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Here is this week’s Wednesday’s Hero:

Name: Specialist Marion Pettus III.
Hometown: Cedar Hill, TN
Awarded: Bronze Star
External Links:
DoD story.
Download this hero’s story:
Right click and “Save Target As…” to download.

Please read the acts of this young Army Medic and the others who were awarded medals last September 2007. He is an amazing man. He was helping another unit with a casulty while another IED went off. After that, he continued to help his Sergeant and another medic. All this time, he never even knew he had received a whole in his helmet. Yes, his head was in it at the time. Please read the rest of the story. 😉

I thank God that we are so blessed with men such as these. We all should be grateful. It is because of them that we may walk around and argue politics or whatever we choose. Hey, don’t forget to shake the hand of a Serviceman/woman today, and let them know how grateful you are. It only takes a moment, but it means more than you will ever know to them. Thank you.

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Military and foreign news plus OTB

Today I am going to provide you with a list of news articles I have already posted. Just in case you do not read here regularly, I have decided to include them along with my Open Trackback Monday. Enjoy!

    Sadr City hospital renovations near completion.
    This is an individual article about the good work that the Iraqis and our men are doing together.

    Military News: Afghan, Iran, Iraq.
    This has three articles in it: Afghan Commandos graduate Armorer Training Program, Iranian boats approach U.S. Navy ships, and Marines train Iraqi Soldiers for battlefield success. There’s a little commentary written by me about this so-called ‘incident’. I’ve got your ‘incident’!

    Terror in Musa-Qala, Afghanistan.
    This is an article written by an Afghanistani friend of mine, and it should get your dander up, too.

    More Military News: Baby girl, students, clinic.
    This post has three articles in it, also. They are: Coalition, Afghan Soldiers save baby girl, Coalition troops aid Afghan students in Bagram, and Corps of Engineers completes al Mahaweel clinic.

Many of these articles discuss the good works that are taking place right under the looooooooong noses of the dinosaur media. Go figure, eh? Too bad there isn’t blood and gore connected with good works…

For this Open Trackback Monday, this is what you need to do. First, add my Permalink to your article. It doesn’t matter if you only take the permalink and use the name of my site to add it, just so long as you add it. Then give me a trackback, and I will do the same. That way, your post will get more exposure.

Another way to do this is to use Linkfest. It is very easy to join, and you be able reach many more people than you now. That is, if you care. 😉

Have a great day!

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Good evening. I will be hosting an open trackback weekend, so feel free to share with others your fabulous works. I have quite a bit to do, so I shall be using this trackback post to add news and other information as the weekend progresses. Check back later, because I am going to adding some really great news from our military.

Now hold it! I said I was busy. This shall happen later or tomorrow. lol. Have a great weekend everyone, and say a prayer and/or hold good thoughts for our courageous men and women who are working to keep us free. We owe them more than we could ever repay. God bless them.

Update: As I had promised, I have three articles for you so far. One is about an amazing task that our Airmen were faced with when they reached Afghanistan, another is about the handing over of control of one of the bases in Iraq, and the best – a book that is written by the guys who actually went there and did that.

The team’s original mission was to mentor their Afghan counterparts and teach them medical skills to treat Afghan military and police members, said Air Force Col. Mike Skidmore, the team’s senior mentor officer and administrator.

All that changed when the team arrived several months ago, he said. The hospital was 500 days behind schedule, and instead of finding equipment and eager ANA medical personnel, the team found an empty, incomplete facility. “We had to move from a mentoring mission to a new mindset of equipping the hospital, opening it and then mentoring,” said Air Force Col. (Dr.) Thomas Seay, the senior medical mentor and chief radiologist. [Continue reading.]

Our guys are AWESOME! You really should continue reading this one. You will be amazed at what our men can accomplish but the government cannot. (lol)

Control of Multinational Division Baghdad changed hands during a ceremony here yesterday [December 19, 2007]. The 1st Cavalry Division will redeploy to Fort Hood, Texas, while 4th Infantry Division takes over operations in the Iraqi capital. Army Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, commander of Multinational Corps Iraq, presided over the ceremony. He said the battle in Iraq has changed significantly during the last year, and that the success could be directly linked to the 1st Cavalry Division’s efforts in and around Baghdad.

“Significant events are often a result of the right people being in the right place at the right time,” Odierno said. “In the case of Baghdad in 2006 and 2007, the right people were the magnificent men and women of Multinational Division Baghdad and their dedicated Iraqi security force partners.” [Continue reading.]

Ah, the sweet sounds of progress…

Like many Soldiers deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, Soldiers from the Oregon National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry brought their personal cameras to Iraq during their deployment in 2004. They snapped photos of each other firing weapons, shot video of explosives they detonated and logged plenty of footage of their own commentaries intermixed with Soldier humor.

But they never expected that their day-to-day antics would one day represent deployed National Guard Soldiers everywhere, preserved in a feature-length documentary film called “This is War: Memories of Iraq.” [Continue reading, really.]

This is one heck of a documentary. Here is a list of sellers from Amazon.com that ranges in price for the DVD. (I think it’s a DVD.)

The next set of military news shall be on the next open trackback. I do have to catch up with my writing. Everyone have a nice weekend, and I’ll see ya on the other side…God willing. 😉

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I have come upon a very distressing article written by Longstreet who is a Veteran. He lives in North Carolina where he has been following this desecration of the Christian faith from within the Veterans’ Administrations hospitals for some time now. His site, INSIGHT on Freedom, has some information I believe is necessary for everyone to read, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, etc. It is written by Laud Pitt, Jr., Ret. US Army Lt. Colonel, in the Fayetteville Observer.

