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Good News! The Final Move Beyond Iraq was spotlighted in Thursday’s edition of USA Today and is currently ranked #16 nationally.

I am going to ask you to accept an assignment. Would you buy 4 books – one Friday, one Saturday, one Sunday and one on Monday? The cost would be approximately $32.

You are wondering why I am asking you to do this.

On Monday, the United States will meet with Iran in Baghdad. This will be the first meeting since 1979. This diplomatic meeting is an appeasement move to ask the Iranians how we can resolve the crisis in Iraq. This is extremely dangerous. This would be like going to Auschwitz during World War II to ask Hitler how we could curb fascism.

The Iranians have threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and in fact, just last Thursday Ahmadinejad threatened to “uproot the Zionist regime” should it become necessary for Israel to defend herself as a result of the events in Lebanon. He has said the America would disappear from the planet. Iran is responsible for funding terror through Hezbollah and Hamas and for the deaths of 85 percent of the troops in Iraq. This is not the time to expose our underbelly to a terrorist state. The U.S. State Department conference will embolden terrorists to increase the number of body bags returned to America.

This will send a signal that the U.S. is frightened of Iran’s strength and is willing to negotiate.

If you will accept the assignment, next Tuesday I will be on network shows nationwide to attempt to wake up the sleeping nation.

Click here to see the radio and television shows on which I have been interviewed in recent days. We are fighting this battle; the secular media is paying for it. You can help take it to the next level, if you will do this and ask your friends to do the same.

I am going to take a moment to answer some critical questions that you are asking me concerning this crisis:

  • What would happen if the U.S. withdraws from Iraq?

    All Christians in Iraq would be massacred. The Kurds who were gassed by Saddam Hussein would be massacred. Millions of Arabs who provided assistance to the U.S. in Iraq will be killed along with their family members. Millions will die. A Persian (non-Arab) revolution will spread through Iraq from Iran and will push all the way to the border of Israel through Lebanon, consolidating with Hezbollah. The next move will be to destabilize moderate Arab countries before heading to the West.

  • Is America in danger of a nuclear strike by Iran?

    At this time, the answer is “no.” Iran’s nuclear program is not advanced enough to pose a threat to us in 2007. However, by 2009 Iran will have reached the point of no return, if not stopped. What they can do is deliver a handful of nuclear material which would kill hundreds of people. A “dirty bomb” of 25 to 35 pounds of nuclear material could kill 250,000 or more in a highly populated city. Ten kilotons of nuclear material the size of a refrigerator imported from a South American country could kill millions.

  • Since Iran is responsible for 85 percent of the Iraqi and American deaths in Iraq, is there any possibility that it will head to the West with suicide attacks?

    Yes; intelligence leaders have told me that orders have been given to Hezbollah – a sub-contractor of Iran – to do precisely that beginning this summer. The plan is to send Palestinians into the U.S. as suicide bombers to kill Americans and to say that it is a result of U.S. support for Israel. This would completely cloak the fact that Iran was behind it. In fact, the media refused to acknowledge that Iran was behind the 4000 Katyushas fired into Israel last summer.

  • What is the most important thing the U.S. can do?

    The U.S. can help the Kurds close the Iranian border. This would stop the majority of terrorism in Iraq. In order to do that, they must have proper arms. The Kurds are not Arabs, and they are allies of the U.S. A small U.S. military base in Kurdistan to forestall an invasion by Iran or Turkey is needed. President Barzani told me that the Kurds would fight the war from the north to the south, placing themselves and not placing American troops in harm’s way. Another measure would be to impose severe economic sanctions on Iran. The entire plan is laid out in The Final Move Beyond Iraq, and also at www.beyondiraq.com under “Petition to the President.”

  • Please send this email to everyone on your list. Encourage them to pray. This is not a book to frighten people, but is a book to tell the truth. It will help Americans understand that this is a battle for the soul of this nation. The battle is presently being won by God-haters that do not believe in evil, but consider terrorists to be “freedom fighters.” They consider America to be the evil one in the conflict.

    Please forward this to everyone on your list.

    Purchase your copies of
    The Final Move Beyond Iraq
    and win two trips to Israel!

    Barnes and Noble.com.


    Click here to write a review.

    Will you please write a review? The extremists are trying to kill this book and stop this cause before it has even been birthed. The liberal Left believes that the 9/11 terrorists were right and that we should feel guilty for defending ourselves; that if we simply give them what they want (our lives and the soul of America).

