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I have moved

Dear Readers,

How are you? I am doing so-so. Moving is not all it’s cracked-up to be, or is it? I feel as if I’m cracked! lol.

I wanted to let you know that I have moved. I decided it was time that I brought all of my sites together so that people could get a better feel or idea of who and what I believe and why.

The new URL is Rosemary’s Thoughts. I bought my own site, but I am now using WordPress from a seperate server. (Is that how it is said?)

Please come and join me. I need your input to help me stay the course and have fellowship. Thank you so much for all the encouragement you have given me in the past. God bless your families and you.

Update: It did not work out, so I can still be found at Rosemary’s Thoughts (WordPress). I hope to see ya over there. God bless you.


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Cross-posted at Rosemary’s Thoughts.

I have been banning all Iranian products into my house since 1979. Here is a group now that is asking you to do the same. Actually, they are asking for a little more.

Ask President Bush, today, to impose strict economic sanctions against Iran’s import of refined petroleum products. Iran, one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil, lacks the facilities to produce a refined product. As a result, Iran is one of the largest importers of gasoline – nearly half of all gasoline used by Iranians. Now, the Iranians are feeling the pinch of raised prices and gasoline rationing imposed by the government.

A bipartisan group in the U.S. House is seeking economic sanctions against Iran in an attempt to reduce the amount of gasoline imported by Tehran.

The legislation calls for companies that provide Iran with gasoline or assists with the import of gasoline would not be allowed to sell gasoline to U.S. customers. Iran imports most of its gasoline from Persian Gulf states and India.

According to Rep. Mark S. Kirk, R-IL: “This is becoming the critical weakness of the Iranian government, meaning its dependence on gasoline. Riots [in Iran] show the gasoline shortage is a growing danger to the Iranian regime and a diplomatic opportunity for Western countries to force Iran to adhere to international nuclear rules.”

The legislation would provide President Bush with several options, as well as several penalties. Included among these are: denial of loans and credits from the Export-Import bank and loans or licenses for exports to the U.S. [Um…I thought we already had this?] The House Foreign Affairs Committee has already approved “legislation designed to strike at investments in Iran.” State Department spokesman Tom Casey said, “We need to do everything that we can to continue to raise the stakes in Iran in terms of its nuclear program.”

Another supporter of the bill, Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., said, “Our goal must be zero foreign investment.” To reach that end, the U.S. is also working with European allies to try to increase penalties against Tehran. Of course, the countries that do a lucrative business with Iran don’t want to do anything to upset the powers that be.

Vote Your Opinion NOW!

Just as we have defeated big business here in America (NO illegal aliens!), we must bring to the light our European ‘friends’. We must explain to them, in a calm way, that there are higher ideals in this life than how much money you can grab. This is one of them.

Unless you want all of your women living under the Caliphate, which means clothed from head to toe with no skin showing, you must be with us on this. There truly is a war against us. It is to elimate everyone who does not believe as they do, Sharia Law, their idea of what a Muslim should be, and many more horrific things.

If you want to understand more, you may be interested in this book:

The Final Move Beyond Iraq.

Thank you.

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Cross-posted at Rosemary’s Thoughts.

I just got through with a conference with Miri Eisin, Foreign Press Spokeswoman for Israeli PM Ehud Olmert’ office, and I have more question than answers, I’m sorry to say. I could not hear the questions being asked of her after her initial press conference, so it may just be a misunderstanding.

There was a meeting yesterday with President Mubarak, PM Abbas, King (or President) Abdullah from Jordan and PM Olmert in the efforts of taking an opportunity out of this madness (the civil war in the Gaza Strip) and turning it into a chance to move forward with the 2 state solution. She kept repeating that PM Olmert, she and the others were not going to allow the terrorists to define them, but that the moderates were going to take control and define themselves and their destiny.

They were going to move forward-cautiously of course-with diplomacy. It is going to be a process with a vision of peace at the end of the rainbow. What happened in Gaza was horrific, but this opens the door to opportunity and they are going to walk through it.

There are three main articles that came up. They are:

1. Abbas fired Hamas’ elected officials from the government, and now Abbas is working with an emergency government.2. There will be 250 Arab prisoners, some will be Fatah, released from Israels prisons. The criteria for their release will be that they must not have blood on their hands and they must admit that Israel is NOT the cause of the suffering for the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. They had brought it on by themselves by their own actions, their own choices, their own doing (or lack thereof).

3. Abbas has said to the Arabic world, in Arabic (very important because they sometimes say one thing in English and another in Arabic) that he renounced the violence of Hamas, he believed in a 2 state solution living side by side with Israel in peace, and he recognizes Israel. (I’m not sure of the last one. I can hardly read my notes!)

She also talked about the atmosphere produced so the talks could move forward. She stated that it would be a good idea to widen the scope of the dialogue. They are going to meet again next month, since the new emergency government is only around 10 days old.

Then the questions started. I could not hear the questions, but I could hear the answers. Maybe that is where the confusion comes. The first answer was indeed unique. For the first time, there were no, “Yes, BUT’s” in their conversation.

Then she said they would give access to the West Bank! This way they could have freedom of movement. (Do you know who else could have freedom of movement, dear?) They also recognize the emergency government as the ruling government. (How long have we been called occupiers, although the government is in Iraq is elected?) However, access and free movement are very important to human beings. (I just pray it is not a mistake.)

There shall never be a compromise with terrorists such as Hamas and others. As to the money that has been held back due to the Hamas government, that shall be released just as soon as they can both agree on a way that is best for the people’s humanitarian needs. There are dozens of truckloads per day being delivered everyday, but the Left press will not write about this. (It bothers me that facts are not disclosed, no matter what the situation.) Also, they both want to make sure the money goes to the moderates and not to the terrorists.

Later in the questioning period, they declared there would not be any benchmarks, ultimatums, or the such. This is what people looking in from the outside do not understand. You cannot do such a thing, especially with a government that is only 10 days old!

At the meeting yesterday, Mubarrak said that what Hamas did was create ‘a coup’. Abbas agreed, basically, because he said the same thing at a later date. Abbas also declared it was totally unacceptable. However, it is too soon to expect any elections in the West Bank.

There were questions about trust (many questions). The answer was rather usual. Trust must be built, even if it is with your enemies of old. What alternative is there? (Fight back?)

Iran was mentioned, Syria was mentioned, Russia was mentioned, and I have no answers for you. My fault. I was writing as fast as I could! I did happen to catch one comment. Israel has an economy that surpasses that of the EU! I wish I knew those numbers. Now that’s something new I could really sink my teeth into.

Let us pray for Israel and her neighbors countrymen and women. (Notice I did not say governments?) Pray for peace, understanding, forgiveness and readiness.Let us also pray that Israel realizes that the more the give, the more the Arabs will consider this weakness. I know most of the Israelis have hearts of peace, and they want the war to stop. Sometimes you have to have take other paths, sometimes you don’t. Let us pray this is one of those times you don’t, but if it is? Let us pray they have the chutzpah! (Yes, I am an Israel supporter. You can’t even sue me! Hahaha.)

H/t: Israel Project.

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foxnews rescheduled (subject to last minute changes) the airing of “Muslims against Jihad” to tonight- 9pm EST/6pm pst. [note – please read full press release below from abg films, inc. discussing the details of the release of this film — the second of two 52 min. documentaries by abg films originally made for the pbs crossroads series]


Fox News Channel to Air Special on Sunday, 24 June 2007

(always subject to emergency programming changes)


ABG Films is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that will bring to an end the suppression of “Islam vs. Islamists: Voicesfrom the Muslim Center” by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).


In mid-August, the five stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) will air the film, together with a panel discussion featuring, among others, one of the anti-Islamist Muslim moderates featured in “Islam vs. Islamists,” Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.  OPB will also make the film and the panel discussion available to other public broadcasting affiliates.  While it remains to be seen which, if any, of these affiliates will broadcast “Islam vs. Islamists,” ABG Films is gratified by the affirmation OPB’s distribution represents of the filmmakers’ unwavering position:  This documentary fully meets the technical and other standards required for broadcast on the public airwaves. 


            The agreement between CPB and ABG Films also cleared the way for the second of the two 52-minute-long programs produced as part of the latter’s submission to the “ America at a Crossroads” series – now entitled “Muslims Against Jihad” – to be broadcast elsewhere.  The Fox News Channel will be airing this documentary nationally, together with interviews with its Director-Producer, Martyn Burke, and Co-Executive Producer Frank Gaffney, during prime time from 9:00-10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Sunday, 24 June 2007.


      Speaking on behalf of his fellow partners in ABG Films and Co-Executive Producers, Alex Alex iev and Mr. Burke, Mr. Gaffney said:


            “We are extremely gratified that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – whose vision for and support of the ‘America at a Crossroads’ series enabled the making of ‘Islam vs. Islamists’ and ‘Muslims Against Jihad’ – has now made it possible for both films to be seen by the American people.  It is deeply regrettable that PBS and its Washington station, WETA, precluded the former from airing as CPB had intended during the April roll-out of the ‘Crossroads’ series and refused even to view, let alone air, the latter. 


“We are confident, however, that in the weeks ahead – as millions of Americans are afforded an opportunity to judge both of these films for themselves – it will become clear how groundless are the charges PBS and WETA leveled against “Islam vs. Islamists” and the team that produced it and its companion documentary.  Indeed, those unfounded and, in some cases, defamatory charges will be seen for what they always were:  Scurrilous efforts by some of those entrusted with control of the public airwaves to suppress the voices of courageous, anti-Islamist Muslims at the very moment they need most to be encouraged and amplified.”


ABG Films expresses its appreciation to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting  for bringing such suppression to an end.  It is deeply grateful to the Fox News Channel and others around the country who will help rectify that travesty by affording outlets nationwide to these Muslims and their support for religious tolerance and democratic, secular governments – and their stalwart opposition to the Islamists and their jihad.


            For more information about the “Islam vs. Islamists” and “Muslims Against Jihad” story, please visit www.FreetheFilm.net.  To request interviews with the filmmakers and the anti-Islamists featured in their documentaries, contact Keith Appell or Karen Northon at 703-683-5004.

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I received this email a few days ago, and I want to share it with you. Mr. Jasser was involved with the infamous documentary, “Islam vs. Islamists.” Have a nice day.

Exclusive:  CAIR’s Islamism Revealed
M. Zuhdi Jasser.
Author: M. Zuhdi Jasser
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: June 15, 2007

CAIR’s Islamism Revealed

By M. Zuhdi Jasser

The Washington Times printed a report by Audrey Hudson this week, “CAIR Membership falls 90% since 9/11”, discussing CAIR’s (Council on American Islamic Relations) membership numbers as disclosed on CAIR’s own 990Tax returns. Within hours, CAIR described the report as a ‘hit-piece’ in a hate-filled rant of a press release and action alert. A review of the Times piece reveals simple reporting of data from CAIR tax forms on their dwindling membership numbers, donor numbers, and yet increasing funds.


The piece quotes Parvez Ahmed, CAIR Chairman, on the countervailing increase in the number of CAIR chapters around the country during the same period post 9/11. It also cites the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) listing of CAIR as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) HAMAS fundraising case. The DOJ refers therein to CAIR’s leadership and origins as, “members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee and/or its organization.”  For all CAIR’s objections, there was no refutation of any of this.