Why do I suggest that people of other faiths bother with what appears to be Christian problem? Because if the USA government, which was created upon Judeo-Christian principles, can eliminate God-given rights for us, then they can take away your rights as well.

Why are they doing this? Political correctness? Does it really matter? My right to worship to my God is more important to me than my right to breathe. Should I give up that right as well? God-given rights are simply that, GOD-GIVEN…not government granted.

They have come after our speech, our ability to support whatever candidate we like so that they have to work everyday since they were elected to get re-elected, our ability to assemble with whomever we choose so that men can have their private playhouse (golf courses) and women may have their own private places, and so many more rights.

Do you really own your property when the government can tax it away from you? What happened to taxation without representation? Do we not have the fire in the belly anymore, or is it that we no longer know right from wrong?

Anyway, that is why we should all be concerned. To strip someone of their constitutional right to do one thing is to strip us all of our rights…eventually. It just so happens that people seem to think that Christians will sit back and take it over and over again. Let me remind you, it was the Christians, not Muslims, that ran the underground railroads to free the slaves. It was the Christians, not the Hindus, who fought for the right for women to vote. It was the Christians, not the Buddhists, who fought for the very freedoms we hold dear and separate from England. Those are just the facts. Live with it. Christians will allow it, others will not. Keep that in mind…

Now back to the issue. No longer may the Pastors bring a Bible or pray with patients at the VA. Read Longstreets post, please. He covers this rather well. Thank you, and feel free to spread the news. Call your Senators and Congressman toll-free at 866-340-9281 and let them know what you think of the way our servicemen and servicewomen are being treated. Even if they want their Pastor to pray for them, they cannot. Have you ever heard of any government being so intrusive? Stop laughing. I mean in the USA, not Iran or North Korea.

Join the Christians Against Leftist Heresy blogroll sponsored by FaultlineUSA. This is a group of wonderful people who would like to get back to basics and stop cutting corners, as the world would rather we do. NO WAY!

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I know most people don’t like to read about personal stuff, but that’s okay. I’m going to write about it anyway. There are other topics I’m writing about as well: Military, Politics and Religious. Choose your medicine.

Have you ever entered a buccoo amount of code only to find that server just took you offline? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. I couldn’t believe it! How did anger the ‘ISP god’? (There is no ISP god, but something is going on there. lol) I was able to fix it and save my work. That is fantastic!

If you’ll notice, I’ve changed the font size and look for my posts and my links on the sidebar. I like my links smaller than the text so as not to distract the reader. I don’t know. I’m just weird like that. To be fair, I like it better like that. 😉

I have now kept my promise to write once a day. Do I have anything else to say? You bet! I have some Military News that you may interested in reading. What I do is copy it off the CentCom website or feed or email so that it can be read without having to scroll over and back and over again. Their news is larger than the screen. I don’t like that. Otherwise, I would write a summary and send you there. We good on that? Okay, here goes:

New air traffic control tower to expand TQ’s capabilities.

05 December 2007
By Sgt. Wayne Edmiston
2nd Marine Logistics Group

AL TAQADDUM, Iraq – The AN/TSQ-120B is a temporary air traffic control tower used by Marines in expeditionary operations until a more sturdy structure can be built. Although designed for just 90 days of continual use, the one at Al Taqaddum Air Base has seen more than its share of sorties since it was raised during the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. [Continue reading this post on my site.]

USAF engineers improve Marine quality of life in Iraq.

05 December 2007
by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards
332nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) – Airmen are improving the lives and operating conditions of Marines by constructing more than $9.8 million in aircraft shelters, taxiways and temporary shelters at Al Asad Air Base. Deployed in an “in-lieu-of” tasking in support of the 20th Army Engineer Brigade, 557th Expeditionary REDHORSE Squadron Airmen are completing numerous projects — from the design concept to completion — in a joint service environment. [Continue reading.]

CF Treat 450 Afghans During Medical Outreach.

30 November 2007
By Senior Airman James Bolinger, USAF
Combined Joint Task Force 82 Public Affairs

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan – The towns of Eskandareh and Pacha Khak hide deep within the mountains of the Kohe Safid district in Afghanitan’s Parwan province. Eskandareh is near the head of Tagab Valley, and Pacha Khak has been a stronghold for many armies throughout Afghanistan’s history. [Continue reading.]

I also have some information on the candidates’ positions on Iran:

Candidates views per Iran.
As we all know, Iran is seeking to attain nuclear power. Some may argue that this power may be domestic only, while others suspect that it was desired for nefarious purposes. One of those purposes being nuclear weapons. Therefore the Israel Project asked each candidate for their position on this issue (Iran). [Continue reading.]

This should keep you busy enough for me to really dig into something so I can write about my personal views on it. If you didn’t know, I have given up blogging first thing when I wake up. Yes. It’s true. Why?

Because it became my god. Plain and simple. Did I worship blogging? Did I sing songs to or about it? No. Did I neglect my time reading the Word of God? YES. I confess my sin right here and now. I do not desire that anything should come in between my Saviour and I. There is NOTHING here on earth that ever could fulfill my heart and my life such He.

