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The other day, I noticed I was receiving well over 100 emails a day! That was all well and good, but many of them were just verifying that we ‘dugg’ this or that of our group members articles. When using Digg, you can find out who “Dugg” by clicking on one of the buttons (if it was your article, I think).

Well. I woke up this morning at around 3:30 am and lo and behold, there were NO messages from our group, Conservative Post Pimp! I hope everyone didn’t get the wrong message. We just shouldn’t email every time we ‘digg’ an article, because everyone in the group gets an email. Google groups, that is.

I enjoy a good joke here and there, and they lift me up during my day of researching news and politics. Sometimes I would even say, “Thanks. I needed that!” (Does anyone remember that commercial? lol) Please, don’t feel as if you cannot email anymore just to make us smile or because you’ve written something and you would like our advise or comments. Heck, isn’t that why we started this group after all?

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