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That is the only word I could think to use to describe my feelings about the news I read at Blackfive’s site this morning. On Veterans’ Day no less. We all must come together to help this man, Lt Col Chessani, fight the Left bastards who are trying to ruin him. He is the father of five children, with one on the way, and he may lose his pension for a crime that NEVER happened. Thanks a lot Murtha…you scumbag.

Just a little background:

  • Two separate investigations by U.S. Army officers, a colonel and a general, found no evidence either of a “massacre” or a “cover-up.”
  • Chessani traveled to the site of the “massacre” to investigate and reported to every echelon of his chain of command what he did not find there.
  • An Article 32 Investigation also found no evidence of a “massacre” or a “cover-up.

Please read this article. Donate if you can. You can skip a cup of coffee, can’t you? You say you support the troops, okay. Here’s your opportunity to prove it. Help this patriot.

He is on trial because they found everyone else innocent. HUH?

Hat tip: Deebow at Blackfive’s.

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    Larry Craig is going to announce his resignation from the US Senate on Saturday, September 1, 2007, but he remains sturdy about his innocence. He will stay in the Senate until September 30, 2007. There will be a special election held in Idaho for his Republican seat. As it stands, the Republican governor will fill the seat with someone of his choosing. (I’m pretty sure.)

    After I listened to the taped ‘confession’ given by the senator, I was almost convinced he was telling the truth. Almost, however, is not a word that works well in the Republican Party when you screw up this badly. See ya!

    This is going to be an Open Trackback Weekend for all those lonely souls who have no place to go this Labor Day Weekend. I always thought, however, that LABOR day was a day when EVERYONE WORKED. Who knew? lol.

    I shall be here. Ho hum. Don’t worry, though. I like it wherever I am as long as I have my computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ah, as I was choosing the posts to backtrack to, I ran across MacBro’s Place. Apparently they do not like the kind of OTB’s where that’s all it is. I AGREE! HooYah! They are the most boring things I’ve come upon. So why is my post short? I plead NOT GUILTY! I have been posting my little fingers to the bone, and if you don’t believe me? Just check out my home page. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS. Thanks, Mac. I did feel like there was something missing. Some jazz! lol.

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    I have received a petition from a group I know and respect very well, the Patriot Post. They have a petition with 58,000 signatures already to free Agents Compean and Ramos, but their aim is to have at least 100,000 signers in order to present this petition to Congress. We can do this. It is for a cause I believe to be just and appropriate.

    A little background: Two of our border patrol agents are sitting in prison waiting for their appeal. They are in prison for what I consider to be doing their job. You may decide on your own. One of the agents was trying to arrest a drug smuggler (he had over 700,000 lbs of cocaine in his truck) when the smuggler wrestled himself free. This agent was now on the ground.

    What happens next is the bit of contention. As he is running, he turns around. What do you do? If you are so smart, what do you do??? Does he have a gun? He’s a drug smuggler. Most drug runners have guns. Is he going to shoot me? Should I wait and find out? Should I shoot one off just to scare him?

    Let me give you a clue. By the time you have answered all of these questions, it won’t matter. You are dead. If he has a gun. That’s all the time it takes, and then plus some! I’m not sure of the order in which the events took place right here, so I will not pacify the urge to indulge you. I will simply admit I do not know.

    I do know, however, that this dude ends up with a bullet going through his buttocks. (In and then out.) He runs and makes it across the border to Mexico. His partner, he AND ABOUT 7 OTHER AGENTS are there. Why didn’t he report the incident? Why didn’t he tell his captain that they picked up the shell casings? BECAUSE HE WAS WITH THEM. I am not going to my friend I what I had for lunch if she is the one who took me out in the first place! Duh!

    Anyway, so that’s where that stands. Getting back to the petition and the need for it. This drug smuggler, who received immunity to come and go as he pleased across the border and was arrested again for more cocaine, testified against the agents after OUR government went searching for him. BTW, the fact that he was arrested again for the very same crime was NOT allowed to brought to the jury’s attention. It was inadmissible due to the fact it might influence the jury. HUH? NO KIDDING!

    I’d better let you read the email before I get all upset…again.

    “Free the Texas Three and Secure our Borders” — a citizen petition calling on President Bush to commute the sentences of both former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, and their colleague, former Sheriffโ€™s Deputy Guillermo Hernandez; asking Congress to insist that the DEA prosecute Mexican national Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila on felony drug distribution charges; and demanding that Congress and the Bush administration secure our borders.