How do I know I was neglecting my time? I forgot verses and chapters and even the books I used to know in order to give answers to anyone who would ask me a question about God, Jesus, Church, etc. When that happened and I saw a lesson it this week, the Word convicted my heart. That only happens when I need it to happen. Sometimes I wish I would listen sooner, but better late than never.

So I shall be having Bible study with God and myself when I wake, and what a beautiful thing that is! If anyone would care to join in, just write me an email. I’m sure we could work something out, maybe through IM? Don’t worry though, God is in control. 😉

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Oh my, what an oxymoron! Christmas time is a time when everyone is supposed to celebrate the birth of our LORD and Saviour, yet behind the scenes there is much work to be done. Yes, the cooking, the shopping, the cleaning of the clothes to wear to Church, the tree and decorating, and the blogging. A new phenomenon!

I have tackled most of it. It’s the blogging time I have a hard time finding. The only thing I want to really say in this post is Merry Christmas to all of readers, friends, family, and people I’ve yet to meet. God bless your efforts and you.

For those of you who are not Christians yet for whatever reason, to you I pray for peace in your heart. Peace that will allow you to allow me my LORD and my love for Him. You do not have to agree with me, but do not deny me. I won’t stand for it. Just as I won’t stand for anyone trying to force religion on you. Fair is fair.

I pray for all our troops who have served, are serving, and will serve our blessed country. May God continue to protect, guide, strengthen, love and grant them success in each mission. May He also make it possible for them to enjoy this day as best they can.

Please remember their families and other loved ones who are still here while they are yet thousands of miles away. Pray for them so that the distance will not be so hard to bear. They deserve so much gratitude and appreciation, but they also deserve our true support.

Please try to get to a Veteran’s Hospital today. They sometimes have no visitors, and today would be a great day to show up. Imagine that. All that is necessary is showing up. Wow. That is also that is necessary to bring a smile to someone who gave of themselves so that we may remain free. Protectors of Liberty. As Jesus came to offer us life eternal, a way to wash away our sins, these men and women protect us in their own way.

Am I comparing them to the Christ? No. Jesus came to grant life eternal to all those who would accept Him into their hearts and repent of their sins. He promises to wash them white as snow as far as their sins go, but I am saying that these men and women are taking a chance of laying down their lives for us as well. The one life they have while here on earth. I just happen to believe that is pretty awesome. I love our LORD. I love our military, also. May God bless them and you this Christmay day.

Oh my! Where did the time go? I must conclude with this:

2 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3And everyone went to his own town to register.

4So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

8And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. 12This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

13Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

14Glory to God in the highest,

and on earth peace to men on

whom his favor rests.”

15When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

16So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.

Luke 2:1-20

Merry Christmas, and God bless you each and every one. I treasure you dearly. Stay safe, Morgan, and a special Merry Christmas to you. 😉

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    These articles have been brought to my attention, and I would like to share them with you. The first one deals with Iranian weapons found in Iraq 12/13/07; the second is a joint statement about the car bombing on 12/12/07; the third is another joint statement concerning the transfer of security responsibilities in Basra province-12/16/2007; and lastly, this article is about the terrorists we killed at Helmand-12/18/07.

    All of these are press releases from CentCom, and they can be reached at:

      7115 South Boundary Boulevard
      MacDill AFB, Fla. 33621-5101

    Now for the articles (emphasis added is mine).

    Iranian Rockets Found, Turned Over To Coalition Forces.

    FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELTA, Iraq – A cache of Iranian-manufactured rockets was turned over to Coalition Forces based at FOB Delta Dec. 4, 2007. Iraqi Civil Defense Corps personnel delivered 14 107mm Iranian rockets and fuses to Kazakhstani Soldiers, said 1st Lt. Almaz Mukashev, the Kazakhstani liaison officer. The rockets were manufactured in 2006.

    ICDC personnel have turned over munitions to Coalition Forces before, but this was the first time Iranian weapons were turned over from the force to Coalition Forces, said Col. Peter Baker, the 214th Fires Brigade commander. The ICDC specializes in explosive ordnance disposal. Its head is Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abdul Rasul. “This is another indication of the cooperation of Iraqi officials who in all earnestness want to have a better society,” Baker said. “They know these rockets are here illegally and that they are here to maim and kill Iraqi and Coalition Security Forces and innocent civilians.”

    Baker said this is a sign that Iraqis are taking ownership of their area to bring about better security. “Iraqis have to be part of the security and reconstruction effort,” Baker said. “The more stable and secure the area is, the more projects we will be able to undertake and the more capacity building we will be able to accomplish, whether it is in health, education or fuel, all of which are benefiting the Iraqis.”

    The Kazakhstani unit gave the munitions to Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Three Battalion for analysis. The Kazakhstani battalion provides EOD support to FOB Delta.

    This is awesome. Unfortunately, this happens everyday over there, but the dinosaur press fails to report it. Is it not news when there is a tidal wave of change in a country, be it bad or good?

    Joint Statement by Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and General David H. Petraeus on the Car Bomb Attacks in Maysan Province.

    We join the people of Iraq in strongly condemning yesterday’s barbaric attack targeting the citizens of al Amarah in the Maysan Province. The United States extends its deepest condolences, support and prayers to the people of Maysan Province. The Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team [PRT] and Multi-National Division South East [MND-SE] are working closely with Iraqi authorities to ensure they have sufficient medical supplies and humanitarian assistance for the citizens of al Amarah. We stand ready to provide additional support as needed.