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

    Join the Jerusalem Prayer Team Now!

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    Thank you to the 26 wonderful friends who wrote a 5-star review. I am praying that we get four times that many. Why? I just received word that a U.S.-Arab organization that fights what they call the extremist “Christian Taliban” (Bible-believing, pro-Israel Christians in America) is organizing to launch a major campaign to trash the book. This group considers Christians more dangerous that the 9-11 terrorists.

    Below are some of the negative reviews that have been posted on the website:

    Brainwashing the Gullible, May 23, 2007
    Wow, Mr. Evans should be charged for intellectual terrorism. His hate for Muslims and his pro-Israeli/Neo-Con bias in this book are staggering. This is just a preparatory brainwashing of the public so that it would accept a pre-emptive attack (ie. Aggression) on Iran by the US and Israel. It’s quite sad that this is a best-seller, signalling a shift in American society into extremism and deep ignorance about the world.

    History attempting to repeat itself?, May 20, 2007
    I’m sorry, but there are some phrases that need to be eradicated from our vocabulary, especially when we’re discussing religion, ethnicity & etc., and “The Final Solution” is one of them.

    war isn’t security, May 19, 2007
    Yes, Americans do need to wake up and realize that as long as we meet any possible threat to our security with more war and violence there will ALWAYS be more enemies.

    that’s right – wake up, America! May 19, 2007
    The authors of this book, and those who think like them, are truly dangerous people: warmongering religious fanatics desperate to bring about a final clash of civilizations, no matter how many lives have to go up in smoke. It’s not just the so-called “Islamofascists” we have to worry about – it’s the fascists in our own society. Why don’t we wake up from our slumbers and start calling them by their true name?

    Wrong Country Bushie, May 19, 2007
    I just think it’s funny all these pro-war hypocrites never actually want to step foot on the battlefield, just write books and speak out for battle.

    Click here to write a review..

    Would you fight back today by writing a 5-star review, and please Send a copy to Mike to encourage him? The extremists are trying to kill this book and stop this cause before it has even been birthed. The liberal Left believes that the 9/11 terrorists were right and that we should feel guilty for defending ourselves; that if we simply give them what they want (our lives and the soul of America).

    If you don’t have time to write a review, please read the positive reviews, and if you agree, just click on “Yes, the review was helpful.”

    CLICK HERE to see how you can win two all-expense paid trips to Israel in 2008 just by purchasing the book and telling your friends.

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

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    Only twice in Jerusalem’s history has the city served as a national capital. The first time was as the capital of the two Jewish Commonwealths during the First and Second Temple periods, as described in the Bible, reinforced by archaeological evidence and numerous ancient documents. The second time is in modern times as the capital of the State of Israel. It has never served as an Arab capital for the simple reason that there has never been a Palestinian Arab state.

    No matter where Jews lived throughout the world for those two millennia, their thoughts and prayers were directed toward Jerusalem. Even today, whether in Israel, the United States or anywhere else, Jewish ritual practice, holiday celebration, and lifecycle events include recognition of Jerusalem as a core element of the Jewish experience. Consider that:

    • Jews in prayer always turn toward Jerusalem.
    • Arks (the sacred chests) that hold Torah scrolls in synagogues throughout the world face Jerusalem.
    • Jews end Passover Seders each year with the words: “Next year in Jerusalem”; the same words are pronounced at the end of Yom Kippur, the most solemn day of the Jewish year.
    • A three-week moratorium on weddings in the summer recalls the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army in 586 BCE. That period culminates in a special day of mourning – Tisha B’Av (the 9th day of the Hebrew month Av) – commemorating the destruction of both the First and Second Temples.
    • Jewish wedding ceremonies – joyous occasions, are marked by sorrow over the loss of Jerusalem. The groom recites a biblical verse from the Babylonian Exile: “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning,” and breaks a glass in commemoration of the destruction of the Temples.

    Even body language, often said to tell volumes about a person, reflects the importance of Jerusalem to Jews as a people and, arguably, the lower priority the city holds for Muslims:

    • When Jews pray they face Jerusalem; in Jerusalem Israelis pray facing the Temple Mount.
    • When Muslims pray, they face Mecca; in Jerusalem Muslims pray with their backs to the city.
    • Even at burial, a Muslim face is turned toward Mecca.
    • Finally, consider the number of times “Jerusalem” is mentioned in the two religions’ holy books:
    • The Old Testament mentions ‘Jerusalem’ 349 times. Zion, another name for ‘Jerusalem,’ is mentioned 108 times.
      The Quran never mentions Jerusalem – not even once.

