Base has seen more than its share of sorties since it was raised during the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. [Continue reading this post on my site.]

USAF engineers improve Marine quality of life in Iraq.

05 December 2007
by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards
332nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) – Airmen are improving the lives and operating conditions of Marines by constructing more than $9.8 million in aircraft shelters, taxiways and temporary shelters at Al Asad Air Base. Deployed in an “in-lieu-of” tasking in support of the 20th Army Engineer Brigade, 557th Expeditionary REDHORSE Squadron Airmen are completing numerous projects — from the design concept to completion — in a joint service environment. [Continue reading.]

CF Treat 450 Afghans During Medical Outreach.

30 November 2007
By Senior Airman James Bolinger, USAF
Combined Joint Task Force 82 Public Affairs

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan – The towns of Eskandareh and Pacha Khak hide deep within the mountains of the Kohe Safid district in Afghanitan’s Parwan province. Eskandareh is near the head of Tagab Valley, and Pacha Khak has been a stronghold for many armies throughout Afghanistan’s history. [Continue reading.]

I also have some information on the candidates’ positions on Iran:

Candidates views per Iran.
As we all know, Iran is seeking to attain nuclear power. Some may argue that this power may be domestic only, while others suspect that it was desired for nefarious purposes. One of those purposes being nuclear weapons. Therefore the Israel Project asked each candidate for their position on this issue (Iran). [Continue reading.]

This should keep you busy enough for me to really dig into something so I can write about my personal views on it. If you didn’t know, I have given up blogging first thing when I wake up. Yes. It’s true. Why?

Because it became my god. Plain and simple. Did I worship blogging? Did I sing songs to or about it? No. Did I neglect my time reading the Word of God? YES. I confess my sin right here and now. I do not desire that anything should come in between my Saviour and I. There is NOTHING here on earth that ever could fulfill my heart and my life such He.

How do I know I was neglecting my time? I forgot verses and chapters and even the books I used to know in order to give answers to anyone who would ask me a question about God, Jesus, Church, etc. When that happened and I saw a lesson it this week, the Word convicted my heart. That only happens when I need it to happen. Sometimes I wish I would listen sooner, but better late than never.

So I shall be having Bible study with God and myself when I wake, and what a beautiful thing that is! If anyone would care to join in, just write me an email. I’m sure we could work something out, maybe through IM? Don’t worry though, God is in control. 😉

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Yesterday night (Sunday), I was afraid my brother was having a stroke. Since I had previously had a few, I knew what to do. I started giving him the neurological tests, and he failed terribly. My brother has not seen doctor in over 20 years, that I am aware of, and I was not going to wait until morning. I had waited 18 hours before I called operator, and I received brain damage due to that. So I called the ambulance.

They made the mistake of asking him why he called them! They would not let me talk. This was very frustrating. Especially since he couldn’t get out of the bed nor call anyone. He was trying to talk, but his words were illegible.

We got to the hospital, and I remembered to grab a shirt for him. (Forgot the shoes and socks, though. Oops.) We arrive a litte before 2 am. He saw a doctor that ordered so many tests. I was grateful for this. He even gave him a prostate exam (which I have been begging him to get done for several years now). I was relieved by this.

Well, he wasn’t having a stroke, and I am super grateful for that! Instead, he is anemic, he has some pulminary spots (lungs), and some other things. After I heard spots on his lungs, I couldn’t hear anything else.

We caught a cab home which the hospital paid for, I went to my doctor’s appointment and embarrassingly fell asleep, nothing was accomplished there but I did pick up my medication that was ordered one week ago (John has been sick since a day before he took me to this hospital), I bought some Chinese food (hey, I may hate their government, but I love their food, lol), and he ate a little bit for the first time since last week.

I am afraid of those spots, so please pray for him that God will heal him totally.

I am grateful that he is home, he doing well, and he is not going leave me anytime soon.

I am angry that people are not more understanding or willing to hear the truth. I CALLED, dang it!

I am relieved that I was wrong. That’s right. He was not having a stroke, and he finally had the exam he so badly needed. Who knows? Maybe my fear may have caught something worse from happenging? Let us pray so.

Lesson learned: Do not doubt that inner voice when it says, “It’s time to call the ambulance.”

PS. I have broken my promise to write at least once a day. In this instance, I forgive myself. I hope you can also. 😉

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This is rather personal, but I do believe it may save the life of some other loved one. That is why I am sharing it in this Linkfest. We would appreciate any and all prayers available. God bless you, and thank you.

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Ah, sweet Saturday; OTB

What have I accomplished today? Let’s see…I went through emails, I worked on my open trackbacks, I got a new mouse that had a cord that was too short (actually, my brother got it for me because I don’t leave the apartment, but that’s a whole different story), my computer froze up on me so I had to shut her down and turn her back on again, oh yeah, I left a comment somewhere–no, I’m not going to say where–that could literally ruin any chances of me ever having a political job. Yeah, I’ve been real busy today.

