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There is a group of men, one in particular, who are training the Afghan National Police in every aspect (starting from the ground up) of police work. Finally, after being out in the middle of only God knows where, he has had an opportunity to post to his blog. I encourage you, I implore you, if you do nothing else today, please visit his site. It is named, “Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure. The date on this post is August 31, 2007.

He is wonderful man with an ex-wife who is very kind (I think) and 4 children whom he loves ever so dearly. His children adore him as well. His brother and sisters are helping him while he’s overseas, and they are very supportive of him. So am I. I am very proud of him.

He volunteered to go over there. He is in the National Guard, and he wanted to do what he deemed necessary. He is with the PMT (Police Mentor Team), and his team and he are trying to train the ANP (Afghan National Police) to be able to stand up to the terrorists on their own. We are not walking away from these people this time, and I am glad for this.

It takes a minimum of ten years to quell an insurgence. I just don’t know how long it will take to ‘quell’ a war with people who want you dead just because you exist. We have no choice but to find out, because victory is our only option. Have a nice day.

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    I always appreciate the articles written about the children, especially at the orphanages. Why? It helps me to know they are not forgotten (just as our brave men and women are not forgotten). This trip involves a Chaplain who had just a wonderful time while he was there. He was amazed and heartened by what he saw. I wish we could all see–or at least read about–the things that he saw.

    Sources: CentCom and it has been reposted at DoD Daily-2.

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    Eskimos in Kuwait

    This is a look inside to our National Guard team for whom the climate change experience can be a shock. Somebody quick! Call Al Gore! lol. All kidding aside, this is a very good insight as to what others are sacrificing so that we may remain free.

    Source: CentCom, reposted by me @ DoD Daily News-2.

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    MSM v. Bloggers

    Now, now. Do not be dismayed. I can hear the gnashing of teeth all the way over here in CA! Do not be dismayed. What we are witnessing is the blowing up of the MSM (Main stream media.) Do you honestly believe that even middle of the road persons will believe the “news” they receive? I do not. The hard left I am not worried about, because they will not change anyway. Let us begin with some other aspects of CBS.

    On May 15, CBS led the charge that the CIA should have known about the planes flying into a building, ergo President Bush should have known. They spewed out a litany of events that have occured or been attempted since 1994. Now, let me ask you…who was in office for the 6 years since this intelligence was received? Hmmm. Second, how did CBS get their hands on the PDP? (Presidential Daily Briefing) The next day Tom Dascle, Hillary Clinton, and another person came to the well of the Senate demanding answers. My my. How could you organize such an attack unless you had prior knowledge? How can we find who gave highly classified information to CBS? Look to who protesteth the loudest!

    It was the blogosphere that first noticed that CBS may have been handed a forgery for it’s show Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2004. We contacted CBS, a few people that are expert in the field of handwriting-to determine authenticity, and questioned the daughter and son of the Kerry supporter who made the commercial and the claim that he helped get President Bush into the ANG (Air Nat’l Guard.) First, he claims he used his influence. Okay, but he had no influence because he didn’t become Governor until AFTER President Bush was already in the ANG. Second, he has always been a Democrat. Third, he is working for John Kerry and has been promised a position in his cabinet! Well, I won’t go into any more, because it isn’t necessary.

    Bloggers Rule! Writers without credit are being credited for opening many doors to the unholy rail of news. We are making a difference, so don’t be discouraged. Even if 1 person reads your blog, you may point that person in the correct direction. I suggest everyone research on their own. Go to Mudville Gazette (please give a couple of dollars for equipment needed so he can continue to blog as he goes to defend America), Drudge Report, Instapundit, The Kommentariat (Milblog), Washington Times, Opinion Journal, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt and many others. They have more information than I, since I try to give a different take on a story. I want to encourage you.

    We do make a difference. We do prove that a crime has been committed, when no one else is paying attention, and we make the MSM stand up and pay attention! I’d say that’s enough for all of you to give yourselves a big pat on the back! Thank you, and God bless and keep your families, you, the USA’s Military, and the USA! And God, please let the gun ban fall through the cracks! Sorry, just had to throw that in there! It’s up Monday!!! YEAAHHH!

    Originally posted at My Newz ‘n Ideas.

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