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This is such a great program, please help us to show these wounded Sailors how grateful we are for their unselfish sacrifices. What this program entails is creating for them a life that is closer to the one they used to know before their injuries.

I will be trying to raise more money than the Army, Marines and everyone else! for our Sailors to receive a laptop computer that is voice activated. This way, they can communicate with loved ones through e-mail, blog, keep a diary of their progress, etc.

Soldiers’ Angels started this program a few years back. Won’t you consider saying, “Thank you” by donating today?

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The white rectangle says, “Make a Donation.” All monies go directly to the program. I receive nothing, and I would not accept anything. This is about them. So come on. Dig deep! We’ve got to beat the other branches, and we are behind. No matter. We always beat them in football, now we need some foot-soldiers to help put us over the top. 😉

Thank you so much for any amount you spare. It all adds up, ya know. 🙂

Hat tip: Laughing_Wolf over at Blackfive, and Blackfive.

Update: Stix Blog has a very touching, angering, sweet, hard and emotional post that we all must read. For most of us, some of these are photos we’ve seen before. He has tastefully arranged them with commentary included. Please, if you read no other blog today, read this one. Write about it, pass it on, understand it to the best of your ability. This is what these brave men and women do to keep us safe. The least we can do is to honor them.

Update 2: There are other sites for the other branches of our military, and I think it is only right that I provide them for you.

I do have a request from any of you techie guys. I cannot seem to get the code to work here. Would you please help me? Thank you. 😉

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Seriously though, all the money goes into the same program. It’s just fun having a little competition. GO NAVY!

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Prayers for Kevin Everett

Many times we are serious, silly, non-chalant in our writing; but today I would like to ask a favor of you. Please, go to this site and send Kevin your best wishes and prayers.

Kevin Everett is one of the Buffalo Bills tight ends. He has suffered a major cervical spine injury in last Sunday’s game, and he was immediately taken to surgery from the field. You may read more about his condition and the reaction of the team here.

He was visited by his teammates, but he cannot speak as of the writing of that news article. We are asking you to go to the first link and send a message of encouragement, get well, prayers, whatever you feel like saying EXCEPT do not send any crap. I will hold you personally responsible, and so will God. You got that? Good.

I am going to introduce this as my open trackback instead of tomorrow’s games finals, because you will still be able to find those stats right here. I believe this is more important, because it involves one of our brothers in Christ. Please use the first link above. There is another link that provides you with an update and a little information about his conditition. Thank you, and God bless you. (For you athiest, thank you for your good deed.)

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    In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a freeway bridge crossing the Mississippi River collapsed into the river at rush hour, about 6 pm their time. There are people in the river, rescue workers everywhere, and the bridge has totally collapsed into the river. Tons of concrete fell as the bridge was collapsing. There was school bus about to get on the bridge, but fortunately was spared. They did not get on the bridge. Thank God for huge favors.

    They have set up rescue and medics. They are still pulling people out of the river. There are some deaths, but no one is sure of how many injuries and deaths have occurred. CNN is claiming one fatality, but an eye witness believes there are more than that.

    Everyone, you know what to do, but I’m going to nudge you anyway. PRAY.

    Update: CNN is now claiming 3 dead. I am going to keep in reserve my feelings about a possible terror attack. I don’t know, but then again, neither do you. It could be…

    Update 2: Get off the bridge! They fear the 4th section of the bridge is about to collapse. This may be the center section which is still above the water.

    Sources: Chicago Tribune and John Brewer of Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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