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Today I am just going to post some of the articles I have already written, because I do not think I shall be posting anymore about the NIE. That is, of course, unless something is said about it that is wrong, Wrong, WRONG! Here we go:

  • Iran’s no problem, they’ve only be at war with us for 28 years (1st).
  • Is DNI trying to sabotage intelligence? (2nd)
  • More info on the NIE (3rd).
  • Tikrit Law School affiliates with Baltimore Law School.
  • Chaotic Confidence.
  • Flag-raising Marks Culmination of Airman’s Dream.
  • Obstacle clearing teams keep Anbar roadways safe.
  • Air Force firefighters teach Iraqis blaze fighting basics.
  • Army Mechanics Go Distance to Keep Wheels Rolling.
  • Paratroopers from Five Nations Jump in ‘Bright Star’.
  • From the list of my last 10 posts, I imagine you can understand why I hate to be distracted by beauratic idiots. IMHO.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Debbie’s interview with a man who served at Pearl Harbor in the 1980’s. To all of our men, women and children who have endured this unbearable era of our history, thank you for not being so selfish so that we did not lose our nation. You did well, and I thank you all for each sacrifice. God bless you.

    Michelle Malkin also has a great passage for today’s 66th Year Remembrance of that day of Infamy. HAT/TIP: Steve who is a commenter at Right Truth.

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    Darn computer went nuts on me again. I’ll be right back. Arghh.

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    More info on the NIE

    Days after the initial release of the National Intelligence Estimate, there are yet more questions and articles. As I am not an ‘expert’ in this field, I would like to take this time to provide yet more ‘expert’ input.

    A gentleman has left me a comment querying into the veracity of my last post. He was rather kind, while he may disagree with me, so I am going to attempt to try to satisfy his search for answers to back up my assertions. Here is his comment:

    Try as I might, I couldn’t find a fact to back up your assertion that the intelligence community is anti-Bush. And even if these 16 separate intelligence agencies are anti-Bush, maybe it is because they are anti-bulls#*t and pro-American.

    I have decided not to post his name, because I do not wish to be unfair to him. I only wish to clear up matters.

    First I have Decoding the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program, written by Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg.

    While the NIE states that the U.S. intelligence community has “high confidence” that the Iranians halted their nuclear weapons program in 2003, it also states that it has only “moderate confidence” that Tehran has not restarted the program.1 In contrast, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said that while it is “apparently true that in 2003, Iran stopped pursuing its military nuclear program for a certain period of time,” nonetheless, he adds that “in our estimation, since then it is apparently continuing with its program to produce a nuclear weapon.”2 [Continue reading.]

    Since this is a Jewish intelligence source, I shall also introduce another. This person everyone is well familiar with, because you either like him or him. No matter. He used to work at the State Department, and he also worked at the UN.

    This is what Ambassador John Bolton has to say about the NIE:

    The Flaws In the Iran Report

    The real differences between the NIEs are not in the hard data but in the psychological assessment of the mullahs’ motives and objectives. The current NIE freely admits to having only moderate confidence that the suspension continues and says that there are significant gaps in our intelligence and that our analysts dissent from their initial judgment on suspension. This alone should give us considerable pause. [Continue reading.]

    John R. Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is the author of “Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad.” He is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

    There are five very important points that he makes in this Washington Post editorial. He knows intelligence. He is an expert. I suggest you read this short article.

    Maybe you would like to hear from a trusted Democrat, Sen. Lieberman?

    CNBC “Kudlow & Company” Interview with Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT)
    Interviewer: Larry Kudlow
    Subject: Iran’s Nuclear Program and the National Intelligence Estimate

    MR. KUDLOW: Today’s blockbuster headline from the New Intelligence Estimate says Iran stopped making nukes in 2003. But Senator Joe Lieberman, independent Democrat from Connecticut, told me that Iran is still a very dangerous place. Take a look.

    (Begin videotaped interview.)

    SEN. LIEBERMAN: Well, what I make of it is that there’s some encouraging news in this National Intelligence Estimate, which is that the Iranians apparently have stopped one part of their nuclear weapons program. But the headline you just read shows the danger here, which is that people will reach a conclusion that all of our concern about Iran building nuclear weapons was misplaced, it’s over, there’s no problem. If you read this report, this intelligence report, you see that that’s not true. It says very clearly Iran has both the capacity and intention to build a nuclear weapon. And in fact, they are focused now on the first, most important thing that they need to do, which is to enrich uranium. So this is not cause for complacency. There’s still a lot about what Iran is doing that should concern us and encourage us to keep the economic and diplomatic pressure on them. [You must be registered to read the rest. I am not.]

    Please read them all. I could not even start to summarize all the data forth coming. This is a a link to keep on eye on the ME from Irsael Intelligence, and this is a great link to gather information on Iran. After you have read the links I have provided, I rest my case. I hope this satisfatory. I do not wish to mislead anyone who may read my posts. Thank you, and have a great day.

    This is my Open Trackback Alliance and Linkfest post. I hope I can finally write about something other than this NIE. Really. There is too much happening in this world to be dragged into a non-debate over beaurocratic bs. I hope everyone is having a very nice day.

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    Many of the newspapers and TV Variety Shows (formerly known as newscasts) have found it their purpose in this war to sabotage all of President Bush’ efforts to keep us safe every since September 11, 2001. They will not show what happened that day, but God forbid someone should shoot someone in a war! They are right there and ready with a camera, getting all their information from the nearest terrorist.