    To learn more click HERE * To send a comment click HERE.

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    Iran, Syria supplying weapons and aid to Islamic terror groups [See List Below ]

    JERUSALEM, Israel – As Israel and the United States worked together this week to resume peace talks with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, growing signs indicate a concerted effort by the radical Islamic terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas to rearm themselves in preparation for further conflict.
    Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based, Iranian-backed Shiite militant group that initated a war against Israel this past summer after their gunmen crossed the Lebanese-Israeli internationally recognized border, is now receiving weekly shipments of weapons from Iran and Syria. “We know that Syria is trying all the time to smuggle weapons over the Lebanese border to Hezbollah,” Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told members of the foreign press on Feb. 20.

    In an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper on Feb. 3, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah openly declared that Iran is supplying his group with monetary aid and weapons. [1]

    On Feb. 9 the Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that a truck carrying 60 Grad rockets and 240 mortar shells of different callabers, intended for Hezbollah’s use, was intercepted in Beirut by the Lebanese Army. [2].

    Many of Hezbollah’s missiles caches were destroyed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) after the group bomarded Israel’s northern border with hundreds of Katyusha rockets. But because of Syria’s aid in rearmament, Hezbollah has “returned to its pre-war capabilities and has even become stronger,” said IDF Brigade-General Yossi Baidatz, head of the Military Intelligence Research Division, in a breifing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Feb. 20. [3].

    Hezbollah’s growing weapons stockpile is also enabling it to smuggle rockets and anti-tank missiles to Gaza-based Sunni terror groups, including Hamas’ military wing (Izzedeen al-Qassam Brigades) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

    On Feb. 20 Israeli Police prevented a PIJ terrorist from conducting a large-scale terrorist attack in the Tel Aviv area. [4]  Palestinian Islamic Jihad also claimed responsibility for the Jan. 29 suicide bombing in Eilat, which left three Israelis dead and also orchestrated the April 17, 2006 suicide bombing  that killed 11 in Tel Aviv.

    PIJ’s leader, Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, is listed on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (F.B.I) website as one of the “Most Wanted Terrorists.” [5]  A $5 million dollar reward has been offered for his capture under the Rewards for Justice Program.

    PIJ’s violent military wing, Sayeret Al-Quds Brigades , have been responsible for firing most of the Qassam rockets from Gaza into Israel.

    Iran also provides PIJ with an estimated $2 million in state-sponsored funding to PIJ annually. [6].  

    Evidence of Hamas and Hezbollah Rearmament:

    • Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the militant group responsible for launching many of the Qassam rockets from Gaza into Israel, announced on Feb. 8 that they developed a new Qassam launcher – from which three rockets were previously launched – that can fire up to six Qassams at once. Typical Qassam launchers can only fire one rocket at a time. [7].
    • Under the control of the Hamas government, Palestinians are now capable of launching Qassam rockets into the coastal town of Ashkelon, which lies 13 km (8 mi.) from northern Gaza. Qassams usually can travel 3 -10 km (1.8 – 6 mi.).
    • Palestinian militant groups are actively working to extend the range of Qassam rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. In July and August 2006, Qassam rockets firing distances were measured at 15 and 16.3 km (9.3 and 10.1). [8].
    • Hamas’ green light for continued terror against Israel has resulted in the development by its military wing of a new double-engine Qassam rocket, and the acquisition of Grad-style Katyusha rockets that can reach targets within 18-30 km (11-19 mi.). [9].
    • On March 28, 2006, Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched a Grad-type Katyusha into Israel for the first time. [10].  Four Grad-type rockets in total have been fired into Israeli territory.
    • The IDF now believes that the Izzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades and other Palestinian military factions have Sagger anti-tank missiles in their possession. The Sagger AT-3 is an anti-tank missile that can pierce 400 mm of armor and hit a target up to 3 km (1.9 mi.). [11].
    • Following the U.N. brokered cease-fire on Aug. 11, 2006, Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported that Iran and Syria were already working to rearm Hezbollah, and stockpiles of weapons were awaiting transport for the group in Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards were specifically responsible for supplying those arms to militants in southern Lebanon. [12].