    Such senseless acts of violence against innocent citizens only serve to strengthen our resolve to stand against their perpetrators. We will work closely with the government of Iraq and with Iraqi Security Forces [ISF] to help bring those responsible to justice.

    This was a horrible attack by cowards who hide behind women and cannot show their faces. To me, this is not bravery. Mohammed raises cowards? This is what I am to surmise, because that’s all I see from these animals. If you don’t like it, SPEAK UP AGAINST IT. Take back your religion. Only you can do that.

    By CHARGÉ D’Affaires Patricia A. Butenis and General David H. Petraeus on the Transfer of Security Responsibility for Basra Province.

    The United States and Multi-National Force-Iraq welcome the transfer of security in Basra Province to Iraqi responsibility as a positive step on the path to Iraq’s self-reliance.

    Basra is the ninth province to be transferred to Iraqi security responsibility as the Government of Iraq and its security forces continue to develop and assume greater responsibility for governing and providing security for the citizens of Iraq. The first province transferred to Government of Iraqi security control was Muthanna in July 2006, followed by Dhi Qar, An Najaf, Maysan, Irbil, Sulaymaniyah, Dahuk and most recently in October 2007, Karbala.

    The transfer of provincial security responsibility is particularly significant because it includes the city of Basra, the second largest city in Iraq. Basra played an important role in early Islamic history and was founded in the first century of Hijra. The country’s main port is located in Basra province and has been an integral part in the reconstruction and advancement of logistical efforts for the rest of the country.

    Iraqi Security Forces in Basra have been successfully operating independently, maintaining their own security for the past four months. Working with local government and military officials, they have demonstrated their readiness to assume responsibility for the provincial security. Today this responsibility is theirs.

    The transition of responsibility for security in Basra Province represents the most recent step toward a future of improved security, self-reliance and increasing prosperity that will benefit all Iraqi citizens. In order to attain sustainable security, the provincial and military leadership in Basra still have work to do and we will assist as requested. The United States and Multi-National Force-Iraq congratulate the Government of Iraq on this important milestone.

    I am not as optimistic about this withdrawal as some may appear to be. Actually, I think they are doing more praying than anything else. al Qaida and Iranian National Guard (ING) are moving more of their troops into this vacuum. This is a time for action on our behalf to help the Iraqis in this area. They have been bombed in the past few days by al Qaida. One bomb, wait two minutes for civillians to come, another bomb. PLEASE TAKE THE CUFFS OFF OUR MEN!

    Several Militants Killed During Afghan, Coalition Forces Operations in Helmand.

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Several militants were killed during a precision-guided munitions strike Monday in Helmand Province targeting a Taliban command and control network. Coalition forces conducted a precision-guided munitions strike in the Kajaki District of Helmand Province targeting a Taliban commander believed to be facilitating the movement of foreign fighters and suicide bombers throughout the area.

    During the course of operations, CF targeted several militants outside a compound and employed precision-guided munitions, which killed the militants, including one militant reported to be a Taliban commander. In a follow-on operation, Afghan and CF conducted a search of compounds in the Kajaki District of Helmand Province for individuals reported to be associated with the militants targeted during the strike. While conducting the operation, Afghan and CF, using small-arms, killed several armed militants who posed a credible threat to the combined force. During a subsequent engagement on the compound, the combined force was fired upon by a group of militants barricaded in a building. The combined force employed grenades, killing the militants barricaded inside.

    There were no immediate indications of injuries or deaths to civilians not taking part in hostilities. Continuing their search of the compounds, the combined force recovered several weapons and explosives, which were destroyed in-place to prevent further use by extremist forces. “Afghan and Coalition forces are having significant success in degrading the Taliban’s ability to conduct militant operations,” said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, Combined Joint Task Force 82 spokesman.

    May I make an observation here? If you are close enough to the a**holes firing at us, you are involved in their activity. Have they forgotten that the driver of the get-away car is just as guilty as the bank robber who murders the guard? When are we going to start seriously fighting this war?

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    Today I am just going to post some of the articles I have already written, because I do not think I shall be posting anymore about the NIE. That is, of course, unless something is said about it that is wrong, Wrong, WRONG! Here we go:

  • Iran’s no problem, they’ve only be at war with us for 28 years (1st).
  • Is DNI trying to sabotage intelligence? (2nd)
  • More info on the NIE (3rd).
  • Tikrit Law School affiliates with Baltimore Law School.
  • Chaotic Confidence.
  • Flag-raising Marks Culmination of Airman’s Dream.
  • Obstacle clearing teams keep Anbar roadways safe.
  • Air Force firefighters teach Iraqis blaze fighting basics.
  • Army Mechanics Go Distance to Keep Wheels Rolling.
  • Paratroopers from Five Nations Jump in ‘Bright Star’.
  • From the list of my last 10 posts, I imagine you can understand why I hate to be distracted by beauratic idiots. IMHO.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Debbie’s interview with a man who served at Pearl Harbor in the 1980’s. To all of our men, women and children who have endured this unbearable era of our history, thank you for not being so selfish so that we did not lose our nation. You did well, and I thank you all for each sacrifice. God bless you.

    Michelle Malkin also has a great passage for today’s 66th Year Remembrance of that day of Infamy. HAT/TIP: Steve who is a commenter at Right Truth.

    I hope you enjoy them. This is my regularly scheduled day for the Open Trackback Alliance. It is run by Samantha Burns, and I would like anyone who is interested in joining to just click on the symbol below for more information.