With the elaboration of these facts and more, CAIR still ran wild describing the Times reporter as “having a vendetta against our organization and the American Muslim community since she was barred from a recent CAIR news conference because of her sloppy and agenda-driven reporting.” With a report revealing that its national membership figures reported to the IRS are less than 1700 members in 2006, they still have the audacity to say that criticism of CAIR is equivalent to criticism of over 3 million Muslims in the “American Muslim community”.


This is, clear and simple, the modus operands of “political Islam” and its Islamist operatives. This is also more than likely one of the reasons for their dwindling membership numbers. While they may occasionally be doing good work for the civil rights of certain Muslims in America on selected cases, their Islamist political agenda and their persistence in the claim that criticism of CAIR is akin to criticism of all American Muslims is dishonest, deceptive, and a hijacking of our faith community.


Rather than respond with a semblance of a valid intellectual discourse or refutation of the ideas and facts contained in the June 12 report, CAIR preferred to respond with further empty screeds of hyperbole, victimization, and false claims of religious intolerance and hate-mongering. They claim to be working toward eliminating hate. Yet, they have a wild imagination of hate and rush to claim victimization as they deflect any substantive debate. This actually makes a compelling case for the fact that their attention to perceived incidents of intolerance for Islam and Muslims is a means to an ends of the empowerment of political Islam. In fact Nihad Awad told a gathering of Muslims just that in April in a discussion on their ‘flying imam’ lawsuit in Virginia at ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society).

Reporting to an organization like CAIR is important, because it is empowering. It is empowering to the Muslims themselves who report, it is empowering to the organization, and it is important to the status of Muslims within the United States. Also it is a powerful tool and message to the government and the legislators, to those who make the laws in the country, to know that this phenomenon has to be dealt with, it has to be dealt with effectively, and results have to be seen...

CAIR scavenges for claims of civil rights abuses not necessarily just to try and humbly build bridges to the greater American community. Is their agenda, in fact, more about empowering Islamists and intimidating non-Islamists?

The rule of law and the protections of our Constitution are certainly the cornerstone of the protection of our rights of religious freedom in America. But there is a fine line between the legitimate representation of individual Muslims whose rights of religious freedom have been infringed and the blatant manipulation of a system for the advancement of a variant political ideology at the expense of some victims.

True to form in the usual Islamist fallback to public criticism, CAIR claimed that the Washington Times was ‘anti-Muslim’ and ‘anti-Islam’. They use the protection of religion when the facts are not on their side. They use the discourse of politics when they want to push forth their Islamist agenda with the presumption of speaking for all Muslims. They will delve into the political only on their own terms in both foreign and domestic policy but when they are on the receiving end of political criticism they run for cover under the guise of victimization.


Why all of the venom directed at the Washington Times or at their reporter, Audrey Hudson– one of the few national reporters willing to peel the Islamist onion and look deeper into Islamist organizations like CAIR and their ideologies? There is absolutely nothing in the Times report anti-Islamic or anti-Muslim. It is simply critical of CAIR. To say that CAIR is synonymous with Islam or Muslims is Islamism and gives all Muslim non-members of CAIR (the vast majority of American Muslims) short shrift.


It is long overdue for America and especially for Muslims to discuss why such political discourse and reporting could ever be described by an organization like CAIR as being anti-Muslim or anti-Islamic. In fact, a more cogent argument could be made that such reports are pro-Muslim and pro-Islam since they ultimately rescue most Muslims from the grip of Islamists and Wahhabists. Such discussion of realities and ideologies will go a long way toward preserving a positive image of Islam and the inclusiveness of all Muslims under a purely spiritual Islam devoid of a political agenda.

Nothing is more clarifying than, CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper’s own quotation in their Action Alert.


“It is CAIR’s principled and effective defense of the American Muslim community and our criticism of failed foreign and domestic policies that have made us the target of these scurrilous attacks. We will not be intimidated or silenced by hate-mongers.”


Herein, CAIR claims to be defenders of the entire Muslim community. Where did I sign up for that? Herein, CAIR admits to its primary active critique of American domestic and foreign policy on behalf of the entire American Muslim community. Thus, CAIR and so many of the other American Islamist organizations are about much more than simply “defending the civil rights of Muslims”. If only they stuck to civil rights, less Muslims would have problems with them. They are about the penetration of political Islam into our foreign and domestic policy under the guise of civil rights. In fact, their constant refrain about intimidation and hate-mongering is in fact a cultivation of their own industry. The lawsuit they are sponsoring on behalf of the ‘flying imams’ in Shqeirat v. U.S. Airways, et al, is much more about intimidation than about bridge-building or religious freedom as AIFD has noted.


The next step in this assessment of constituency is to understand their ideology. So much of the substantive criticism of CAIR arises from their unwillingness to be specific in condemnations of radical Muslims, radical organizations, and despotic regimes. Perhaps their dwindling numbers are in fact an ideological problem which does not speak to the majority of American Muslims. Honest debate will have to include a discussion of CAIR’s and other American Islamist organization responses to the following questions which I have been querying for a long time.


1-Will CAIR work to dismantle and lead an organized effort against terrorist organizations and individuals by name beginning with Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Jamaat al-Islamiya, and HAMAS to name just a few of the radical Islamist enemies of America? Will they name and ideologically engage the extremism of the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia, the theocrats of Iran or the despots of Syria, Egypt or Sudan, and the litany of other dictatorships in the Muslim world? Empty generic condemnations of terrorism are of no impact.

2-Will CAIR acknowledge that political Islam (Islamism) whether militant or not, is the toxin which feeds the terrorism committed by radicalized Muslims?

3-Will CAIR acknowledge the need out of honesty for a faith-based civil rights organization to equally focus upon the civil rights abuses of Muslims by other Muslims as well as by non-Muslims whether it occurs in mosques, Muslim organizations, or so-called Muslim nations? A dismissal of Muslim abuses is hypocrisy.

4-Will CAIR acknowledge that counter-terrorism is a greater public responsibility to the organized American Muslim community than the obsession with the protection of our civil rights? Is it not the primary role of Muslim American organizations to lead the ideological war against radical Islamists? Isn’t this the number one issue on the mind of most Americans in 2007? Non-Muslims can do nothing to deconstruct this poisonous ideology. Our fellow Americans living in fear for their security are looking for us to lead this fight. The credibility of Muslims is suffering deeply as a result of the complete denial of this responsibility by groups like CAIR. In fact, there may be no better way to preserve our rights than by leading an ideological movement against political Islam and militant Islamism.

5-Will CAIR join anti-Islamist Muslims in declaring that the “Islamic state” regardless of its democratic processes is in principle significantly inferior to a “pluralistic Constitutional democracy under God” like the United States? Will CAIR declare the concept of a global Caliphate as archaic and no longer relevant to Muslims in the 21st century? Is the concept of the Muslim “ummah” or “nation” archaic?

6-Will CAIR join what was described in the Pew poll as the 49% of Muslims who felt that the mosque was not the place for the discussion of politics? Will they then help AIFD expose political sermons and their agenda around the United States? Will they moreover call upon our fellow co-religionists to fully and unequivocally separate the spiritual from the political? If they will not, will they recognize that they only represent Islamists and those who believe in political Islam—the remaining 51% according to Pew?

7-How can they honestly claim to speak for anyone beyond their membership and donors?

The Washington Times piece about CAIR was not a hit-piece nor was it anti-Muslim or anti-Islamic. It begins the long overdue debate about the agenda of organizations like CAIR and where they stand with regard to political Islam and these questions. Soon, mainstream media and government leaders are going to need finally to begin to ignore the intimidation tactics of organizations like CAIR and to engage political Islam on the questions above.

They need to do so without fear of violating political correctness or offending pious Muslims. Spiritual Islam and non-Islamist Muslims in fact still are often at the mercy of Islamists, not just in America but across the globe. This is often not only due to the passivity of the majority of non-activist Muslims but to the propping up by government and the MSM of Islamists. We saw this in the recent refusal of PBS to air ABG Films, Inc. documentary, Islam v Islamists. Many anti-Islamist Muslims yearn for the day when the personal domain of the faith of Islam is not poisoned by any national domestic and foreign policy agendas of Islamist organizations like CAIR. American political discourse by activist Muslims should be all about our common national interests and universal humanitarian principles and not about being Muslim, Islamic, or being victims. The Muslims who cannot make this distinction may as well form overt Islamic political parties and make it more obvious as to their intentions and platforms when it comes to American domestic and foreign policy.

# #

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor M. Zuhdi Jasser is the founder and Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy based in Phoenix Arizona. He is a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander, a physician in private practice, and a community activist.

He can be reached at Zuhdi@aifdemocracy.org.
Read full author bio here.

© 2003-2007 FamilySecurityMatters.org All Rights Reserved.

If you are a reporter or producer who is interested in receiving more information about this writer or this article, please email your request to pr@familysecuritymatters.org.

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I have sinned against You, Lord. I have not read my Bible, I do not go to Church, I lay down to sleep rarely ever remembering to pray and give thanks for another day of life, and I have allowed the flame in my heart almost go out.

Oh my Lord, I repent of these sins. Please Lord, take me by the hand and lead me back to You. I heard myself thinking about how ‘I will’ fix this, and I heard and knew that I was the one who ‘willed’ me into this shameful place. I do not believe I can do this by my will. I need You, oh Lord. Please hear my plea.

I have become so busy there is no room or time for You. I always believed You would never leave me. If I were to read in Revelations about the Church of Ephasus, You told them to remember their first love. This is in the beginning of the second chapter. I know this because it is a chapter I keep having to come to everytime. Why?!?

What is wrong with me, Lord? I know that I am human, but why is it always the same sin? It is as if I do not love You, but I do. I want to. What is wrong with me?

Whatever the problem may be, I turn my life over to You once more. I should do this everyday, but I have been forgetting to do this too.

Remember one of my favorite songs, Lord? Did you think to pray! I will write it so I can see it everytime I look here.

Refrain:Oh, how praying rests the weary! Prayer will change the night to day; So, when life seems dark and dreary, Don’t forget to pray.

1. Ere you left your room this morning, Did you think to pray? In the name of Christ, our Saviour, Did you sue for loving favor, as a shield today?

2. When you met with great temptation, Did you think to pray? By His dying love and merit Did you claim the Holy Spirit As your Guide and Stay?

3. When your heart was filled with anger, Did you think to pray? Did you plead for grace, my brother, That you might forgive another Who had crossed your way?

4. When soar trials came upon you, Did you think to pray? When your soul was bowed in sorrow, Balm of Gilead did you borrow At the gates today?

I feel better already. I am very sorry, Lord. I don’t write here everyday as I should. I feel so all alone. I have no one to pray with, I can’t get out of this apartment, and I have asked for Bible study partners. People have their own lives to live, and I don’t hold that against them. I guess it will be You and me for a while, eh? I just don’t want to get it wrong. That is what scares me the most.

