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I’m not ignoring you!

I am still putting a few last minute touches on the my new site, which is keeping me up quite late. Therefore I fall asleep without my consent! (I found the macaroni salad in my hand when I woke up, lol.) Then I get to bring all the posts from 2004 on over here. Oh boy, am I looking forward to that! NOT! lol. Well, better get going. You are all still in my prayers. 🙂

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Now comes the work

I am going to move everything I’ve written over to this site manually. I am going to start with My Newz ‘n Ideas. This is my very first site, and I have over 2000 posts. Ayiiyai! Oh well. Sometimes we have just have buck-up and do it. After I am finished with that, I shall return with my next site. Which one? God only knows! lol.

I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this so you’ll know what in the world is taking me so long to publish anything. Right now I am on July 20, 2004!

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Woe is me!

It is almost 5pm, and I am just waking up. It may have something to do with the fact that I did not go to sleep until after noon! I was working on trying to duplicate this template with one that had my ‘Rosemary’s Thoughts’ as its URL. You would not believe how HARD that is to do!

Why would I want to do that, anyway? To make it easier for you guys. If you would like to find me, either bookmark me, add me to your sidebar so you don’t have to remember the URL or google me. lol. I have to go back now and erase my registration for the other site in Feed.Feedburner! Oivay!

Oh, by the time I got to my email, I had 117 messages! Wow! If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, please do not despair. It takes a while to go through them. I have some DoD Daily News work to do yet (but you can catch it first at DoD Daily News-2). I also have some religious posts that need updating, and I also have some news for Knickerbocker News. But enough about my ‘to do’s’. lol.

Have a good day everyone, and don’t forget to let your senators hear your voices on this amnesty bill! There is another cloture vote in the morning, June 28, 2007. We MUST kill this bill. The number is TOLL FREE 1-866-340-9281. 🙂

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News from my sites

I’ve written a post telling my readers about my new site. I’ve decided to use this site as a bulwark against the tide. The tide of having to go here and there and everywhere just to read what I’ve written. Whatever I write, I will also post at least the title here. Hopefully, there will be enough room for me to write more than the title. Maybe I’ll just post the whole thing!

I could post everything here. Why not? It’s MY site! Can’t you tell? It has my name on it. Remember when you were a child and you would call something because you couldn’t reach it from where you were? Such as, “I have the front seat! (of a car)” or “I get the remote control!” or someone would come by and say, “That’s my seat,” etc. The response would naturally be, “It ain’t got your name on it!” Ho hum.

Well, THIS HAS MY NAME ON IT! LOL. Have a great and blessed day.

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