    Enough about them. Let us now turn our eyes on the three people who delivered the National Intelligence Estimate. You will find it quite interesting if I were to tell you that all three of these people were against the Iraq war from the beginning, they came from the State Department, and one even believes Iran should be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon [heard on Rush Limbaugh’s program], would you not?

    Therefore I am going to refer you to an article written by the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal online:

    Our own “confidence” is not heightened by the fact that the NIE’s main authors include three former State Department officials with previous reputations as “hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials,” according to an intelligence source. They are Tom Fingar, formerly of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Vann Van Diepen, the National Intelligence Officer for WMD; and Kenneth Brill, the former U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    For a flavor of their political outlook, former Bush Administration antiproliferation official John Bolton recalls in his recent memoir that then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage “described Brill’s efforts in Vienna, or lack thereof, as ‘bull–.'” Mr. Brill was “retired” from the State Department by Colin Powell before being rehired, over considerable internal and public protest, as head of the National Counter-Proliferation Center by then-National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

    If you did not read my latest article, I specifical stated that Mr. Negroponte should have been fired in 2001 along with George Tenet for allowing the disaster of September 11, 2001 and a terrible run of the aftermath of the Afghanistan war, let alone the awful destruction to our foreign policy in Iraq.

    Another odd and curious factor is that the only action I can recall (as the Journal also notes) is the invasion into Iraq. Is this the ‘international’ fear that scared Iran? It was enough to scare Ghadafi, so who knows. This use of force is, however, the only thing the Iran ‘government’ understands. Truly. So they stopped for a minute. How do we know this? Did they say so?

    Well, I think not. This was also the time when Iranian dissidents showed us where there clandestine nuclear program was being used. Yes, President Bush did punt the ball over to the useless Europeans, but he had his reasons. Not that I agree with them, but so be it. It was years later that they finally went to their sacred cow, the UN. Remember, this was after Iran demanded that the Italian inspector be banned from the team, because he could not be bought or show symathy toward the Iranian ‘government’.

    Which brings to the last paragraph of this article:

    The larger worry here is how little we seem to have learned from our previous intelligence failures. Over the course of a decade, our intelligence services badly underestimated Saddam’s nuclear ambitions, then overestimated them. Now they have done a 180-degree turn on Iran, and in such a way that will contribute to a complacency that will make it easier for Iran to build a weapon. Our intelligence services are supposed to inform the policies of elected officials, but increasingly their judgments seem to be setting policy. This is dangerous.

    One thing we may all agree on that we can take away from this NIE: Intelligence does not equal common sense. Too many people claim to be intelligent, not enough of our common sense folks are working in the government…hey! Is that another indication of good sense? Hmm…

    This is my contribution to Open Trackback Wednesday. Enjoy.

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    I will most likely go off deep end while writing this post, because people are idiots and it’s beginning to really bug me. I try to be a nice person. I try not to call people names. I try not to insult other’s intelligence. So don’t insult mine, okay?!

    I am going to list a number of issues that the National Intelligence Estimate leaves unanswered. (Scroll down to “Key Judgments”):

    1. In 1991, the CIA was not aware that Saddam Hussein was only 6 months away from completing his first nuclear weapon. They did not know this until it was discovered by the Inspectors. Mistake number 1.

    2. The CIA told us that there were WMD in Iraq, specifically, George Tenet. (Here is a Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat Through 2015.)

    3. The CIA told us there were no WMD. They also declared these weapons could not have left the country. Oh? What are they, psychic? I know a good psychiatrist for them!

    4. Then they went back to not knowing whether or not they had WMD, but we just haven’t found them yet. Could you rely on this type of information? I certainly wouldn’t! Especially after there is already troops on the ground. Whether or not Saddam was playing a game to fool his neighbors, he lied. You do not lie to the USA. And for you yahoos, you do not lie to the UN. Game, set, match.

    5. In 2005, the NIE declared that Iran had reconstituted its nuclear program after talks with the EU-3 plus the USA had failed. Which is it? Did they stop in 2003 like Ghadafi, or did they not?

    6. The NIC consists of over 20 different intelligence agencies, some of which we will never know the names of, unlike the CIA. Yes, CIA, that is a slap in your face. How can you be clandestine when you are always showing up on the front page of the NY Times with all of your leaks?

    7. From all of those agencies, only about 30 people decided which intelligence to go forward with and assess. I believe these to be intelligence people.

    8. This information then goes into the hands of the State Department. Does anyone who reads this site not know how I feel about the State Dept? I want it defunded and gone. Can I make it any clearer?

    Then about 3-6 take all the intel from all the agencies and determine what they are going to say. That is how we end up with crap like this. Negroponte should have been fired along Tenet in 2001. George W., I do not understand you.

    9. Iran claims they are working on them. ElBeirdi (sp?) says they have the 3000 centrifuges. Russia says they have a program (which Russia is helping them build), so they ought to know!

    So why did publish a 2 1/2 page summary of 187 classified report (which some of the departments do not agree with their conclusions) at this time? Could it be political? Yes. They are supposed to display facts. They are not supposed to make any conclusions. That is the job of the president. I only wish many more people would realize their place in public office, such as the Congress. When will they pay our Soldiers?

    Update: And one more thing. The onus is NOT on us. It is on Iran. They, after all, have been murdering us for 28 years. When are we going to stand up to these cowards?

    Today’s open trackback will be dedicated to the way President Bush almost stood up to those reporters. It would be nice if he would stop using the same words over and over again. Oh well…

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