When I left that cult, it threw me for a bigger loop than I realized. I want to know what was originally said, not what man says it said. I never want to be brainwashed again. Yes, that is my fear. I don’t even trust myself…Have a nice day.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

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Below is an email I received from Greg Koukl. He is a very wise and gentle man who shares his spirit-filled messages with us on the radio every Sunday from 3-5 pm on channel KBRT 740. I would like to share his message with you. I hope you enjoy it. God bless you.


Dear Rosemary,

I like arguments.

Arguments-points of view buttressed with reasons-on the other hand, are one of the principal means we use to separate fact from fiction.  Jesus used them.  Paul used them.  Peter used them.  We should use them, too.

Rational reasons can be a barrier to belief.  The Christian message simply doesn’t make sense to everyone, or it raises questions or counter-examples that make it difficult to even countenance Christianity until those issues are addressed.

But often rational appeals fail to persuade for other reasons.  If your thoughtful response fails to have an impact, is not acknowledged or, worse, doesn’t even seem to have been noticed, maybe one of these reasons is lurking in the shadows:

1. An emotional reason to resist
2. A prejudice to reject
3. Too stubborn to concede.

As you can see, we have very limited control over how other people respond to us.  That’s largely in God’s hands. We can remove some of the negatives or dispel some of the fog-and we ought to try to do both.  But at the end of the day, a person’s deep-seated rebellion against God is a problem only a supernatural solution can fix.

That’s why at STR we always emphasize faithfulness and obedience first, and results second.  We need to be ready with an answer, and a good argument to help remove the intellectual barriers.  But arguments always need to be presented in conjunction with trust and dependence on the Holy Spirit to work in the person’s heart.

Trusting in Him,

Greg Signature

Greg Koukl

A related resource to go deeper...

Listen to a related broadcast...

Adapted from Greg’s June Mentoring Letter.

Log in to read the entire letter here....

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A few days ago in southern China, rural villagers banded together and decided to fight back against their country’s coercive population policy.

When Chinese population police showed up at their door, armed with sledge hammers and cattle prods, many families with more than one child refused to pay their “social child-raising fee.” In response, the population police forcibly took their property and destroyed their homes with sledge hammers.

Please contact Congress about this human rights outrage! [The toll free number is 1-866-340-9281.]

Some poor families would have paid the excessive tax, but they simply couldn’t afford it. The population police didn’t care. One poor farmer saw his home bulldozed before his very eyes after he told officials he couldn’t afford to pay the fines. When he went to a local government office to protest, he returned with broken fingers. His neighbors were outraged. And they fought back.

This recent event was just one of many in a long campaign by the Chinese population police to enforce their so-called “voluntary” one-child policy. Unfortunately, after last week, the villagers couldn’t take it anymore.

In recent months, women faced mandatory health checks and forced abortions at the hands of government officials. Poor families faced exhorbitant fines that they simply could not afford.

It breaks my heart to learn that these families were compelled to resort to violence just to defend their livelihood from the violent population police. The Chinese government likes to claim their population policies are “voluntary.” The broken homes and broken bones of these villagers tell a very different story.

Coercive Population Police attacks just like these are exactly why the U.S. Government doesn’t send your taxpayer dollars to the United Nations Office for Population Assistance, or the UNFPA. After Congress and the State Department found the UNFPA working hand in hand with China’s Population Police to implement the coercive one-child policy, funds were cut off.

But the new abortion Congress thinks human rights abuses like these are OK. And they are calling for renewed funding of the UNFPA.

Please contact Congress today and tell them you don’t want your money supporting organizations that help Chinese officials violate human rights!

Please do not let these abuses fall beneath the radar. Tell Congress today that U.S. taxpayers will not stand for these types of abuse!

Please use our new “Forward to a Friend” link below to share this important message with ten people who share your commitment to women and the unborn around the world.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Susan B. Anthony List

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Good News! The Final Move Beyond Iraq was spotlighted in Thursday’s edition of USA Today and is currently ranked #16 nationally.

I am going to ask you to accept an assignment. Would you buy 4 books – one Friday, one Saturday, one Sunday and one on Monday? The cost would be approximately $32.

You are wondering why I am asking you to do this.

On Monday, the United States will meet with Iran in Baghdad. This will be the first meeting since 1979. This diplomatic meeting is an appeasement move to ask the Iranians how we can resolve the crisis in Iraq. This is extremely dangerous. This would be like going to Auschwitz during World War II to ask Hitler how we could curb fascism.

The Iranians have threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and in fact, just last Thursday Ahmadinejad threatened to “uproot the Zionist regime” should it become necessary for Israel to defend herself as a result of the events in Lebanon. He has said the America would disappear from the planet. Iran is responsible for funding terror through Hezbollah and Hamas and for the deaths of 85 percent of the troops in Iraq. This is not the time to expose our underbelly to a terrorist state. The U.S. State Department conference will embolden terrorists to increase the number of body bags returned to America.

This will send a signal that the U.S. is frightened of Iran’s strength and is willing to negotiate.

If you will accept the assignment, next Tuesday I will be on network shows nationwide to attempt to wake up the sleeping nation.

Click here to see the radio and television shows on which I have been interviewed in recent days. We are fighting this battle; the secular media is paying for it. You can help take it to the next level, if you will do this and ask your friends to do the same.

I am going to take a moment to answer some critical questions that you are asking me concerning this crisis:

  • What would happen if the U.S. withdraws from Iraq?

    All Christians in Iraq would be massacred. The Kurds who were gassed by Saddam Hussein would be massacred. Millions of Arabs who provided assistance to the U.S. in Iraq will be killed along with their family members. Millions will die. A Persian (non-Arab) revolution will spread through Iraq from Iran and will push all the way to the border of Israel through Lebanon, consolidating with Hezbollah. The next move will be to destabilize moderate Arab countries before heading to the West.

  • Is America in danger of a nuclear strike by Iran?

    At this time, the answer is “no.” Iran’s nuclear program is not advanced enough to pose a threat to us in 2007. However, by 2009 Iran will have reached the point of no return, if not stopped. What they can do is deliver a handful of nuclear material which would kill hundreds of people. A “dirty bomb” of 25 to 35 pounds of nuclear material could kill 250,000 or more in a highly populated city. Ten kilotons of nuclear material the size of a refrigerator imported from a South American country could kill millions.

  • Since Iran is responsible for 85 percent of the Iraqi and American deaths in Iraq, is there any possibility that it will head to the West with suicide attacks?

    Yes; intelligence leaders have told me that orders have been given to Hezbollah – a sub-contractor of Iran – to do precisely that beginning this summer. The plan is to send Palestinians into the U.S. as suicide bombers to kill Americans and to say that it is a result of U.S. support for Israel. This would completely cloak the fact that Iran was behind it. In fact, the media refused to acknowledge that Iran was behind the 4000 Katyushas fired into Israel last summer.

  • What is the most important thing the U.S. can do?

    The U.S. can help the Kurds close the Iranian border. This would stop the majority of terrorism in Iraq. In order to do that, they must have proper arms. The Kurds are not Arabs, and they are allies of the U.S. A small U.S. military base in Kurdistan to forestall an invasion by Iran or Turkey is needed. President Barzani told me that the Kurds would fight the war from the north to the south, placing themselves and not placing American troops in harm’s way. Another measure would be to impose severe economic sanctions on Iran. The entire plan is laid out in The Final Move Beyond Iraq, and also at www.beyondiraq.com under “Petition to the President.”

  • Please send this email to everyone on your list. Encourage them to pray. This is not a book to frighten people, but is a book to tell the truth. It will help Americans understand that this is a battle for the soul of this nation. The battle is presently being won by God-haters that do not believe in evil, but consider terrorists to be “freedom fighters.” They consider America to be the evil one in the conflict.

    Please forward this to everyone on your list.

    Purchase your copies of
    The Final Move Beyond Iraq
    and win two trips to Israel!

    Barnes and Noble.com.


    Click here to write a review.

    Will you please write a review? The extremists are trying to kill this book and stop this cause before it has even been birthed. The liberal Left believes that the 9/11 terrorists were right and that we should feel guilty for defending ourselves; that if we simply give them what they want (our lives and the soul of America).

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

    Join the Jerusalem Prayer Team Now!

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    Thank you to the 26 wonderful friends who wrote a 5-star review. I am praying that we get four times that many. Why? I just received word that a U.S.-Arab organization that fights what they call the extremist “Christian Taliban” (Bible-believing, pro-Israel Christians in America) is organizing to launch a major campaign to trash the book. This group considers Christians more dangerous that the 9-11 terrorists.

    Below are some of the negative reviews that have been posted on the website:

    Brainwashing the Gullible, May 23, 2007
    Wow, Mr. Evans should be charged for intellectual terrorism. His hate for Muslims and his pro-Israeli/Neo-Con bias in this book are staggering. This is just a preparatory brainwashing of the public so that it would accept a pre-emptive attack (ie. Aggression) on Iran by the US and Israel. It’s quite sad that this is a best-seller, signalling a shift in American society into extremism and deep ignorance about the world.

    History attempting to repeat itself?, May 20, 2007
    I’m sorry, but there are some phrases that need to be eradicated from our vocabulary, especially when we’re discussing religion, ethnicity & etc., and “The Final Solution” is one of them.

    war isn’t security, May 19, 2007
    Yes, Americans do need to wake up and realize that as long as we meet any possible threat to our security with more war and violence there will ALWAYS be more enemies.

    that’s right – wake up, America! May 19, 2007
    The authors of this book, and those who think like them, are truly dangerous people: warmongering religious fanatics desperate to bring about a final clash of civilizations, no matter how many lives have to go up in smoke. It’s not just the so-called “Islamofascists” we have to worry about – it’s the fascists in our own society. Why don’t we wake up from our slumbers and start calling them by their true name?

    Wrong Country Bushie, May 19, 2007
    I just think it’s funny all these pro-war hypocrites never actually want to step foot on the battlefield, just write books and speak out for battle.

    Click here to write a review..

    Would you fight back today by writing a 5-star review, and please Send a copy to Mike to encourage him? The extremists are trying to kill this book and stop this cause before it has even been birthed. The liberal Left believes that the 9/11 terrorists were right and that we should feel guilty for defending ourselves; that if we simply give them what they want (our lives and the soul of America).

    If you don’t have time to write a review, please read the positive reviews, and if you agree, just click on “Yes, the review was helpful.”

    CLICK HERE to see how you can win two all-expense paid trips to Israel in 2008 just by purchasing the book and telling your friends.

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

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    It is so good to be alive in these trying times. Am I insane for believing this? I do not think so. What better time to be alive than that when you can actually contribute of yourself, even if no one shall ever know you existed. Yes, I do declare, this is noble.

    Are there terrorists in my country? Yes, and we hunting them down. Are you keeping your eyes open? Are you helping in anyway? Then you are doing a fine job for your fellow man.

    Are there gangs? Yes. Are you going to your Church, Synogogue, or Mosque, to offer our youth a better path? Are you spending time just being there for your own children? Then you are doing a fine job for them and your fellow man.

    Are there diseases and disasters? Yes, but there always has been. Today we are finding the cures that God Almighty has created for us to find, and we are finding them. Take good care of your health by having early and regular check-ups. By doing this, you will be helping yourself and your fellow man.