    I am also linking to Linkfest’s ‘Linkfest Haven Oasis.’ These linkfests are a fantastic aide for you to improve your readership, if you are interested. Just remember that at this site, there is no place for porn. If you want to place your cooking tips, sports scores and talk, politics, religion, international news, counterterrorism news, misc. or any such matter, it is welcomed here. Have a great weekend, and God bless you. (For my Jewish friends, G-d bless you, and Happy Hannikkah!)

    Posts I’ve trackbacked to at Open Trackback Alliance Weekend and Linkfest: (OTA) Pirate’s Cove, MacBro’s Place, Blue Star Chronicles, Woman Honor Thyself, Stix Blog, CommonSenseAmerica, 123beta, The World According to Carl, and Church and State.

    (Linkfest) Phastidio.net, third world county, Right Truth, Pursuing Holiness, Nuke’s, Outside the Beltway, Adam’s Blog, The Pink Flamingo, Leaning Straight Up, Big Dog’s Weblog, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Amboy Times, High Desert Wanderer, Adeline and Hazel, Right Voices, Mac’s Opinion, Stop the ACLU, MacBro’s Reviews, Chuck Adkins, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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    Darn computer went nuts on me again. I’ll be right back. Arghh.

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  • 2. Musings of a Mad Macedonian: A Visit to Baghdad: A Christmas Tribute to the Troops.
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    Chaotic Confidence

    As I sit here watching two football games on the boob-tube and listening to one on the radio, I am also reading and posting articles that should have been posted a while back. I am so glad all this information is stored in a computer instead of my room, because oh boy! what a mess that would be!

    I have read about Air Force sharpshooters, Iraqi Police recruitments, and Paratroopers from Five Nations gathered for the ‘Bright Star’ jump. All of these articles are exciting and give me hope for the future of America.

    I have just updated the articles available to you. They are Army Mechanics Go Distance to Keep Wheels Rolling, Air Force firefighters teach Iraqis blaze fighting basics, Obstacle clearing teams keep Anbar roadways safe and Flag-raising Marks Culmination of Airman’s Dream. They are well worth reading, and they are below this post on the same site. Enjoy!

    Now if only we could get our polititians to act like Americans…

    So where is the chaos? Where is the confidence? I am in chaos, and God and our military is my confidence. (Mostly God, but I wanted to include our military. These fellas are doing great deeds.)

    This is my Sunday Open Trackback post. Please, no porn. I’m pretty okay with any other discussion, but I will not tolerate the degradation of women. Or men, for that matter. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • 2. Planck’s Constant: 10 Palestinians Killed for Every Israeli is intolerable.
  • 1. Right Truth: Sunday Afternoon Reading 12/01/07.
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    RCT-2 takes to the skies to cover AO

    11 November 2007
    By Cpl. Ryan C. Heiser
    2nd Marine Division

    AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq — In a 30,000 square mile patch of desert, roughly the size of South Carolina, it isn’t easy to have eyes and ears everywhere. Regimental Combat Team 2, the unit in control of the northwestern piece of Iraq’s Al Anbar Province, has taken an elevated approach to the problem, and regularly fields an Aero Scout group to the far corners, cliffs and caves of the western Euphrates River valley.

    Aero Scout is made up of Marines from different military occupational specialties ranging from infantry to administration. The team uses helicopters to quickly search areas of interest and scout out possible targets. “We fly around to areas that may be difficult for ground units to get to, and scout out any nefarious activity,” explained Cpl. Kyle D. Christian, the team’s radio operator. “We make the enemy feel like there is nowhere to hide, and we play a large role in reconnaissance also.” The group flies to large areas of open desert where they suspect illegal activity may be taking place, and take a closer look.

    “We are a reconnaissance asset,” said Maj. Robert B. Brodie, the Aero Scout mission commander. “Recon slash interdiction and disruption, that’s what we do. It comes down to economy of force. We enable the regimental commander to have a force that can do recon and show a presence across his entire area of operation.”

    According to the aeroscouts, in addition to their scouting mission, they also help out nomadic civilians on their frequent aerial exploits. “We do cache searches, vehicle searches and sweeps, but we also provide a humanitarian aspect to our mission,” said Sgt. Jason R. Carmody, the team’s platoon sergeant. “We hand out speedballs, backpacks filled with water, chow, toothpaste and other hygiene gear, and handbills with phone numbers they can call and photos of the most dangerous insurgents in their area.”

    Brodie, a Beaufort, S.C., native, explained the nomadic Bedouins the aeroscouts frequently come into contact with do not have the luxuries or communication assets local villagers may have access to. “They don’t get television or radio, so we help them out by providing them with information about what is going on in their country and who the bad guys are. We better enable the overall mission by opening more lines of communication and information sharing,” Brodie said.

    The Marines on the Aero Scout team said they enjoy what they do, and love the chance to get out and make a difference. “I get to go out and at the end of the day feel like I did something that mattered. It doesn’t make a difference if we rolled up a bad guy, found any weapons, or just collected some good intel, in the end it all fits together to help eliminate the threat to the Iraqi people,” said Christian, a Hallettsville, Texas, native. “There are no more stupid insurgents, they died a long time ago, so we are trying to fight very smart individuals who know what they are doing, and every piece helps fit the puzzle together so we can catch him.”

    The group usually takes a fire team of Iraqi soldiers with them on the helicopters to not only help with communication, but also show the civilians how far the Iraqi Security Forces have come in their training and dedication. “This lets the civilians know we are working together to take the weight of safety and security off their shoulders, so they don’t have to worry about getting attacked, the good guys are watching,” Christian said.