    I urge you to sign this petition today — right now! We need 100,000 signatures.

    To sign this petition online, link to — PatriotPetitions.US.

    If you don’t have Web access, you can sign this petition by sending a blank e-mail to: sign-borders@PatriotPetitions.US.

    Please forward this invitation to Patriot family members, friendsand associates.

    Thank you!

    I hope you decide to sign this petition. We need to stop this dangerous flaw of allowing just anyone from anywhere to come into our country. It is a privilege, not a right, to be here. Our border patrol agents are doing a very unforgiving, thankless job, and I thank them for it. Amen.

    Update: BTW, did I mention that the Congress is having hearings on this issue this week? Yes, they’d like to find out the truth about what happened to these men as well. Thank you.

    Update 2: This article has been picked up by Ft. Hard Knoxtwice! Those are great articles over there. Honest. The title of both of these articles are: “Blog Honor Roll 08/01/07” and I was added as an update at the end of, “A Little Justice on the Way for Compean & Ramos?.” Thank you, Jenn.

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    Zahra (Ziba) Kazemi was murdered four years ago this July 10th by Iranian Guards. They have not yet released her body, nor shall they ever, I fear. Her son, Stephen Hachemi, is still trying in mourning. He is trying to get her remains moved to Canada so that she may be near him. Here is an article that was written only a little while after her murder. For more information about her, you will find it here. This will help those of you who are following this case to keep up with the news about her. (Hat tip to Serendip for the links and some info. Thank you.)

    The reason I have given you this background is because a fried of mine, Winston, has sent me a play which is going to perform in Canada only six times. That is the only chance we will have to see it. It is truly a must see.

    Dear Friends,

    I am very pleased to invite you to visit our latest production: Ashes to Ashes, from Nobel Prize winner playwright: Harold Pinter.

    Our adaptation is dedicated to the memory of Canadian/Iranian photojournalist Zahra (Ziba) Kazemi, who was brutally killed behind the prison walls.

    The show will be part of SummerWorks Theatre Festival and will have only 6 runs on the following dates at the Tarragon Theatre’s mainspace:

    • Friday August 3rd 6:00 pm
    • Saturday August 4th 1:30 pm
    • Sunday August 5th 12:00 pm
    • Tuesday August 7th 9:00 pm
    • Friday August 10th 6:00 pm and
    • Sunday August 12th 7:30 pm

    Our artistic team includes: Gemini Award winner Brenda Bazinet (actress), NTS’ graduate Sam Malkin (actor) and NTS’ directing program’s student V. Rahbani (designer & director).

    For more details please click on the poster.

    You really shouldn’t miss this!

    Levon Haftvan
    Artistic Director
    Lemaz Productions

    I realize it is rather far for some of you, but I expect my Canadian friends to go. Please, send me a review. I would very much appreciate. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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    This is outrageous. In one county of Mississippi, there was flagrant voters’ rights denied, manipulated, paid off notaries public to illegally mark certain ballots, they imported illegal voters to run for office, they manipulated the registration rolls and so many other crimes that I’m surprised we haven’t heard from the high heavens ne’er a word about this.

    Here is one quote from Judge Tom Lee, “These abuses have been racially motivated.” Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Anyone? Hmm. This seems unual. Let us read further. Maybe they do show up.

    The man who is in charge of local politics is Ike Brown. He does not appear to be related to any of the bigwigs in the north. Oh, he is also a two time felon. Judge Lee had this to say about Mr. Lee, “…being the majority race in Noxubee County, [he believes that the politians] should hold all elected offices, to the exclusion…” of all other races. There are 12,500 people that live in this county and the other race makes up 30% of all the people, yet they only hold 2 out of 26 seats in that county.

    Judge Lee went on to condemn the political party of Mr. Brown for not taking more agressive steps to stop this abuse.

    No. I don’t see mention of the usual northern clamering people. Oh well. Maybe next time?

    This is a great article, because it was written at all. It is a travesty of justice and it mocks our constitutional rights. I have not mentioned his race or party on purpose. Mr. Brown is a black man who believes that ‘his’ county’s political seats should be held only by blacks, no whites need apply. Yes, he is a member of the Democrats. So are 9 out of 10 people in the press. Is it any wonder why you haven’t heard of this travesty?

    You want to start talking about a fairness doctrine? I say, “Let us start with the press”.
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    As you can read, Scooter Libby lost his appeal in court. I don’t know how, but he did. With all of Libby’s backers, I being one of them, we are very disappointed by Bush…again.