    Please do not forget that even–or espicially–through adversity is the time when we grow. We are living in historic times. How many people were aware that their mere existence would alter the course of history for the entire world? Now we must decide. Are we going for TOTAL VICTORY or are we going to cut and run?

    I know what my decision is to be. I am willing to fight for my country and the world. I shall be in prayer until this world war is over (even after), and I shall do what is required of me. How about you?

    In the meanwhile, I shall be at peace with God and myself, I shall stop and smell the roses along the way, I shall be grateful for life itself, I shall talk to anyone about God–just as long as they wish to talk, I will serve our men and women through words of encouragement and other means, and I shall enjoy each and every day of my life.

    THAT is what it takes to be an American, IMHO. Have a blessed day.

    PS: I would like to share a site with you of a man who has recently gone to Afghanistan to fight for our very existence. He is moving from where he was to where he is going to be for a while. He is an excellent writer, and I really enjoy his honesty. I think you will, too. Please send him some of your very own encouraging words. The title of his site is “Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure.” Thank you.

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    Here is an e-mail I received today which I would like to share with you. Please sign this petition.

    This week there is critical lobbying legislation looming over Congress.

    In my years of experience, this legislation has to be one of the greatest threats to freedom of speech that Congress has ever considered.

    The ramifications of this legislation are staggering! So in protest, I have launched a nationwide petition campaign via email, radio, television, and the Internet, pressing the House of Representatives to reject this stifling lobbying legislation.

    Today, I strongly urge you to SPEAK OUT AGAINST H.R. 2093 BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE by signing right now our online Petition of Protest to your Representative in the House.

    This legislation, in essence, attempts to override the United States Constitution.

    What we’re dealing with here is the work of politicians who want to control, limit, and silence Christians and conservative groups.

    We MUST fight back, and quickly.

    This legislation … currently being considered in the House of Representatives … could not be in greater opposition to what our Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    House Resolution 2093 would drastically affect churches that speak out on issues like partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage, conservative judicial nominees, and military chaplains’ right to pray. It would also impact Christian groups using TV, radio, or the Internet to mobilize citizens around an issue.

    Under the bill, pastors, church leaders, advocacy organizations and even individuals could be compelled to register as lobbyists. Failure to comply with this bill could result in fines in excess of $50,000.

    Furthermore, if this bill passes the House, it will wind up in a conference committee, possibly becoming the law of the land before you even have a chance to raise your voice in protest.

    Act TODAY! Add your name to our online Petition of Protest, and take advantage of our website’s forward-to-friend tool to encourage your friends to join our nationwide campaign as well.

    This legislation is one of the most significant violations of the free exercise of religion and freedom of political speech in our nation’s history. Here is what I am doing to mount our counter-offense:

    • I have launched a nationwide petition campaign urging the House of Representatives to reject this legislation.
    • I have assembled a legal and legislative team; we have already produced a legal analysis (posted at ACLJ) that details the dangers of the bill, and we are distributing significant legal memorandums throughout Congress.
    • I am personally leading three senior attorneys and our entire Government Affairs team – working with Congress.
    • And we are preparing a complaint to file in federal court if necessary.

    We anticipate that the Floor debate will take place in the House this week, with a vote possibly as early as Friday.

    Don’t wait on this. Immediately sign the online Petition of Protest and make YOUR VOICE HEARD ON THIS CRITICAL MATTER.

    Thank you for participating personally in the fight to preserve our freedom of speech. Please continue to support this effort in prayer in these crucial days ahead.

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    The 1960s produced the television series Lost in Space. While much of that series may have been forgettable, except to today’s cult following, one catchphrase resurfaces from time to time. One of the characters was a child named Will Robinson. His companion was a robot whose attitude toward young Will was always protective. When threatened with peril, the robot would intone, “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” While the robot could warn of danger, Will was the one responsible to take the proper evasive action to protect himself and/or his family.

    Today, we in America are being warned repeatedly about the danger we face from Iran and its headlong rush to acquire nuclear weapons. In late October 2006, at a fundraiser hosted by Lee Roy Mitchell, owner of Cinemark Corporation, and Norm Miller, of Interstate Batteries, for my The Final Move: Beyond Iraq television special, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, former IDF chief of staff, gave a keynote speech. As he had done in our previous meetings, Ya’alon issued yet another warning of the danger posed by the Iranian government. Among his comments, he said, “Iran is now the center of gravity. The only nation that can shut down 100 percent of Iran’s nuclear program and neutralize their ability to retaliate is the United States.” He went on to say, “It cannot be done in 2008; it will be too late.”20

    In talking with Ya’alon, his rationale was clear. Sometime in 2007 or 2008, Iran will reach the point of no return in its nuclear program. Once they do that, even if they are set back somehow immediately afterward, they can always proceed to produce nuclear weapons in secret later on because they will already have the knowledge of how to do so. Iran must never be able to reach this point in its nuclear research.

    If Iran is to be stopped before this, the United States must act decisively in 2007. If we wait until 2008, elections will be too distracting to Congress to be able to rally support for such an effort—an effort that may necessitate military action. With the Bush administration’s policies and plans concerning the war on terror already under tremendous fire at home, it is unlikely those vying for political office will have the courage to do what is right in the face of Iran’s nuclear threat.

    Lt. Gen. Ya’alon is only one of many who have cried, “Danger, America! Danger!” And, like young Will Robinson, the decision to act to protect our nation and our families is ours to make, and the plan is ours to execute. The safety of future generations is in our hands. The questions now are: What will we do with this deadly knowledge? How much time do we have to act? Do we have the resolve to win the war on terror regardless of what it takes? Or do we allow ourselves to be swallowed up in the tsunami of terrorism that is certain to engulf the shores of America if the Islamofascists are not stopped?

    The battle for the soul of America is being lost. Intelligence leaders have related to me that terrorists fighting in Iraq are planning to head to the U.S. as early as this summer. If those with moral clarity sleep, America’s next president may be presiding over a nuclear 9/11.

    In just 8 days, a battle will be fought for the soul of America by God-fearing men and women worldwide. I’ve been to Iraq twice this year; the last trip was at the invitation of President Barzani for a State visit. The book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, will be in stores on May 15.

    We are asking every caring person to purchase books beginning May 15. Why? Because this book can be driven to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Why is that important? It will place this book before tens of million of people and will open doors of opportunity to share its message and wage this battle on secular networks.

    The battle can be won, but it has to be fought by knowing the truth (it will set us free), and through prayer.

    Millions of praying saints (Daniels and Esthers) can reverse the curse. Esther won the battle:

    “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. What’s more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

    Daniel won the battle: “The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits…” (Daniel 11:28)

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    CLICK HERE to read an excerpt (Pages 244-246) from an interview with General Hugh Shelton.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

    Please forward this to your friends and ask them to do the same.

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    Once it became apparent to Hussein that his bravado was not going to deter the U.S.-led coalition from an attack, he began to order the disbursal of trainees from the various terrorist training camps around Iraq, most notably in Nasiriyah and Fallujah. The trainees were provided money, arms, explosives, and transportation. Teams of terrorists were assigned the job of penetrating Saudi Arabia’s borders with the assignment to carry out terrorist attacks. One team was able to murder a Saudi judge, Abdul Rahman al-Suhaybani, known for combating subversive activities in his province. The team members then went underground to join the vast terror networks, al Qaeda, al-Muwahhidun, Hezbollah, and others so that they could one day emerge to kill again.

    With the U.S. air and ground offensives in full swing and coalition troops steadily advancing on Baghdad, Hussein began to lose confidence in the outcome of the war. It is thought that Hussein began to put into effect several possible escape plans. One involved calling in markers from his friends in Belarus. Hussein asked for charter flights to transport cargo and members of his family out of Iraq. A plane identified as a Belarusian IL-76 transport allegedly took off from Saddam International Airport and traversed Iranian airspace on its flight to Minsk, Belarus. There was initial speculation that both Hussein and his sons were on board the flight.3 Another exile-of-choice location was Paris, and indeed a group of Hussein’s handpicked scientists were among the first to be transported from Iraq to Paris via Damascus. This was yet another example of French cooperation with Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    Another arrangement involved Hussein joining a convoy of Russian diplomats from Baghdad to Damascus. When it was suggested that there might be a safer route through Amman, the Russian delegation declined and insisted on going to Damascus. With the convoy was Russian ambassador to Iraq, Vladimir Titorenko. It has been reported that Hussein donned a disguise and joined the convoy carrying some twenty-five Russians. Just outside Baghdad, the convoy came under fire; five diplomats were wounded, some seriously, said Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko. Although the U.S. Central Command maintained that there were no coalition forces near where the attack occurred, Secretary of State Colin Powell contacted Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov to express his sincere apology for the incident. Powell did not admit any U.S. culpability though.4

    As the ground fighting around Baghdad began in earnest, Lt. Gen. John Abizaid, CENTCOM deputy commander, reported, “Regular Iraqi army units seemed to vanish as the coalition advanced. Low numbers of Iraqi prisoners indicated that the regular army units were avoiding the fight…Regular Iraqi forces [along with senior officers] ‘have just melted away.’”5

    With coalition troops entering Baghdad, the city fell into chaos. Various Iranian-armed and funded militia groups began to make their presence known in the city. The Shiite faction was, from all accounts, the most well-armed and organized of the groups. The popularity of the anti-American, anti–Saddam Hussein groups grew as it became known they could provide food and medicine to the neighborhoods they controlled. One such area became known as Sadr City, a low-income suburb of Baghdad and home of some two million Shia Muslims.

    It looked as though advance preparations by Iran and Syria to make Iraq virtually uncontrollable were in full swing. The rage and antipathy of the Muslim world was directed at the “Great Satan.” Decree after decree and fatwa after fatwa were issued, calling for jihad against the United States. One came from Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, sheikh of Al-Azhar. He rallied the Iraqi people to continue their “Jihad in defense of religion, faith, honor, and property, because Jihad is a religious ruling of Islam aimed at opposing aggressors,” and encouraged Arab and Islamic volunteers to travel to Iraq, “to support the Jihad of their oppressed brethren there, because resistance to oppression is an Islamic obligation, whether the oppressor is Muslim or not.”6

    In meetings between Iran’s Khamenei and Khatami and Syria’s al-Assad, the leaders determined that the United States should be met with violent resistance from the various Iraqi factions and from jihadists imported for the purpose of creating pandemonium for the coalition troops. The men called on the radical Islamic forces in the region to oppose an American occupation by every means possible. Again, Yossef Bodansky reported that Majlis (Iranian parliament) deputy Majid Ansari, in a briefing prior to the summit between Khamenei and al-Assad, outlined Iran’s position:

    Even if they [the Americans] succeed in capturing Iraq…they will still face difficulties.… We [the Iranian leadership] are hoping that the Americans would be bogged down in Iraq and fail to realize their expansionist politics.…Even if America were to become victorious in Iraq for a short time…such a victory will be the beginning of serious problems for America’s warmongering and expansionist politicians.7

    Both leaders were well aware that they were unable to forestall an American attack but could create havoc within Iraq once Saddam Hussein was deposed. The call for Islamic fanatics—terrorists, all—went forth and was answered by volunteers from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Palestinian Territory, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iran, and Syria, among others. The question for the coalition troops now became one of how to identify peaceful Iraqi citizens from the influx of terrorists bent on killing them in any way possible.