    “Simply put,” explained Brodie, “We are positively affecting the people of our AO by providing a secure environment in which we can cultivate nationalism.”

    The Aero Scout team has been working together for about four months, and has completed nearly 20 successful missions in support of RCT-2. “This is a regular group of guys, not specially trained, but because of their eagerness and will to make a difference, they were able to come together and make a successful unit and successful missions,” Brodie said.

    Photo – Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason S. Gamble, a corpsman with Regimental Combat Team 2’s Aero Scout team, provides security while the rest of the team searches a group of Bedouin tents. Aero Scout, technically a large squad of the provisional rifle platoon, is a mix of military occupational specialties ranging from infantry to administration. The team uses helicopters to quickly search areas of interest, and scout out possible targets. Photo by Cpl. Ryan C. Heiser. Digg! Digg!

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    That is the only word I could think to use to describe my feelings about the news I read at Blackfive’s site this morning. On Veterans’ Day no less. We all must come together to help this man, Lt Col Chessani, fight the Left bastards who are trying to ruin him. He is the father of five children, with one on the way, and he may lose his pension for a crime that NEVER happened. Thanks a lot Murtha…you scumbag.

    Just a little background:

    • Two separate investigations by U.S. Army officers, a colonel and a general, found no evidence either of a “massacre” or a “cover-up.”
    • Chessani traveled to the site of the “massacre” to investigate and reported to every echelon of his chain of command what he did not find there.
    • An Article 32 Investigation also found no evidence of a “massacre” or a “cover-up.

    Please read this article. Donate if you can. You can skip a cup of coffee, can’t you? You say you support the troops, okay. Here’s your opportunity to prove it. Help this patriot.

    He is on trial because they found everyone else innocent. HUH?

    Hat tip: Deebow at Blackfive’s.

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    More Military News

    I have three articles for you today, and I do believe these are news articles that need to be reported more broadly. Saying that, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

    These articles include good news, good works, progress, successes and all the things the Marxists (or should they be called jihadis?) hate to report. I’ll leave that up to you to decide…

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    Some good news should be shared by all, and we sure could use some! That is why I am submitting this short article to the open trackback Linkfest. If you are not already a member, I encourage you to join. There are many wonderful people who have open trackbacks from here, and many of them have thought-provoking and wonderful articles. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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    3. The Florida Masochist: Blogging Notes.
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    I posted these yesterday, which means I am late to the gate. I still have about 10-15 more articles to post. I would, however, like you take a look at these in the time being:

    Troops in Afghanistan Hold 9/11 Memorial Ceremony.
    Combat engineers put skills to test.
    Americans mentor Afghans training Afghans.

    It takes me a while because I read each article I receive from CentCom. A friend of mine, Red Hunter, gave me another cool site to check out for some more good war coverage.

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    Now we come to the Tuesday OpenTrackback. Please be kind to those with those whom you disagree. If it is necessary, I can take care of it. I want everyone to feel welcome here. I do ask that you do not post any porn, seeing as I’m a Christian and this is my site. I appreciate all the support I have received, and I would like to thank those of you for your support. You know who you are. 😉

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    I’ve been through many things in my life, and I’ve come out of each of them scathed but alive. This thing? I still do not have the words. Nothing compares. My apologies.

    I have found some people who have written beautifully about people they did not even know. Maybe they speak for me?

    First we have one from 123beta called, “Never Forget.” It is beautifully written and well researched. Very great job. Then there is an article from Blue Star Chronicles called “More Thoughts on 9/11. This is a well thought and researched article. I can only imagine the difficulty as they went deeper into this person’s life.

    The one that touched me the most, however, was written by DeMediacratic Nation. It is called, “2996 Jill Marie Maurer Campbell: A 9/11 Tribute. Maybe it’s because of Jill, or maybe it’s because of the research. Somehow, I was very touched.

    Last year (or was it the year before?) there was an opportunity for bloggers to receive a name and to do a story about that person’s life. I was misled into believe it was spam. I regret that now, but I don’t know if I could have handled it, to be honest. Thank you to everyone who stepped-up to the plate and did your (and my) part in remembering these beautiful people.

    Lest we forget…

    On this day, let us remember also all of those who are in harms way to protect us here at home. Whether they are first responders or Rangers in the Marines, I want to send a great big THANK YOU to you. You are not forgotten, no matter what you may read or hear. For every piece of trash that is out there, you can be sure that there is at least 100-1,000 times more support for you that will never hear about because it does not fit the agenda. But don’t you ever think that this support doesn’t exist. Just ask Morgan, my Hero. 🙂

    No day of remembrance would be complete without the inclusion of Blackfive’s site. One of the authors, Mr. Wolf, has written a very good article about another site, Home Of Heroes. This man, Mr. Doug Sterner, is collecting all of the information about the medals EARNED, no matter their rank or service, or even when they served. This is an awesome site that I highly recommend. Even when you are not losing heart!

    This is a heartfelt post about a Polish woman who wanted us to know that we are not alone. God bless this woman’s heart! (Written by Blackfive.)

    Blackfive has posted an article about a man who KNEW he was going to die, but he went back into the inferno to save those who were still inside. This is the kind of man he has always been. Now we are trying to get President Bush to honor him with the Medal of Honor. Please sign this petition for Rick Rescorla. You may read Blackfive’s ‘Someone You Should Know’ here.