    In addition, several Palestinian terrorist groups receive training, financial support and weapons from Iran and Syria. They also receive thousands of dollars in reward money for each attack on Israel, according to an Israeli Security Agency source. [13].

    Sometimes they are paid before the attack and sometimes they submit a bill to Lebanon afterward and the money gets transferred a short while later,” according to the source. [14].

    Security officials also said Hezbollah is directly involved in smuggling thousands of dollars into Gaza to pay for the attacks. Militants are paid based on the number of Israelis they kill or injure by Qassams they fire into Israel.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran – the world’s leading state sponsor of terror [15]  – is the main source of financial support for these terrorist attacks against Israel.

    Both Hezbollah and Hamas refuse to relinquish their arms.

    On Feb. 18 Hezbollah cabinet minister Mohammed Fneish, who resigned his post in the Lebanese government in Nov. 2005, told the daily Al Mustaqbal that “We [Hezbollah] hold on to our weapons since their employment is not over yet .” [16].

    Hezbollah was required to disarm in compliance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 in August 2006. [17].

    Weapons Found Recently by the IDF in Gaza:

    In a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Nov. 14, 2006 Israel Security Agency Director Yuval Diskin outlined that following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Palestinian terrorist groups have smuggled into the Gaza Strip: [18].

    • 33 tons of military-grade high explosives
    • 20,000 assault rifles
    • 3,000 pistols
    • 6,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition
    • 38 long-range Qassam missiles
    • 12 shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft guided missiles
    • 95 anti-tank rocket launchers
    • 410 anti-tank rockets
    • 20 precision-guided anti-tank missile

    Iranian and Syrian-Supplied Weapons in Hezbollah’s Arsenal:

    • Israeli military sources report that the majority of Hezbollah’s rocket arsenal is comprised of 122-millimeter [19] Katyusha rockets with a range of about 19 kilometers. [20].
    • According to a report by The New York Times, the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets have ranges of 40 and 72 kilometers and sizes of 240-millimeters and 333-milimeters respectively. [21].
    • Israeli security officials suspect that Syria has also begun to provide Hezbollah 222-millimeter rockets with a range of 19-29 kilometers. [22].
    • According to an Iranian army official, Iran transferred to Hezbollah four types of long range missiles and rockets: Fajr missiles (100 km/62 miles), Iran 130 missiles (90-110 km/55.8-68.2 miles), Shahin missiles (150 km/93 miles) and 355 millimeter rockets (150 km/93 miles). [23].

    In his press conference to the foreign press on Feb. 21, Israeli PM Olmert also emphasized Iran’s noncompliance with the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737 deadline that passed the very same day.

    His statements came on the same day Iran made clear it would defy the United Nations resolution passed on December 23rd that gave Tehran 60 days to halt its uranium enrichment program. “Today is the last day that was designated by the international community and by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737,” Olmert said. “Therefore the international community will have to think of additional measures.”


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    The Israel Project is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. It provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.

    Board of Advisors: Senator Evan Bayh (IN), Senator Saxby Chambliss (GA), Senator Norm Coleman (MN), Senator Ben Nelson (NE), Senator Arlen Specter (PA), Senator Ron Wyden (OR), Congressman Rob Andrews (NJ), Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (NV), Congressman Tom Davis (VA), Congressman Eliot Engel (NY), Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ), Congressman Jon Porter (NV), Congressman Jim Saxton (NJ), Congressman Brad Sherman (CA), Congressman Joe Wilson (SC), Actor and Director Ron Silver

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    Before I start a new post, I would just like to straighten that which I have made crooked. When I wrote earlier (Sept. 19, 2006), I was very upset. I now remember why. The Pope’s life had been threatened, and I did not hear any Muslim voices coming out against that kind of action.

    I was very harsh and unforgiving. This is not the act of Christian who is walking with God. For this, I apologize to everyone for my wrong and bad behaviour. Please accept my apology.

    Now to move on to the Jerusalem News and World Report.

    Listen to Mike Evans’ riveting interview on the crisis with Iran: Click Here.

    Iranian Commander: Our Shahab Missile with Cluster Warhead Can Destroy an Aircraft Carrier
    The Shahab 3 missile has a cluster warhead, and consequently, its destructive power exceeds several kilometers, because the warhead spreads into bomblets. [It can be used] against large bases, large concentrations of people…even against aircraft carriers, because it explodes from above, so it can completely destroy an aircraft carrier with its planes.”
    Click Here.