    The battle for the soul of America is being lost. Intelligence leaders have related to me that terrorists fighting in Iraq are planning to head to the U.S. as early as this summer. If those with moral clarity sleep, America’s next president may be presiding over a nuclear 9/11.

    A Message from Mike Evans:

    In just 11 days, a battle will be fought for the soul of America by God-fearing men and women worldwide. I’ve been to Iraq twice this year; the last trip was at the invitation of President Barzani for a State visit. The book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, will be in stores on May 15.

    We are asking every caring person to purchase books beginning May 15. Why? Because this book can be driven to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Why is that important? It will place this book before tens of million of people and will open doors of opportunity to share its message and wage this battle on secular networks.

    The battle can be won, but it has to be fought by knowing the truth (it will set us free), and through prayer.

    Millions of praying saints (Daniels and Esthers) can reverse the curse. Esther won the battle:

    “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. What’s more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

    Daniel won the battle: “The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits…” (Daniel 11:28)

    Please pray for God’s favor on the national campaign that begins May 15 with the book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq. Pray for a great open door with the networks, and pray for strength and favor as Mike steps into the fiery furnace to battle for the soul of America. Pray for protection as he battles against God-haters and radical Islamic fanatics (9/11 types) that are living among us. Pray also that everyone you know will join the battle by getting the word out, by buying the book and movie, and by telling their friends. Pray that every pastor will preach and every Sunday School teacher and prayer group will teach on this subject using the PowerPoint program and message entitled “What is Evil” available on the www.beyondiraq.com site.

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     Below is an excerpt (Pages 42-44) from Dr. Mike Evans’ latest book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq:

    We must know our enemies. We have two opponents, the irreconcilable wing of Islam and the evil power that inspires it. Once God’s people see this clearly, we will plunder hell to populate heaven.

    The basis for defeating bigotry and despotism of Islamofascism is rooted in the Christian faith and moral clarity of George W. Bush, just as defeating Communism was in the faith and moral vision of Ronald Reagan. Totalitarian regimes must be opposed. We must establish a biblical basis and principles for the battle that President Bush and America are fighting. This war cannot be won without this foundation. If we turn inward, relaxing in our own comforts, and stop promoting all the Judeo-Christian principles on which this nation was built, we too easily let evil have its way.

    In the minds of Europe’s leftist elite, Bush is a bloodthirsty, dimwitted cowboy. (Ronald Reagan was given a similar label, yet it was he who coined the term “Iron Triangle” to define the marriage between the liberal special interest groups, the politicians, and the media.) They mock Mr. Bush and impugn his Christian faith for seeing the world as black or white. They see his moral compass as a dangerous instrument. They have fallen in love with appeasement because they do not believe in evil and thus refuse to confront it.

    On September 11, 2001, evil surfaced in America in a way never before seen. The nation rallied to confront evil in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since that time, our wounds have healed, our senses have been deadened, and our memories dulled. I believe we are on the brink of the greatest opportunity in history to confront the source of all evil. If we fail, the results will be catastrophic.

    Liberals have a difficult time seeing moral issues clearly because most of them are moral relativists. They reject absolute standards of good and evil or right and wrong. In their worldview, man is perfectible, human nature is on a path toward enlightenment, and the concept of original sin is primitive.

    These humanists invented Arafat as a peacemaker and gave him the façade of a freedom fighter, not a terrorist. In their eyes, those who blow up Jews are driven to such acts because of injustices. The victims of these crimes are seen as the causers of the problem, and the perpetrators are seen as the innocent and exploited. Those same humanists believe the lie that bad acts must be blamed on society, or psychological or economic circumstances. Moral relativists despise those who grasp the nature of evil. Victims are demonized and murderers are glorified. We saw that in September 1993 when Yasser Arafat was invited to the Clinton White House. Instead of being apprehended as a thug and murderer (there was an outstanding call for his arrest for ordering the brutal murders of ambassador Cleo Noel and chargé d’affaires C. Curtis Moore in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1973), he was welcomed like an international statesman.

    President Bush, in his State of the Union speech following 9/11 said, “Evil is real, and it must be opposed.”17 President Bush was called “simplistic” because he did not see diversity and tolerance as a reasonable alternative. They wanted Bush to apologize for looking to his God and the Bible for guidance.

    Secular humanists make excuses for evil, or worse, deny evil’s existence and coddle it by refusing to confront it. Instead, they feed it. Jesus did not negotiate with evil; He did not sweet-talk it, nor did He compromise with it. Evil is seeing moral issues in shades of gray, not in black and white. The reality of evil is rejected because the Bible is rejected as the gold standard of moral truth.

    The Nazi Party referred to U.S. liberal ambassador Joseph Kennedy as Germany’s best friend in London because of his open anti-Semitism. In their twisted minds, the Jews had provoked the war because they intended to destroy the German State. “Every Jew,” wrote Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels, “is a sworn enemy of the German people.”18 He believed in the Jewish conspiracy myth called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. To the very end, the Nazis maintained plausible deniability about their injustices to the Jews. Adolf Eichmann—whose continued pleas that he was “just following orders” at the Nuremburg trials made him the poster child for abdication of conscience—was a prime example.

    If the devil does exist as the Bible says he does, there is no better proof of it than that those following his agenda seek first to destroy Jews, and then Christians. It is a lesson we should have learned in World War II and face again with the Islamofascists.

    At the Harvard graduation ceremony in 1978, Alexander Solzhenitsyn shocked that august university and the nation with his speech, “A World Split Apart.” Solzhenitsyn saw the effects of moral decay in America in the attempts to divorce God from its public squares and build a wall of separation between church and state, replacing God with the government as the creator of liberties. Having undermined her moral vision, America had lost her courage to confront evil in the world.

    The battle for the soul of America is being lost. Intelligence leaders have related to me that terrorists fighting in Iraq are planning to head to the U.S. as early as this summer. If those with moral clarity sleep, America’s next president may be presiding over a nuclear 9/11.

    In just 12 days, a battle will be fought for the soul of America by God-fearing men and women worldwide. I’ve been to Iraq twice this year; the last trip was at the invitation of President Barzani for a State visit. The book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, will be in stores on May 15.

    We are asking every caring person to purchase books beginning May 15. Why? Because this book can be driven to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Why is that important? It will place this book before tens of million of people and will open doors of opportunity to share its message and wage this battle on secular networks.

    The battle can be won, but it has to be fought by knowing the truth (it will set us free), and through prayer.

    Millions of praying saints (Daniels and Esthers) can reverse the curse. Esther won the battle:

    “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. What’s more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

    Daniel won the battle: “The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits…” (Daniel 11:28)

    CLICK HERE to read an excerpt (221-223) from an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu.

    THE MOVIE, go to www.beyondiraq.com.

    Please forward this to your friends and ask them to do the same.

    Join the Jerusalem Prayer Team Now!

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    The battle for the soul of America is being lost. Intelligence leaders have related to me that terrorists fighting in Iraq are planning to head to the U.S. as early as this summer. If those with moral clarity sleep, America’s next president may be presiding over a nuclear 9/11.

    In just 13 days, a battle will be fought for the soul of America by God-fearing men and women worldwide. I’ve been to Iraq twice this year; the last trip was at the invitation of President Barzani for a State visit. The book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, will be in stores on May 15.

    We are asking every caring person to purchase books beginning May 15. Why? Because this book can be driven to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Why is that important? It will place this book before tens of million of people and will open doors of opportunity to share its message and wage this battle on secular networks.

    Millions of praying saints (Daniels and Esthers) can reverse the curse. Esther won the battle:

    “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. What’s more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

    Daniel won the battle: “The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits…” (Daniel 11:28)

    Below is an excerpt (Pages 33-36) from Dr. Mike Evans’ latest book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq:

    A wind of counter-revolution is blowing across the Middle East and directly into the faces of the Islamofascists and their hopes for spreading Khomeini’s Islamic revolution worldwide. Both Iraq and Afghanistan have held democratic elections. President Bush was right in his decision to invade Iraq—he has established a base to inject the vaccination of democracy into the bloodstream of oil-rich, tyrannical regimes that suppress the human rights of the masses and confuse them with outlandish conspiracy myths about Israel and the West. The terrorists, however, are trying to destroy this move toward truth, freedom, and democracy—and the liberal Left in America is helping them succeed.

    America is not hated by liberal leftists, appeasement states, and oppressive regimes because it is doing wrong, but because it is doing right. The belief of these regimes is that a perfect world is a weak and anemic America that embraces the perpetrator and castigates the victim.

    President Bush’s plan, like that of Ronald Reagan toward the Soviet Union, will bring a new beginning to the Middle East. For the first time since the rebirth of their nation in 1948, the Israelis see the opportunity of a lifetime for a more democratic region. President Bush’s battle for the soul of the Middle East is beginning to succeed, much to the chagrin of the liberal Left. In order for his course to continue, God-fearing Americans must unite and battle for the soul of America.

    The foundational promise on which the return of Jesus Christ and all prophecy is contingent is found in Matthew 24:14:

    This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.

    This doctrine is taught and believed by more than one billion Christians worldwide that consider themselves “evangelical.”

    The Middle East is the last frontier for the proclamation of our Judeo-Christian principles, fulfilling Jesus’s last words on the earth:

    But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

    —ACTS 1:8

    The church will, in fact, respond to the words of Jesus, and in doing so will birth the greatest revival the Middle East—and the world—has ever known.

    The basis for President Bush’s conviction is this: good versus evil. It is a doctrine of the Bible from Genesis to the cross and to the very end of the age, as well as the foundational doctrine in President Bush’s war on terror. As Edmund Burke’s oft-quoted saying goes, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” It was the same doctrine Ronald Reagan used in defeating the so-called “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union.

    Why do followers of Christ feel a God-ordained call to wage war against evil and to support Israel? How is this mission based on the Bible, and how will it birth a Great Awakening in America and the Middle East, causing these believers to refocus their passions on confronting the root of all evil?

    For example, how can Christians support a war when Jesus has said, “Love your enemies”? The New Testament clearly states that civil magistrates can wage war against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Romans 13:1–4 NASU says:

    Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

    Today, the battle of good versus evil is being fought from within. Liberals hate the America of which Christian presidents dream. They hate Israel, the Bible, and Christians in general. They subject Christians to scorn, ridicule, and discrimination. There is no attack on American culture more deadly than the secular humanists’ attack against God in American public life.

    The insults, verbal abuse, and attacks are so severe that anyone who contradicts them is labeled ignorant, evil, racist, and a bigot. The dumbing down of America has begun, and all in the name of political correctness and a new godless globalism.

    The hippies of the 60s have become the establishment against which they once railed. Even though they run the culture, the media, the educational system, the courts, the arts, and so forth, they are still self-destructing. From the public and private sector, from mainstream Hollywood to the public schools, from Washington politics to local judges, from the arts to the sciences, they are self-destructing.