Everything I have built my life up for I destroyed in one comment. Actually, it isn’t really the comment that I left, it’s more the facts that are in it. We all have lives outside of this computer, especially us older folks. Many of us have had a hard life, which makes us perfect to know and understand the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t, what’s good and what isn’t, what’s right and what’s wrong.

I shall worry about this anyway. God, I wish I could talk about it. I have held it in for so many years now. It is a burden that I will have to carry silently. Sorry. Have a good day.

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I’m not quite sure why I’m using this post as an open trackback, but it’s the only post I’ve written so far today. It’s already close to 7pm. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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    Since I have not yet revealed my “self” to you, I thought today may be a fine day to start. Sundays are very special to me, since they are the day I set aside for the Lord. Actually, every day is the Lord’s day, but we Christians in particular set aside this day.

    I have been very happy, very angry, and very confused these past weeks. I am full of joy for the Iraqi football team. Look how wonderfully they play! I am very proud of them. I am very angry at Sadr and Allawi. Sadr-because he causes so much pain to the Iraqis, and Allawi for not realizing that if you let him get away with it, Iran will just arm him again. What kind of a man hides in a holy place? Does he desire the shrine to be destroyed? Do people worship the building, or do people worship what the building represents? If it is the first, then they have no god. If it is the second, then buildings can be repaired or rebuilt. Once someone fires a weapon of war at a soldier of war, they have just declared that building a target. Does he not realize he is not safe? If the new government prevents the coalition from finishing the job and someone wants to find fault with someone, find it with Sadr and Allawi. Sadr is the murderous punk. Allawi for appearing weak. I am confused, however, as to why we don’t take appropriate action. Why not? Does our government want to look weak? Who is tying my President’s hands? The State Department? They need to go, all of them (state dept!) Do not the Iraqi people deserve to live in peace? Yes, they do.

    I could pour out my heart for the peoples all over the world that are living in fear and under a corrupt government or communism, but I am afraid no one would care. How selfish have we become? Did we forget how we became great? It was not by our own strength, no! It was the loving hand of God that led the way. Now, some want to forget He even exsists! How dare they! I am outraged! Don’t tell me not to believe what I know to be true. I tolerate the ignorant, because it doesn’t make sense to argue. They won’t change their minds, and by all means they shouldn’t. At the same time, would they please, PLEASE, be at least half as gracious to me??? They preach tolerance, but what they mean is “do as I say. My way or no way.” That, my dear Marxist friends, is not tolerance. It is totalitarianism. This, I will not tolerate! Just as before, I will fight them with prayer, calling my Congresswoman, my Senators, the President, and continue in my efforts with organizations which I belong. We are so blessed that we can still fight without any bloodshed! Thank God.

    I still haven’t said much about myself, huh? Oh well! I find it diffifcult to speak about myself, because I don’t really know what to say. I love to write, I enjoy writing poetry, I love the Charlie Daniels Band (country music,) Toby Keith, my cats, all animals, people-most of the time(!), etc. Boring, huh? Ha ha! 🙂

    I was born in a small town outside of Philadelphia. I lived there until I was nine, then my family moved to upstate New York. I have lived a rather fancy free, yet challenging life. I am an ex-alcoholic since August 19, 1987. I can sometimes go on and on if given the opportunity. I have had 3 brain strokes, but I am fine. I have a port wine birthmark on my face. When I was born, it covered the whole left half of my face! I have learned a lot by looking like this.

    I have discovered that some people are shallow, while others are not. I can very easily get rid of the ones who are by not wearing make-up. I hate make-up. It makes me feel phony. I used to wear it all the time, though! Funny, isn’t it, the changes we go through as we grow.

    I love this journey called life. I have been to 47 states, and I even lived in 9 states, stayed in a few for more than a week! The one thing that impressed me the most was how much we have in common and how much stays the same, just change the names and places. Of course I wasn’t politically active at the time I was trampsing around the USA, so I can’t speak on that behalf, but I sure enjoyed myself. I would get this itch that said go here or there, and off I would go! I don’t do that anymore, and that makes me sad, but it is okay.

    Well, that is about as much as I am willing to share at this moment. I don’t even know if this is politically intelligent. Ah, who am I kidding? I don’t care what people find out about me. I am not ashamed for being alive. I thank God (not as often as I should) that I am alive. Thanks for reading all of this, if you’ve gotten this far.

    Let me know what you think, and I could sure use some helpful hints on creative writing, topics, what not to say, etc. God bless the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, the UK, Poland, Italy, and all the coalition countries, all people that are being oppressed by their government-may they have freedom soon, the children, our families, friends, and neighbors. Have mercy on us, dear Lord, and show us the way. Keep our feet straight away on the path You have set for us, and grant us the strength to weather the storms of life. I pray for Your Peace, Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Grace, Your Justice, Victory and Your Mercy. I love You, God. Thank You.

    That’s all folks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Looney Tunes cartoons!)

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