    Iran Donates $120 Million to HAMAS
    Iran has donated $120 million to the Palestinian Hamas-led government and has said it is ready to give more, Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar said on Thursday in Tehran after talks with Iran’s Islamic government.
    Read More.

    Canada Takes Pro-Israel Stance at UN.
    Canada voted on the side of Israel at the UN Thursday for the third time in a row on the more than 20 Arab- and Muslim-sponsored resolutions that are annually critical of Israeli policy but light on Arab responsibilities.
    Read More.

    Call Terrorists By Their Rightful Name.
    The people the New York Times refers to as “militants” in Gaza who have been firing rockets daily from the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun at nearby towns on the Israeli side of the border, seeking to injure or kill Israeli civilians. Those who intentionally aim to kill civilians should be referred to as terrorists.Read More.

    Sign our to President Bush.
    President Bush must be encouraged to use all means at his disposal to prevent nuclear proliferation in Iran. Sign the petition now!

    Prayer Priorities:

    • Please pray for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Jewish people as they are faced daily with danger from every side. Pray that God will give him wisdom to be a wise leader. (Isaiah 59:19)
    • Pray for the soldiers kidnapped by HAMAS and Hezbollah, Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and for their families. They continue to wait for the return of their loved ones.
    • Pray for President Bush. Pray that God will give him wisdom. Pray for our members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, and state and local officials. (I Timothy 2:1-2)
    • Pray for the families of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort them, and give supernatural peace. (Philippians 4:7)
    • Pray for the safety of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. Pray that God will protect and guide them daily. (Psalm 5:11)
    • Pray for revival worldwide according to II Chronicles 7:14.

    I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer. Show the wonder of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes. Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked who assail me, from my mortal enemies who surround me. (Psalm 17:6-9)

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    Slavery in this country has been abolished since 1865, yet it continues. There were promises made (just like to the Indians) that were never signed into law (40 acres and a mule).

    There were the Jim Crow laws that declared ‘seperate but equal’ was good enough for our black brothers and sisters. They were not allowed to eat, drink or sit wherever a white person could. They could not go to the same schools, and the schools they were allowed to attend were delapitated. Fine choice, eh?

    Then there was bussing. Who’s idea was this? Oh yes. Sen. Ted Kennedy. I guess he figured that black children did not want or need their friends from home. What a foolish and evil way to treat our neighbors. What an evil way to treat our children.

    I am glad to say that we are doing much better. Is it truly better? Yes. Is it equal? In some areas of life, yes, in others, no. How do you change an ignorant person’s heart?

    Now we have a case–in this day and time–of slavery. It is outrageous that they only received a three years maximum prison sentence.

    Abdel Nasser Ibrahim, 57, was handed a three-year prison sentence while ex-wife Amal El-Motelib, 43, was sentenced to 22 months by US District Judge James Selna. [Read the complete article]

    Editorial: I hate slavery, and this is completey unacceptable. Three years? What? You are allowed to kidnap a child at the age of 10 in Egypt, bring her here, treat her with physical and mental abuse, and have her in servatude for four years, and you only get three years? I do believe that we, as Americans, should stand together and unseat this judge.

    Maybe United States Attorney Debra Wong Yang can explain to us what went terribly wrong. If anyone has any additional information on this case, please contact me.

    PS. The one thing to come out of this whole ordeal is the young lady, now 16, has been granted a visa allowing her to stay in America. I just pray she is blessed with a family whom will show her love, kindness, fairness, charity, and all the things she will need to have a successful and happy life.

    Hat tip: Pajamas Media.

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    America’s Truth Forum is having a symposium at Las Vegas November 10 and 11 of this year to warn and inform Americans of the true nature of the threat spreading throughout the world, including the US of A. You may read more at their site, and information on how to get there will also be available.

    From what I’ve just heard about who is going to be there-if you can, then be there. The man that interviewed OBL 3 times, including one time after 9/11, will be there. If you don’t believe us, will you believe him when he tells you OBL already has nuclear weapons? Washington doesn’t have time to listen him. Maybe you will…

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    The New York Post has written an interesting editorial regarding the reactions to a sentence in the speech Pope Benedict XVI gave in his hometown in Germany.