    America, the noble experiment, is under siege. The tidal wave of evil is sweeping over our nation: the self-injuring, spirit-destroying, conscious-searing practices of pornography, abortion, homosexuality, and drug and alcohol abuse are being supported as they never have been before. There is a vicious moral and spiritual war raging in the hearts and minds of Americans.


    At the heart of liberalism is a belief that evil really doesn’t exist, people are basically good, and thus individuals can’t really be held accountable for the wrong they do. The liberal tactic is that it is better just to talk with people since we are basically all the same and reasonable at heart, rather than bringing criminals to justice or fighting to stop those committing crimes upon humanity.

    The liberal crowd wants God and the Bible out of America. Our first president, George Washington, said, “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.…Reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”3 John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”4

    All royalties from the book will be used to bless Israel.

    CLICK HERE to read an excerpt (Pages 218-221) from an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The Movie, log onto www.beyondiraq.com.

    Please forward this to your friends and ask them to do the same.

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    We are asking every caring person to purchase books beginning May 15. Why? Because this book can be driven to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Why is that important? It will place this book before tens of million of people and will open doors of opportunity to share its message and wage this battle on secular networks.

    The battle can be won, but it has to be fought by knowing the truth (it will set us free), and through prayer.

    Millions of praying saints (Daniels and Esthers) can reverse the curse. Esther won the battle:

    “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. What’s more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

    Daniel won the battle: “The people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits…” (Daniel 11:28)

    Below is an excerpt (Pages 26-28) from Dr. Mike Evans’ latest book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq:


    Shia Islam was founded in A.D. 661 by Ali ibn Abi Talib. It was from his name that Shia evolved. It is literally a derivation of Shiat Ali—“partisans of Ali.” As a descendant of Muhammad, Ali was thought to be the last of the true caliphs. He was wildly popular until he came face-to-face in a battle with the army of the governor of Damascus in A.D. 661. It is said that the Damascene soldiers attached verses from the Quran to the tips of their spears. When faced with fighting a force hiding behind the words of Muhammad, Ali’s army declined to fight. Ali, left only with the option of negotiating with his enemy, sought appeasement. While he escaped death at the hands of his enemy in open combat, Ali was eventually killed by one of his own rabid followers.

    When Ali died, the governor of Damascus, Mu’awiya, anointed himself caliph. Ali’s son, Hassan, the rightful heir to the caliphate, died under suspicious circumstances, while the next in the line of succession, Hussein, agreed to do nothing until Mu’awiya died. He was soon disappointed yet again, however, when Mu’awiya’s son, Yazid, appropriated the position of caliph and went to battle against Hussein. The bloody battle of Karbala that erupted resulted in the deaths of Hussein and his army. Only Hussein’s baby boy survived the carnage, and he became the hope of reestablishing Ali’s claim to the caliphate.

    With the ascension of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the position of power in Iran, we have heard much about the last known descendant of Hussein, Muhammad al-Mahdi, or the Mahdi. Al-Mahdi was the Twelfth Imam in the line of Ali who disappeared down a well at the age of four. Refusing to believe that he was dead, his followers imbued him with timelessness. They declared him to be merely “hidden,” and that on some future date he would suddenly appear to reestablish an Islamic caliphate worldwide. Their eschatology, however, proved problematic; it espoused an apocalyptic upheaval in order for the Mahdi, or Hidden Imam, to ascend to his rightful place of leadership. These “Twelvers” championed the belief that every individual, regardless of their religious belief, would one day bow to Islam—or die.

    As time passed and the Mahdi failed to make an appearance, authority passed to the ulema, a body of mullahs endowed with the power to appoint a supreme leader. Perhaps one of the best-known imams was Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    Notable among the various dynasties of Persia were the Safavids who ruled from 1501 to 1736. It was under this dynasty that Shia Islam became Iran’s official religion. It was also during this time that Persia was united as a single sovereignty that became the bridge to what we now know as Iran.

    It was the Afsharid leader, Nadir Shah, who first declared himself the shah of Iran in 1736. He invaded Khandahar in Afghanistan, and two years after assuming the throne in Iran, he overran India. He amassed great wealth including the seizure of the renowned Peacock Throne and the 105-carat Koh-i-Noor (Persian for “mountain of light”) diamond. (The magnificent diamond was presented to Queen Victoria in 1851 and is now part of the celebrated British Crown Jewels.) Nadir Shah was a tyrannical ruler; his reign ended with his assassination in 1747.

    The Afsharid dynasty was followed by the Zand and Qajar dynasties. In 1906, Iran experienced a constitutional revolution that divided the power of rule between the shah and a parliamentary body called the Majlis. The last of the Qajar dynasty rulers, Ahmad Shah Qajar, was overthrown in a coup in 1921, and the Pahlavis—who sat on the Peacock Throne until 1979—took the power as shahs. Ahmad Shah Qajar died in exile in France in 1930.

    It was the first Pahlavi, Reza Shah Pahlavi the Great, who in 1935 asked the world to stop referring to his nation as Persia and to use the name Iran instead. Iran means “land of the Aryans” and was the name the natives used in referring to their country.4

    During more than twenty-five centuries of history, Persians have maintained their unique sense of identity. Though they converted to Islam, they have not always followed the accepted views of the religion. To an extent, Zoroastrianism, the religion of the early Persians, colors the Iranian variety of Islam.

    Iran is now not only one of the largest countries in the Middle East, but also in the Islamic world. Because of past experiences, Iran has developed a thorny separatism. Invaded during both World Wars and later set upon by Iraq, Iran has reason to fear foreign influence.

    The borders of Iran remained largely unchanged during the twentieth century, but the desire to recapture the glory of the vast Persian Empire has apparently lain dormant. Perhaps this pragmatism is the driving force behind Iran’s seemingly sudden emergence as a budding player in the world’s nuclear superpower game.

    It was during the reign of the last shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, that plans to bring Iran into the nuclear age began. Bushehr was to be the site of the first two reactors and, indeed, building on the site began in 1975. While the shah was still in control, research and development on fissile material production was also initiated. This, however, as well as all of the shah’s other ambitions, ended with the Islamic revolution of 1979.


    For more information, log onto www.beyondiraq.com.

    Join the Jerusalem Prayer Team Now!

    Do not reply to this email. Please address email inquiries to jpteam@sbcglobal.net

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    There has been much writing and many phone calls, yet CPB and PBS still refuse to release the documentary, “Islam vs. Islamists.” If you go to this site, you may sign a petition for the release of this documentary. You may also leave your e-mail so that when we have finally won this battle, you may buy your own DVD of the documentary. I highly recommend you do. Thank you.

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    By Marjorie Dannenfelser 

    Women’s groups are incensed – incensed! Patriarchal Supreme Court Justices are after our rights! If we don’t have the right to puncture unborn children’s skulls moments from birth, women cannot live freely.

    But what does the Supreme Court’s shifting gears to uphold a national ban on the partial birth abortion procedure really bode for women? Is it really a slippery slope back to the bad old days? Most women leaders purporting to represent women have an opinion, believe you me.

    A few hours after learning of the decision, Senator Diane Feinstein took to the Senate Floor to rally America’s abortion activists: “If I were a young woman today, I would be incredibly concerned that this era is drawing to a close. The threat to reproductive freedom is no longer theoretical. All those who care about protecting a woman’s right to privacy should take notice and make their voices heard.”

    In her dissent, Justice Ginsburg, attacked Justice Kennedy’s expressed doubts that the procedure placed a difficult moral burden upon women. She said of his comments, “this way of thinking reflects ancient notions about women’s place in the family and under the Constitution – ideas that have long since been discredited.”

    Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards called Wednesday “a dark day for women’s health and safety.”

    National Organization of Women President Kim Gandy rallied her troops: “We must elect a Congress that will repeal this ban and a president who will sign the repeal. November 2008 can’t come soon enough.”

    Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton vehemently denounced the Supreme Court’s decision and its conservative majority, saying: “This decision marks a dramatic departure from four decades of Supreme Court rulings that upheld a woman’s right to choose and recognized the importance of women’s health…It is precisely this erosion of our constitutional rights that I warned against when I opposed the nominations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.”

    And yet Americans are overwhelmingly supportive of the ban – so are all Americans out to get women? Polls showing women’s support of the ban would suggest that the majority of women are endangering their own rights.

    Here’s the problem: if women’s rights are undermined by outlawing a procedure that allows us to choose to mutilate and suction out the brains of a baby, mid-birth, then women’s rights deserve to be trashed. I would suggest that there is more to women’s rights than this. We need go no further than women’s rights trailblazer Elizabeth Cady Stanton to dismiss the idea that women’s rights and abortion rights are synonymous. “When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit,” she wrote in a letter to her friend Julia Ward Howe.

    And Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper The Revolution reinforces Justice Kennedy’s assertion about the burden an abortion could have. Her editorial warned, “No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death…”

    Further, if denying the choice of this particular procedure is a threat to every choice to abort as our current women leaders claim, then their position cannot be maintained in legislatures. These women are indeed on the wrong side of history – or herstory. Not because of some “ancient” notions of the subjugation of women returning inexplicably to haunt modern women. As if! No, it is because women have intelligence and consciences and are capable of making informed, moral decisions to pass laws that provide the protections of unborn children they support. All the while, they can safeguard their own legitimate human rights.

    The old guard’s only hope is in the dictatorship of the Supreme Court. That is because Americans, and women in particular, do not agree that the “right” to abortion is absolute. As a group, they are grappling with which restrictions they support, not whether they support any. Since the so-called right to abort is not absolute, then perhaps it is time the democratic process and the majority of American women who support some restrictions on the procedure be allowed to pass laws in which they believe.

    It is past time that women as a “movement” use power for noble and life-giving purposes – rather than for mounting legal arguments to safeguard such a hideous procedure. There is enough suffering and violence in the world.

    Honestly, it is past time to throw out this old guard of so-called “women’s leaders,” and it is time to elect women to public office who truly represent women on this issue.

    With Ms. Gandy, I could not agree more on one point.  November 2008 cannot come soon enough.

    Marjorie Dannenfelser is President of the Susan B. Anthony List.

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    With an opening statement like that one might assume I was referring to the city of Philadelphia, but no. I am speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood. While it sounds nice, a brotherhood and all, it is a front group for terrorists. It has been ever since I’ve been looking into them. Heck, they were supporting terrorists even before that.

    The Brotherhood sprung up in the year 1928 and was banned from existence due to terrorist acts toward the Egyptian government but was later reinstated in 1948 as a religious body only. That did not work out too well, so there was again a ban on the group in 1954. When some of the activists were executed, many fled to neighboring states.

    Here are some more links to the history of the Muslim Brotherhood:

    This group, no matter it’s birthplace and stated purpose at that time, has become a political and military arm on the Global War on Terrorism. They are the enemy. The problem we see today, however, is that our own government does not seem to recognize this fact. For shame.

    I found a very educational article over at CounterTerrorismBlog:

    PBS’s week-long “America at a Crossroads” series presented many of the issues and dilemmas now facing America in the War on Terrorism. The series got mixed reviews on content and temper. There were criticisms about its objectivity from both the left and right. But, despite its flaws, the series provided viewers with a heavy dose of food for thought. Hopefully, it will help stimulate discussion and debate among a growing number of Americans, and perhaps even lead to more close scrutiny and questioning of aspects of Administration policy.