    There is so much more at Blackfive’s site. Please visit his site today and often.

    There is also a site I would like to include. This would be Mudville Gazette. This is a fine site that is run sometimes by Greyhawk’s wife when he is called to serve. He is a true man. He answers the call. He also has a fine post about Rick. He has some more and different information that may interest you. Please check it out.

    I’d like to write more, but I can no longer see the screen…have a nice day.

    On this day, 9/11/2007, I choose this post for my open trackback. What better post than one which is devoted to both on that horrific day and for our Troops who are yet in harms way?

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  • The New Afghanistan After Years of War: Unforgettable Day.
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  • The Florida Masochist: From the Silly News Desk.
  • Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker: TD # 9 forms RIGHT ON TOP OF US.
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    If you do agree with MoveOn.org, you will not like what I have to say. You may spend your time better by not reading these facts. I know how facts just happen to mess up your minds. Good riddance.

    Now for all the normal people that stop by here. Hi. Once again there is another New York Times advertizement out today, the day of Gen. Petreaus’ report to the Congress (Senate). If you like to read it, use your own google, please. I’d prefer not to link to them.

    Have you heard of Vets for Freedom? Allow me to introduce to them if you have not. These are Vets from every war and walk of life, including the current war we are in, no matter what front. They have a response to this un-American, anti-troops insult:

    Vets for Freedom Responds to MoveOn.org New York Times Ad:

    Washington, D.C. (September 9th 2007) – Pete Hegseth, executive director of Vets for Freedom and Iraq War veteran, issued the following statement.

    “Tomorrow – as General David Petraeus provides his Iraq assessment to Congress – the anti-war group, MoveOn.org, is running a full – page advertisement in the New York Times with the headline: General Petraeus or General Betray us? Cooking the books for the White House.

    “Let’s be clear: MoveOn.org is suggesting that General Petraeus has ‘betrayed’ his country. This is disgusting. To attack as a traitor an American general commanding forces in war, because his ‘on the ground’ experience does not align with MoveOn.org’s political objectives, is utterly shameful. It shows contempt for America’s military leadership, as well as for the troops who have confidence in him, as our fellow soldiers in Iraq certainly do.

    “General Petraeus has served this country for over 35 years with honor, distinction, and integrity. And this is not just about General Petraeus. After all, if General Petraeus is “cooking the books,” then the entire military chain of command in Baghdad, and all the staff, military and civilian, who have been working with General Petraeus are complicit, since Petraeus did not write his report in isolation. They are all, apparently, ‘betray[ing] us.’

    “MoveOn.org has been working closely with the Democratic congressional leadership – as an article in today’s Sunday New York Times Magazine makes clear. And consider this comment by a Democratic senator from Friday’s Politico: “‘No one wants to call [Petraeus] a liar on national TV,’ noted one Democratic senator, who spoke on the condition on anonymity. ‘The expectation is that the outside groups will do this for us.’

    “So, veterans who served in Iraq ask the Democratic leaders in Congress: Does MoveOn.org speak for you? Do you agree with MoveOn.org? Or do you repudiate this despicable charge?

    “MoveOn.org has helped frame the core choice: Whom do we trust to run this war – MoveOn.org and its allies in Congress, or Gen. David Petraeus and his colleagues?”

    Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its mission is to educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in these conflicts by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics – namely “the surge” in Iraq. For more information, please visit www.vetsforfreedom.org.

    For more information or to schedule interviews with Pete Hegseth or our other veterans please contact Adriel Domenech at 501-412-1224 or adriel@vetsforfreedom.org.

    I could not agree more. Please let your Congressperson and Senators (toll free at 1-866-340-9281) know that you find this ad disgusting, and you would like to know if they agree with this group’s statement or are willing to distance themselves from this group. Do not take, “I cannot answer that question” for an answer. Ask to speak to the press secretary. You may use the name of your blog as your credentials. BE POLITE. Thank you.

    I shall be using this post about the NY Times ad and the Vets for Freedom response to it for this open trackback, because I believe very strongly that all of us must do all we can to help defend our men and women who are out there risking it all so that we can remain free. A phone call is the least we can do. If the toll free number is busy, keep trying. If you get tired of that, the numbers are 1-202-224-3121 and 1-202-225-3121. Thank you.

    Update: The NY Times gave MoveOn.org a 61% discount for that ad. Objective? I say NOT! Hat tip: Webloggin.

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  • Blue Star Chronicles: More Thoughts on 9/11.
  • Blue Star Chronicles: Senator Schumer Gets a Pass on Slandering the Trooos.
  • The Amboy Times: The Coffee Shop: Den of Evil.
  • Miles Business Blog: Three Soldiers Killed in Explosion in Iraq.
  • MyHTPC: Three Soldiers Killed in Explosion in Iraq.
  • The Florida Masochist: The Knucklehead of the Day award.
  • Webloggin: Group MoveOn.org Gets Discount Rate For “Betray Us” Advocacy Ad.
  • DeMediacratic Nation: 2,996 Jill Maria Maurer-Campbell: A 9/11 Tribute.
  • Conservative Thoughts: The City of Slidell Fights Back Against the ACLU Over Jesus Portrait.
  • Right Truth: Flying, Freedom, Faces, and the Fight to Protect It All (Right Truth Exclusive).****
  • CommonSenseAmerica: Al Qaeada Plots While Dems Shun War on Terror.
  • CommonSenseAmerica: Illegal Immigration Debate Hits Craig’s List.
  • CommonSenseAmerica: Senate Votes To Put The Brakes On Mexican Trucks! (And they said there was no God!)
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    14 Aug 07
    by Senior Airman Clark Staehle
    379th Air Expeditionary Wing

    SOUTHWEST ASIA (AFPN) – The Airmen with the 379th Logistics Readiness Squadron Cargo Movement Flight here serve as force multipliers by ensuring anything warfighters need gets to the proper place at the proper time. Members of the flight receive and ship supplies in and out of the base to and from anywhere in the world, mainly supporting operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom forces.