    It is quite interesting to watch this ‘peaceful religion’ protest, burn the Pope in effagy, threaten his life, murder Christans (as if this were new), burn down Churches, and all this is done after the apologies.

    Excuse me, but go to hell. Who do you think you are to tell the Pope anything? You do not have the first clue of worthiness to kiss the ground he walks on, nor do you have the worth to kiss the ground upon which I walk.

    Grow up, get a life, and stop threatening people. One of these days some people are not going to care what their government says, and they will take care of business themselves. Then you will find that Americans are tolerant up to a point. Cross that line? You will be in grave danger.

    It is now time to stop and apologize to us! Have a good day.

    Category: Church, (Religion) Discussion, News and Terrorism.

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    We seem to be at a point in time where you are asking that free speech be banned. I strongly and firmly condemn that idea. I shall not be silenced.

    Do you have some grievances? I don’t doubt that you do. Do I have some grievances? Yes, I do. I am VERY OFFENDED that you are murdering my Christian brothers and sisters.

    We keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. Let me explain one thing that you may have overlooked. Your actions are speaking so loud that I cannot hear your words.”

    If you keep burning down my Lord’s Churches and Synogues, YOU are the ones asking for violence. You promote it. You murder anyone who disagrees with you. Well, I’ve had it. You have not proven to me that you have chosen peace.

    I happen to know, for example, that it is okay in your religion to lie to someone who is not in your religion so that your treaties are no good. This is unacceptable. You also lie and murder amongst yourselves. Shame on you!

    If you want us to listen to you, we have some demands:

    Stop the honor killings.
    Put down your swords.
    Turn in the terrorists.
    Pledge allegience to the western country in which you live.
    Stop murdering.
    Stop burning down Churches.
    Stop burning down Synogues.
    Stop killing Shiites and Sunnis respectively.
    Put down the anger, pick up the dialogue.
    Don’t ever attack our Pope again. You could find yourself dead in his defense.
    Denounce Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, and all terrorists groups that come from your religion.

    There are too many differences dividing us which need not be there. You have created them, it is up to you to bring that wall down.

    Tear down this wall.

    Category: Misc. 2.

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    Please, we need all of your help. Fr. Saad Sirop of the Chaldean community in Iraq has been kidnapped. They have started a petition for his release, and you may sign it here.

    Please pray for his safe release. If you believe, truly believe with all of your heart, he shall be freed. Continue to pray non-stop. Keep him in your heart. To learn more, please click onto the first link above.

    Category: (Religion) Prayer, (Freedom) Political Prisoners and Iraq.

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    When I read this yesterday, I was infuriated. “How could this be?” I asked myself. It was a frightful conclusion that came to me. It is because no one wishes to go against the Mullahs of Iran.

    Do they not realize that this is precisely how the holocaust in Hitler’s Germany (not today’s Germany) began? Is anyone paying attention, taking note? Why has this not reached the news? Fear?

    Gateway Pundit has been watching and writing about this atrocity.

    Iranian Regime Supporting Leftists Harass Jews in Argentina

    A group of radical leftist supporters of the Iranian regimeprevented Jewish protesters from holding a demonstration at the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires today:

      Left-wing activists in Argentina prevented an anti-Iran demonstration.Argentine Jewish groups organized a demonstration Wednesday in front of the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires to protest Iran’s support for Hezbollah.
      But some 50 members of the group Quebracho stopped traffic and blocked the street so the Jewish demonstration couldn’t proceed.
      Argentine Jewish leaders expressed serious concern and demanded the freedom to demonstrate.
      “Public opinion can understand, from this event, who is playing with violence,” said Silvio Rossjansky, president of the Argentine Zionist Organization.

    A member of the Iranian community (L) argues with members of the Jewish community (R) who had planned a protest against Iran, near the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires August 23, 2006. (REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian)

    May someone else will start to pay. Then another and another, before it is too late…

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    It has come to that point in time whereas one must decide. Do you want to live in fear of offending someone, or do you simply want to live? Sometimes, you may have to fight for that right.

    Liberty was never gained by weak nor the mild. Freedom was never won by the pacifist nor the lazy. Life was never more precious as when one gave up his for another.

    Conspiracies are born from ignorance. They are also born of denial. Then there are those times when there simply is no conspiracy theory but a lie! Yes. People who want to kill you will lie to you. Are you surprised? What makes you think that that a murderer has the moral compass not to lie?