    Clinton gave Marc Rich a pardon, and here is a man who ripped off not only the IRS, but you and me. This is a very bad man who never showed any remorse. Clinton also gave a pardon to the FLAN. This is a terrorist organization from the ’70s. They never even asked for a pardon. Hmm. Was Billy a part of them? Makes one wonder…

    So. Bush cannot find it in his heart to undo this unjust decision? Forget you, Bush! You are a bigger disappointment than I ever could have imagined.

    So what lesson have we learned? Never trust a person who demands total loyalty, yet at the drop of a hat will feed you to the sharks. Shame on you, Mr. Bush. A man who will throw his friends to the wolves while he wines and dines those who are planning to take down the country and a member of the KGB who is president now of the beginnings of the old Communist state’s birth while Bush is temporarily in charge of the USA is no bigger a person nor is he as much worthy of the same that he demands of others.

    You are on your own, Mr. Bush.

    Update: Okay, so you figured me out. I’m a hot head. It is possible that Pres. Bush wanted to keep the appealate process work itself out all the way to the top. Possibly. We will find out at the end of his term if he pardons Scooter Libby. He did get my dander up, though. Sorry about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    This was passed along to me by Gregg from Pundit Review. I think it is as hilarious as it is eerily scary. Have fun.

    JUST SUPPOSE that at every ball game, graduation, prom, etc, someone who has had enough of stupid, anti historical court decisions had the guts to start reciting the Lord’s Prayer loudly, and others joined in, then more, until hundreds participated.

    And just suppose this spread all over our land until this became standard practice in hundreds of schools, then thousands, then tens of thousands.

    Just what would local school boards do? Expel half the student body? (They need their jobs and federal funding far too much to do that.) What would a Federal district court do? Order hundreds of nonviolent, decent minors jailed? Or thousands?

    Just what would the Supreme Court do about it – issue more edicts?

    What if millions decided the Supreme Court was out of its league and said, “So what?”

    Just suppose hundreds of brave school board members, local judges, prosecutors, and others, each in their own area of authority, refused to intervene, realizing that we have already tried it the other way, and the result was a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah of immorality and senseless violence.

    Just suppose this then spread next into classroom after classroom, And either a brave student or a brave teacher started the Lord’s Prayer (or Psalm 100, or a Bible reading, etc.) each morning, until hundreds of thousands stood up and did their part and stopped cowering before the destructive, God-hating secular attitudes of the pagan minority who parrot the media line.

    Just suppose every God-fearing Christian participated peacefully, nonviolently, but firmly and continually. Where would they get enough jails to hold us all? How would they prosecute hundreds of thousands?

    It is far more than the government can do to even stop the flow of illegal drugs, despite their best efforts, and overcrowded jails.

    What if hundreds of thousands stood up to the tyranny of the minority and demanded their freedom of religion back? They can’t build enough jails or courts to begin to deal with such a movement.

    During the Civil Rights battles of the 60’s, some of the black people decided they had had enough and stood up to the system. A few dozen here, a few hundred there, and eventually the whole country heard, and repented, and changed. Racial repression was an evil whose time was over.

    But now, there is another battle and the stakes are even higher. The future of all children, white, black, and otherwise, is at stake. No other country on earth allows a tiny minority of impractical anti-religious bigots to censor their people’s right to free religious expression. Even Russian public schools show videos of the life and teachings of Jesus now.

    We tend to get exactly the kind of government we deserve.

    If you make a time line or a graph, you will see that the exponential increase in public school violence, pregnancy, and foul language all started at exactly the time the Supreme Court threw prayer and Bible reading out of the schools. We told God we didn’t need Him, and the results speak for themselves.

    Just suppose hundreds of Christians passed this message on to all their friends, leaders and contacts.

    Just suppose hundreds of churches, organizations and ministries passed this message on to their constituencies with a request to reprint, repost and repeat it wherever possible.

    Just suppose you are a lighthouse. Once upon a time the Church was the moral conscience and spiritual lighthouse of the nation. Now, most congregations are impotent, pusillanimous minor-league social welfare agencies or mutual comfort societies with no impact on the world around their little enclave.

    Just suppose you don’t know what you should do.

    Just suppose that you take action, pass this on, or just simply read it and YOU DO NOTHING.

    Ah, that is the question, isn’t it?

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    You said it, Lou.


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