    The flight plays a big role in supporting airfield operations by moving mission capable parts. These parts are for when a plane is broken down somewhere and maintainers need that part to fix it. If the part needed to fix the problem isn’t in stock or kept on base, members of the cargo movement flight ships the mission capable part with the highest priority to help get the plane airworthy as soon as possible.

    “We support the war on terrorism by sustaining the mission to all of the (areas of responsibility) and beyond,” said Master Sgt. Eric Smith, the 379th LRS cargo movements section chief. “If a shipment needs to get somewhere to repair a (broken) aircraft, we get it there by the fastest means. If our warriors need supplies to keep them in the fight, we ship it to them.” The cargo movement flight, the largest in the area of responsibility, serves as a hub for other bases throughout the combat theater. The Airmen of the flight ship items that run the gamut from any aircraft part to supplies purchased by the 379th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron.

    “If the military uses it, we’ll ship it, no matter how big or how small,” said Sergeant Smith, the Los Angeles native who is deployed here from Fort Dix, N.J. “(We provide) unlimited capability. We find the means of shipping cargo — if it’s through commercial or military means — and get it there. We do have our challenges so we find the best and quickest way to get it to where it needs to go to sustain the ongoing mission.”

    The flight moves parts in one of two ways. The first way involves commercial shipping companies, like the companies any one might use to send a birthday present to a relative. The second way involves the military aircraft. If customs issues preclude commercial shipping, the flight works hand in hand with the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron and the 8th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron to arrange airlift.

    Photo – Senior Airman Nick Mendoza uses a forklift to unload a container of cargo from a pickup truck Aug. 8 in Southwest Asia. Airman Mendoza is assigned to the 379th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Cargo Movement Flight. Airmen of the flight ship anything the military uses anywhere in the world. Photo Airman 1st Class Ashley Tyler.

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    This made me so angry as I watched it. I have been doing what I can to help our troops, even though it’s only a little bit. What NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN have done to the morale of not only our troops but to the people of America is a lie, it is outrageous, and it is close to treason. After all, what is the definition of treason?

    1. Now rare. The betrayal of any trust or confidence; breach of faith. 2. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or (in monarchies) to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family. Treason against the United States is defined by the Constitution (Art. III, sec. 3) to consist “only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving aid and comfort to them.” Syn. See SEDITION.

    Watch this clip from Bryan over at HotAir and decide for yourself. (Please remember to watch the clip.)
    Dig This Story

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    Deserter or kidnappee? You Decide

    Charles Robert Jenkins, Sergeant, US Army, has agreed to turn himself in after having been missing since 1965. His wife, Hitomi Soga (Japanese), was kidnapped in 1978 by North Korea to train spies in culture and language. She was finally allowed to return home in 2002, but her husband and 2 daughters had to wait until May. This happened after a visit from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to N. Korea for a summit. They were reunited in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now in the hospital, but the information did not say why.

    He will use as his defense the “fact” that he was kidnapped. He allegedly tried to escape in 1966, but was unsuccessful. He claims he had to cooperate with the North Koreans to avoid death. He is willing to share techniques and information about the N. Korean government. This is mostly the story, but to verify the veracity of my facts, please feel free to check with Radio Free Asia. The titles of the two articles are “U.S. ‘Defector’ to North Korea Reunited with Wife” and “U.S. Jails Deserter for 30 Days.”

    Originally posted at My Newz ‘n Ideas.

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    National Guard: The Truth

    I hope you read this story. The whole information is collected into this one article.
    Bush Guard Service, The True Story
    Written by Gordon Bloyer
    Thursday, August 26, 2004

    This is a fantastic collection of the facts that puts the whole story together in a way it has never been done before.

    President Bush served 5 years and 6 months. Kerry served 4 months. Hmm. Bush doesn’t brag, Kerry does. Bush wanted to go to Viet Nam, Kerry didn’t. Bush never said a cross word about the war, Kerry testified in front of Senators in Washington, D.C. Bush will not betray his loyal friends (VP,) Kerry betrayed his “band of brothers” while they were in harms way. Gee, I don’t know…which one would you want if you were in trouble? If you were attacked by a terrorist? If you wanted to keep your money? (Just had to through that in there!)

    Please read the article at the top of the page. It was given to me by a source I cannot reveal, but I can say that he/she is a very kind person who wouldn’t hurt a fly. This person just wants the truth to be told, so we can get to the other issues that matter,,,private health care, private retirement accouts, private schools out of the reach of the government and special interest groups, and respect for his/her right to say/think/feel whatever he/she wants without being sued! Just to mention a few. Of course the most important is the one who is best adjusted to be a leader in this time of peril. See, all the rest doesn’t matter if you’re dead.This is a fantastic collection of the facts that puts the whole story together in a way it has never been done before.

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