    This just in: The Lebanese men suspected of having deposited bombs on German trains last month were hired hands — in the employ of the German government itself.

    That, at least, is what one 27-year-old from Saudi Arabia believes. “It’s all a Protestant crusade,” the man explains. “All of northern Germany is Protestant, isn’t it? And so is President Bush.” Then the man launches into a melange of confusing arguments and historical facts. The bubonic plague, Martin Luther and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl all make a cameo. It’s all connected somehow, the man is sure of it. [continue reading]

    Was not Hitler a liar? Was he not a dictator? If you disagreed with him, was this hazardous to health? Then what do say to people who worship him? Yes, the Islamofascists. After all, was not Hitler a fascist?

    Hat tip: Spiegel Online and Little Green Footballs.

    Category: Terrorism and Germany.

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    I have completed the five-part series with Mr. Jay McGinley on Darfur, Sudan. You will find it at Knickerbocker News. Please start with Part 1 and read through to Part 5.

    He is an amazing man. He is willing to lay down his life in a peaceful form of protest until these lawmakers get moving and put troops in the Darfur region that are there to PROTECT (not rape, plunder, sell into slavery, etc.) these beautiful people. What are you willing to do? Have a blessed day.

    Category: Other and Prayer.

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    Memorializing Terror
    By Michael D. Evans
    Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the United Nations Security Council is currently meeting and is working intensely to push for a resolution concerning the situation in Israel and Lebanon. Read More.

    Outliving the Terrorists
    By Michael D. Evans
    There was a moment of clarity just a few years ago, in the aftermath of 9/11, when Americans reacted as one in the baptism of fire rained down by Bin Laden and company. Read More.

    A plan ‘to commit unimaginable mass murder’
    ALARMING intelligence that an attack was imminent was the trigger for police raids which captured 24 terrorist suspects, including two white converts to Islam. Read More.

    A test for the US, too
    In this region, Hizbullah’s survival in the face of the best Israel can throw at it is the equivalent of throwing blood in a tank full of sharks. Read More.

    Hot Rockets
    Ball bearings normally help motors and other machines run more smoothly. But among Islamofascists, they do exactly what Islamofascists do best: Destroy! Read More.

    A Price of Fighting Terrorism
    Wars, as we all know, are now fought on TV and are subject to far greater — and quicker — scrutiny than ever. Read More.

    After Lebanon, there’s Iran
    When the war in Lebanon ends, the US will have to piece together a whole new strategy for dealing with Iran – especially its nuclear program. Read More.

    Thank President Bush for His Support of Israel
    Israel faces deadly danger on all sides. Please ask President Bush today NOT to succumb to pressure from the Arab League, the UN, the EU, and Iran to turn his back on Israel. Sign the petition now!

    Please make a donation to the Haifa Emergency Fund
    The city of Haifa has been devastated by Iranian-supplied Hezbullah rockets. Please send your emergency gift today and show Mayor Yahav and the people in Haifa that we care, and that we are standing with them. Make a secure online donation today.

    Prayer Priorities

    • Please pray for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Jewish people as they are faced with attacks on every side. Pray that God will give him wisdom and knowledge to meet the attack of the enemy. (Isaiah 59:19)
    • Pray for the soldiers kidnapped by HAMAS and Hezbollah, Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and for their families.
    • Pray for President Bush. Pray that God will give him wisdom in the choices he makes, and the advisors to whom he listens. Pray for our members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, and state and local officials. (I Timothy 2:1-2)
    • Pray for the families of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort them, and give supernatural peace. (Philippians 4:7)
    • Pray for the safety of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. Pray that God will protect and guide them daily. (Psalm 5:11)
    • Pray for revival worldwide according to II Chronicles 7:14.
    • Please pray for the families of these killed in battle: Gilad Stukelman, Yoni Shmucher, Igor Kovalik, Noam Goldman, David Shmidov, Nir Cohen, Ben Sela, Natan Yahav, Rueven Novik, Adi Salim, Elad Dan, Gilad Zusman, Idan Kobi, Naor Kalo and Nimrod Segev.


    He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:1-2)

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    I cannot believe this. America, where is your heart? Where are your balls? Have you traded them in the hope people will like you impotent? I am a true American, and I hate being a coward because I am not. I also hate turning our backs on our one ally in the Middle East, the Israelis.