    I intend to write several blogs on issues discussed in the series. I had the opportunity to participate in one of the films, The Brotherhood, so I shall begin there. [Continue reading]

    If you are interested, you can take a gander at this site: America at a Crossroads. This site is marvelously done. I have not yet listened to the program, but I can only imagine that it has been watered down. After all, we are still fighting to get CPB and PBS to release “Islam v. Islamists.” (This is an earlier post I wrote.) The CounterTerrorismBlog contributor, Victor Comras, has contributed “The Brotherhood” to this series. Please visit his site for more information. (The link is above at the ‘continue reading’ link.)

    The American Islamic Forum for Democracy is one of the moderate Islamic groups that speaks out against all the violence–without blaming others by saying, “But…” They do not blame Israel in the same breath. Their interest is in being heard so they can take their religion back from the psychopaths who have hijacked it. They are also fighting back against CAIR.

    Here is a very good article I ran to on their site: PBS’ Islamist Apologists Muzzle Muslim Moderates at the site “9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America,” and here is an article written by M. Zuhdi Jasser. He can explain in more detail the crisis we are facing in our country between the dinosaur media vs. the rest of us.

    We do not hear from the moderates, a question most often asked, because the media, the government and the Islamists we are at war with are preventing it. That should give you grave concern. After all, the documentary that was created, “Islam vs. Islamists”, was bought and paid for by you and me with our tax dollars. That makes it government citizen owned. That also makes it censorship. Why are they doing this terrible thing? So as not to hurt our enemy’s feelings? Very scary…

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    I have come upon this article in the UK where abortions are allowed up until the 24th week of–what? Pregnancy?–gestation. After this length of time, you must have a disability, a defect or the mother’s life must be in danger for the doctor to elect to murder you. Oh, there I go again. Speaking as if to the child–er–the fetus (which BTW means “baby” in English)–is a human being. Imagine that! I always wanted a puppy! (If you don’t get that, don’t bother trying. You are too far gone.)

    One in 30 aborted foetuses lives.

    One in 30 foetuses aborted for medical reasons is born alive, a 10-year study at 20 UK hospitals has found. Most of these babies with disabilities were born between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy and all lived for no more than a few hours.

    Anti-abortion campaigners said the figures in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology study were likely to be the tip of the iceberg.

    But abortion experts said such incidents were extremely rare.

    Abortion rates

    About 190,000 abortions take place annually in England and Wales. This is nearly a quarter of all pregnancies.

    Most abortions are carried out on “healthy” foetuses for social reasons.

    The study, however, looked at the outcomes of 3,189 abortions performed between 1995 and 2004 because the baby had a disability of some kind.

    It showed that 102 – or around one in 30 – were born alive.

    Julia Millington of the pro-life group Alive and Kicking Campaign said the rates found at West Midlands hospitals studied were likely to be mirrored elsewhere in the UK.

    She explained: “If 102 out of 3,189 babies aborted for reasons of impairment are born alive, then how many healthy babies must be surviving?

    “It is difficult to comprehend the number of babies, throughout the country, left fighting for their lives.” [Continue reading.]

    So. I wonder also. I wonder how many children are BORN in America only to be layed to die? Oh yes. They let the CHILD starve, crying for it’s Mommy. I guess the ‘women’ who don’t have time to bother with children don’t need to know about this information. No. Only the info. from the EU that fits their agenda is noteworthy.

    YOU ARE EXPOSED. I also wonder how many people will ever read about this study in America? The land of brave and the home of the free…life, liberty and property…God help us.

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Please forgive my behavior for the past couple of days. I have cursed, and I have blamed others. I am just as guilty as the others I have accused of doing nothing for the people in Darfur, Sudan and Iran.

    I have been praying for the people of Darfur to receive help to stop the genocide, but I have run out of ideas as to how to save them. My heart weights about 500 tons.

    I also am angry at Britain for the way they are caving into Iran. Do they and President Bush not understand that they are sending mixed messages to the pro-democracy Iranian people who are stuck in that hell? Please God. Help them. Save them. Free them. All of them. I cannot, I have failed.

    But I shall continue to pray for all the people who have no voice, and I will continue to write for them so that they do not go unheard. If only the people would read about these beautiful souls!

    Lord, please guide their eyes, convict their hearts (and mine) so they will read, and then grant us some answers so that we may do Your will. I love You, God. Thank You for such a beautiful life. In Jesus’ precious name I pray.


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    From the desk of the Jerusalem Prayer Team:

    In just hours, we leave for the border of Iran and the torture chamber of “Chemical” Ali. The road will be dangerous. An Iranian terror organization inhabits that mountainous region; it’s time to do some serious praying for our safety.

    At 5:30 AM, we began the drive northeastward toward Iran. Kurdistan encompasses over one-third of the population-inhabited area of Iraq. It has the largest oilfield in the world, Kirkuk. It reaches from Khanaqin in the east and stretches along the Iranian border to Sinjar in the West, taking in the Plain of Nineveh. Our first destination was Sulaymaniyah. I learned that the Iranians are smuggling heroin, opium and hashish into Iraq. The border is open for more than 400 miles, and is controlled by the Mahdi Army and the Bader Brigade, both pro-Iranian Shiite organizations.

    Our first meeting was with General Sheikh Ja’affra. This small man with a large black mustache is the Minister of Peshmerga Affairs. He was so thankful to the Americans for liberating his people. “If you withdraw now, you can be sure the terrorists will come to America. It’s quite simple; you asked them to fight you in Iraq and they did. If you leave, they will consider that you have been defeated, and will take the fight to you.

    “The Mahdi Army is trained in Iran, and is modeled after Hezbollah. Their terror equipment comes from Iran. And yes, it was responsible for the attack in Najaf as well as all the attacks in the south. The suicide bombers are coming from al-Qaeda camps in Iraq, and are being replenished from Afghanistan. They are moving Afghan drugs into Lebanon to sell throughout Europe. Iran is behind all the attacks in Iraq in one way or another.

    “To win the war, the borders must be closed and monitored by troops that are not loyal to Iran; troops that can be monitored. Most of Iraq is controlled by the Shia, and for that to change, a new Iraq must be built from Kurdistan southward. Our region is a model of democracy and stability. It is not necessary for U.S. troops to die here; we can stop the terror in these cities if you will let us. So far, your government has said, ‘No.’”

    Over lunch we met with Vice President Kosrat Rasul Ali. He invited me to come back and meet with him and President Barzani and Abdul Abdulbari Alzebari, a member of the Iraqi Congress. Mr. Ali said to me, “We have 200,000 soldiers, you have 300,000. You don’t need military in harm’s way; work with us and we will control all of the ground in Iraq. If you will let us, we will shut down Iran. Now 60 percent of Iraq is controlled by Iran; we will see that the number is zero percent.”

    Following lunch, we visited the Red House, Saddam Hussein’s headquarters in Sulaymaniyah, and the site of his torture chambers. A precious man, Kiowa, took us to the torture chambers where he was victimized. He was hanged from meat hooks from his chest while his arms were tied behind his back. At the same time, electrical shocks were applied to his body parts. I could see the terrible pain in his eyes as he repeated his story.

    I was stunned to learn that Iranians are buying property in Iraq and pouring a fortune into the fundamentalist mosques. Most who escaped to Iran during Saddam’s regime are back in Iraq and strongly support Iran. They have made trade agreements and are pouring money into Iraq. There is an embassy in Baghdad and consulates in almost every region. Tourism agreements allow millions of pilgrims to visit Karbala and Najaf. This is a boon for terrorists who enter the country, along with the pilgrims.

    Iran’s goal of achieving instability in Iraq is succeeding. The Holy Grail of understanding is that the U.S. battle in Iraq is between stupidity and stability. America’s liberal, anti-war left is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The cries of, “We’re losing the war; they’re winning,” emboldens an enemy that has a 9/11 ideology. As I looked at footage of terrorist attacks on US troops, I became angry. To think that 9/11 terrorists have come to Iraq from around the world to fight us while the liberals in the U.S. scream, “Get out!” This is insane. How can you make Iraq the central front on the war on terrorism and not have a mess on your hands?

    To have uncapped the genie of Shiite fundamentalism in Iraq with a Shiite super-state next door was a prescription for disaster. One cannot find one Arab out of one thousand that does not believe the U.S. invaded Iraq over oil. To try to convince them otherwise is an exercise in futility.

    While we outwardly threaten Iran for their interference in Iraq, we close our eyes to the fact that there are Iranian agents behind virtually every rock. The embassy and consulates of this member of the axis of evil are nothing more than war rooms to fund and plan the battles against U.S. troops.

    I am certain that if the U.S. provided the tools for the Iraqi Kurds to fight the war and simply controlled the skies and provided back-up, U.S. deaths would drop and victory would come in time. The liberal media, however, will have to be put into press pools and monitored; they are doing more to undermine a victory in Iraq than the enemy.

    “Ali Baghdad” and his forty thieves that pillaged the banks in Iraq are out of their cage like a wild bird. They have migrated to the Middle East, their souls filled with hatred and their pockets filled with U.S. dollars. If an Iranian-style Islamic revolution happens in Iraq, the fire could jump across the Middle East.

    I have just learned that another Blackhawk helicopter was shot down in Najaf, the fourth in two weeks. Intelligence officers told me that the helicopter attacks are carried out with Iranian missiles. Nine more U.S. soldiers have been killed just in the past 48 hours.

    I was just told by three different airport agents that our flight would not leave for Jordan this morning. Why? There is no jet fuel. Iranian proxies are blowing up the oil trucks as they head toward Kurdistan, and the Turks will not allow oil to be transported into Iraq.

    Without morality, democracy is one of the worst forms of government. The world found it to be so during the French Revolution and during Hitler’s day. No power on earth can ignore the Kurdish dilemma indefinitely. Thirty million living Kurds and the blood of a multitude of the dead cry out for justice.

    Democracy literally means “rule by the people.” The only people-group supporting democracy is the Iraqi Kurdish people. It’s a fantastic success. Everything President Bush wanted to see in Iraq is present in Kurdistan. Erbil is the fourth largest city in Iraq with Baghdad first, Kirkuk second, and Mosul third.

    The headlines today are gut-wrenching. A suicide bomber driving a truck loaded with explosives killed 135 in Iraq’s deadliest bombing since 2003. Shiite Prime Minister al-Maliki blamed Saddam Hussein supporters. An Iraq-born Israeli official tells me that it was Sunni al-Qaeda members. The problem lies with al-Maliki and his political ally, Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army of over 60,000 terrorists. I am so glad I came to Iraq, and especially Kurdistan, in order to tell the world the story of democracy at work in at least a region of Iraq.

    Maybe President Bush is right about fighting the global war from Iraq. If he does that, he must surely fight it as a war with allies, not enemies. The words of Christopher Columbus may very well describe the President’s War on Terror with Iraq as the central front: “All who heard of my project rejected it with laughter, ridiculing me. There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit because he comforted me with rays of marvelous inspiration from the Holy Scriptures.”