    How dare you sign on with the French and the Arab League! Are you crazy? I am very angry at you this moment in time. You want me to work on a campaign for you that will last only two years while our friends are fighting for their lives? Forget it. Find yourself another kool-aid drinker. I’m not the one.

    Would you care to know how they feel about this? I think you should have to swallow this bitter pill.

      Yoni,We are back in Israel and my unit is at rest, so I thought I would send you an email before we go back in on Friday night.I am afraid for my guys, the fighting has been tough but now that the UN is going to set a cease fire and Olmert what a SOB he is again stabbing Tzhal in the back again.

      We are going to go back to Lebanon before the world sh—ts on the Jews once again.

      Yoni how can I take my troops back to fight in such a mess, what is I loose one of my guys?

      What words can I use to comfort their families. I have some guys that have wives at home pregnant what if G-d forbid their dad is killed today, for what? I feel like sitting and crying but I got to lead my men.

      We have lost the war and the army has the ability to beat Hizballah, Syria and the Palestinians all at the same time, but the cowards will not let us.

      I got to go but I am afraid of the next 48 hours.


    I hope you remember this when the questions are asked again, “How did we allow this to happen? Never again!” Yeah, right…

    Update: What a shame it is that you are not in the middle of what is happening. To be so heartless as to have done this:

      I have had people send me emails saying soldier just buck up and get over it. They missed the fact that this person is an officer commanding a unit in the IDF. That is only care in the world right now is for his men. I will not give his rank for his protection.

    Have you absolutely no shame? Have you lost your freakin’ mind? Are you so cold of heart that you could not have know this for yourself? Excuse me, but I’m going to be sick…I am so ashamed…

    Category: Israel, Lebanon, UN and USA.

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    By Danica Kirka, Associated Press Writer.

      LONDON – British authorities thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up several aircraft mid-flight between the United States and Britain using explosives smuggled in hand luggage, officials said Thursday.

    So, there is no war I’ve been told. I have heard from Democrats, some way-out Republicans (Pat), and many a nut. I wonder, what is going to take to get your attention? We’ve already lost the World Trade Towers

    Have you forgotten?

    Update: There are several very well written articles and quite honestly, they are from the experts. First we have one by Evan Kohlmann:

      Al-Qaida’s Use of “Liquid Bombs” Targeting Airliners.
      …described Ramzi Yousef’s plans in detail — including his intention to travel to “France, Egypt, and Algeria after the activities here in the Philippines. The purpose was to train those Muslim brothers thereat, on using a Casio watch as a timing device, chemical mixtures to compound bombs, and to share his expertise in eluding detection on an airport’s x-ray machine, and eventually smuggling [onboard] this liquid chemical bombs.

    Three of those Egyptians have been caught. I wonder where the other eight are? What is there purpose? And they call me paranoid because I do not trust them? Ha!

    Next we have a fine article by Andrew Cochran:

      London Airline Bombing Plot News (updated 8:40 am ET)
      Searches continue at this hour in London after the arrest of 21 suspects. Here is the statement by the Homeland Security Department on the raised threat level to Severe, or Red, for commercial flights originating in the UK bound for the United States, with the threat raised to Orange for all flights within or bound for the US. Fox News: “The terrorists were targeting United, American, Continental airlines, two U.S. counterterrorism officials say. But anonymous sources later told FOX News that British airlines were also being targeted. A U.S. intelligence official said the plotters had hoped to target flights to major airports in New York, Washington and California, all major summer tourist destinations.” …

    The CounterTerrorismBlog sure has been on top of this. I mean all of them! Next we have Walid Phares:

      London: The “Shoe Bomber Factory” again?
      …I have been tiredly raising with legislators and officials on both sides of the Atlantic: From shoes to hand bags the Jihadists are not letting go of their morbid fantasy: bleeding the skies over the Atlantic. While most investigation will direct itself on the “hand bag” weapon in the next few hours and probably days, the larger question on the mind of Jihadism analysts will certainly be: where do these Jihadists come from and how come there are more of them?

    This is a very thoughtful post which gives me pause as to the people who are actually working versus the people in the know. I wonder, who are they listening to? Yes, some of them are gone, but their mentality is still present. Is it the same people they listened to before September 11, 2001? I sure as heck hope not…

    Category: United Kingdom, USA and Terrorism.

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    The Lebanese Parliament today rejected the ceasefire out of hand, saying it was not in Lebanon’s best interest. Need I say more?

    Category: News, Israel and Lebanon.

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