    Click here to receive articles by Mike Evans, intelligence reports from Iraq, and to receive notices of scheduled showings of the television documentary, The Final Move Beyond Iraq and release of his newest book: The Final Move Beyond Iraq.

    Please forward this to a friend.

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    I have mixed emotions about this, and that is a bad way look at this. It should not be looked at emotionally but Constitutionally. What does the Constitution say?

    Well, President Thomas Jefferson used Federal dollars to buy Bibles to teach the Indians our Language and culture. Culture used to be known as Christianity. They were intertwined. Starting with President Washington, the Bible was the first and only text available for a long time.

    It was important for a person to learn to read and write, and this was the purpose of using the Bible. (Aside from the fact that most people were Christians.) An educated society was a virtuous society. So it was in those days. lol.

    Yesterday we had President Bush’ faith-based program being heard in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). If they would teach the Bill of Rights correctly, we would all understand that the freedom of religion was included so as to protect the Church, the Synogogue, and the Mosque from the weight of the Federal government. Not the other way around.

    I have received an e-mail from the ACLJ (Justice) attorneys. They have included a short video:

    This morning, as I walked the sacred halls of our nation’s highest court, I was reminded of the extreme importance of your solid support of the ACLJ. It is why I am at the Supreme Court today. It is why our team of lawyers worked diligently to ensure our amicus brief was filed under an expedited deadline in this critical case.

    Aggressive secularist groups, such as the one in this case (called ”Freedom From Religion Foundation”), are on the warpath. This group goes so far as publishing warning stickers that they encourage to be placed on Bibles in hotel rooms. They take an extreme view of separation of church and state and have challenged the President’s faith-based office.

    [sorry, but I removed the video. You may view it over at Jay’s site.] 

    As a faithful member of the American Center for Law and Justice, I wanted to report to you immediately.

    Please take just a moment to view this video report from outside the Supreme Court of the United States. I prepared it for you just moments after oral arguments were heard in Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation, a highly pivotal case in the fight to protect President Bush’s faith-based initiatives.

    This is an imperative case!  Defending religious freedom is a matter of great urgency.  I encourage you to…read our amicus brief that was filed in this critical case, also.

    Thank you for your firm stand alongside us.  Thank you for your solid support of our efforts.  You make it possible for us to fight in the highest court of our land today for liberty.

    Thank you!

    They have also asked for our help, if you would like to keep religion in its’ rightful place in our Country.

    Thank you for taking the time read his article. I still feel uneasy toward the federal government getting mixed up in our business. I do not know. I rather like having the power over them, although I understand the complaint.

    What is the complaint? Faith based programs work better than anything this government-made of men could ever do. Programs such as helping the needing, clothing the poor, feeding the hungry, etc.

    You do know, I hope, that just because the government has interveved does NOT relieve you of your Godly obligations! All religions do much more effecient and helpful service than any government agency ever could.

    Knowing this, we should try to eliminate the programs rather than allow the feds into our door. It doesn’t matter how noble the cause.

    Remember, Jesus got very angry when He saw the money-changers in His temple outer area…

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    Iran, Syria supplying weapons and aid to Islamic terror groups [See List Below ]

    JERUSALEM, Israel – As Israel and the United States worked together this week to resume peace talks with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, growing signs indicate a concerted effort by the radical Islamic terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas to rearm themselves in preparation for further conflict.
    Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based, Iranian-backed Shiite militant group that initated a war against Israel this past summer after their gunmen crossed the Lebanese-Israeli internationally recognized border, is now receiving weekly shipments of weapons from Iran and Syria. “We know that Syria is trying all the time to smuggle weapons over the Lebanese border to Hezbollah,” Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told members of the foreign press on Feb. 20.

    In an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper on Feb. 3, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah openly declared that Iran is supplying his group with monetary aid and weapons. [1]

    On Feb. 9 the Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that a truck carrying 60 Grad rockets and 240 mortar shells of different callabers, intended for Hezbollah’s use, was intercepted in Beirut by the Lebanese Army. [2].

    Many of Hezbollah’s missiles caches were destroyed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) after the group bomarded Israel’s northern border with hundreds of Katyusha rockets. But because of Syria’s aid in rearmament, Hezbollah has “returned to its pre-war capabilities and has even become stronger,” said IDF Brigade-General Yossi Baidatz, head of the Military Intelligence Research Division, in a breifing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Feb. 20. [3].

    Hezbollah’s growing weapons stockpile is also enabling it to smuggle rockets and anti-tank missiles to Gaza-based Sunni terror groups, including Hamas’ military wing (Izzedeen al-Qassam Brigades) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

    On Feb. 20 Israeli Police prevented a PIJ terrorist from conducting a large-scale terrorist attack in the Tel Aviv area. [4]  Palestinian Islamic Jihad also claimed responsibility for the Jan. 29 suicide bombing in Eilat, which left three Israelis dead and also orchestrated the April 17, 2006 suicide bombing  that killed 11 in Tel Aviv.

    PIJ’s leader, Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, is listed on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (F.B.I) website as one of the “Most Wanted Terrorists.” [5]  A $5 million dollar reward has been offered for his capture under the Rewards for Justice Program.

    PIJ’s violent military wing, Sayeret Al-Quds Brigades , have been responsible for firing most of the Qassam rockets from Gaza into Israel.

    Iran also provides PIJ with an estimated $2 million in state-sponsored funding to PIJ annually. [6].  

    Evidence of Hamas and Hezbollah Rearmament:

    • Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the militant group responsible for launching many of the Qassam rockets from Gaza into Israel, announced on Feb. 8 that they developed a new Qassam launcher – from which three rockets were previously launched – that can fire up to six Qassams at once. Typical Qassam launchers can only fire one rocket at a time. [7].
    • Under the control of the Hamas government, Palestinians are now capable of launching Qassam rockets into the coastal town of Ashkelon, which lies 13 km (8 mi.) from northern Gaza. Qassams usually can travel 3 -10 km (1.8 – 6 mi.).
    • Palestinian militant groups are actively working to extend the range of Qassam rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. In July and August 2006, Qassam rockets firing distances were measured at 15 and 16.3 km (9.3 and 10.1). [8].
    • Hamas’ green light for continued terror against Israel has resulted in the development by its military wing of a new double-engine Qassam rocket, and the acquisition of Grad-style Katyusha rockets that can reach targets within 18-30 km (11-19 mi.). [9].
    • On March 28, 2006, Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched a Grad-type Katyusha into Israel for the first time. [10].  Four Grad-type rockets in total have been fired into Israeli territory.
    • The IDF now believes that the Izzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades and other Palestinian military factions have Sagger anti-tank missiles in their possession. The Sagger AT-3 is an anti-tank missile that can pierce 400 mm of armor and hit a target up to 3 km (1.9 mi.). [11].
    • Following the U.N. brokered cease-fire on Aug. 11, 2006, Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported that Iran and Syria were already working to rearm Hezbollah, and stockpiles of weapons were awaiting transport for the group in Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards were specifically responsible for supplying those arms to militants in southern Lebanon. [12].

    In addition, several Palestinian terrorist groups receive training, financial support and weapons from Iran and Syria. They also receive thousands of dollars in reward money for each attack on Israel, according to an Israeli Security Agency source. [13].

    Sometimes they are paid before the attack and sometimes they submit a bill to Lebanon afterward and the money gets transferred a short while later,” according to the source. [14].

    Security officials also said Hezbollah is directly involved in smuggling thousands of dollars into Gaza to pay for the attacks. Militants are paid based on the number of Israelis they kill or injure by Qassams they fire into Israel.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran – the world’s leading state sponsor of terror [15]  – is the main source of financial support for these terrorist attacks against Israel.

    Both Hezbollah and Hamas refuse to relinquish their arms.

    On Feb. 18 Hezbollah cabinet minister Mohammed Fneish, who resigned his post in the Lebanese government in Nov. 2005, told the daily Al Mustaqbal that “We [Hezbollah] hold on to our weapons since their employment is not over yet .” [16].

    Hezbollah was required to disarm in compliance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 in August 2006. [17].

    Weapons Found Recently by the IDF in Gaza:

    In a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Nov. 14, 2006 Israel Security Agency Director Yuval Diskin outlined that following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Palestinian terrorist groups have smuggled into the Gaza Strip: [18].

    • 33 tons of military-grade high explosives
    • 20,000 assault rifles
    • 3,000 pistols
    • 6,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition
    • 38 long-range Qassam missiles
    • 12 shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft guided missiles
    • 95 anti-tank rocket launchers
    • 410 anti-tank rockets
    • 20 precision-guided anti-tank missile

    Iranian and Syrian-Supplied Weapons in Hezbollah’s Arsenal:

    • Israeli military sources report that the majority of Hezbollah’s rocket arsenal is comprised of 122-millimeter [19] Katyusha rockets with a range of about 19 kilometers. [20].
    • According to a report by The New York Times, the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets have ranges of 40 and 72 kilometers and sizes of 240-millimeters and 333-milimeters respectively. [21].
    • Israeli security officials suspect that Syria has also begun to provide Hezbollah 222-millimeter rockets with a range of 19-29 kilometers. [22].
    • According to an Iranian army official, Iran transferred to Hezbollah four types of long range missiles and rockets: Fajr missiles (100 km/62 miles), Iran 130 missiles (90-110 km/55.8-68.2 miles), Shahin missiles (150 km/93 miles) and 355 millimeter rockets (150 km/93 miles). [23].

    In his press conference to the foreign press on Feb. 21, Israeli PM Olmert also emphasized Iran’s noncompliance with the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737 deadline that passed the very same day.

    His statements came on the same day Iran made clear it would defy the United Nations resolution passed on December 23rd that gave Tehran 60 days to halt its uranium enrichment program. “Today is the last day that was designated by the international community and by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737,” Olmert said. “Therefore the international community will have to think of additional measures.”


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    The Israel Project is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. It provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.

    Board of Advisors: Senator Evan Bayh (IN), Senator Saxby Chambliss (GA), Senator Norm Coleman (MN), Senator Ben Nelson (NE), Senator Arlen Specter (PA), Senator Ron Wyden (OR), Congressman Rob Andrews (NJ), Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (NV), Congressman Tom Davis (VA), Congressman Eliot Engel (NY), Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ), Congressman Jon Porter (NV), Congressman Jim Saxton (NJ), Congressman Brad Sherman (CA), Congressman Joe Wilson (SC), Actor and Director Ron Silver

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    My first meeting today at 9:00 AM was in the State House with the Minister of State, Karim Sinjari. I had two more high-level intelligence meetings with Iraqi diplomatic leaders. I cannot attribute a quote from them for security reasons. I do not want an Iranian agent to put a bullet in their heads.

    Karim is a very humble man; we sip tea as he tells me the story of two attempts to kill him by terrorists and a third by Saddam who poisoned him; he almost died. He repeated a story I had been told earlier:

    “Saddam disappeared 191,000 men between the ages of ten and sixty years so the women could not remarry. They would have no proof that their husbands were dead.”

    Saddam used the Koran to back his claim that he had permission to kill the enemy and confiscate everything they owned. He secured a fatwah, a legal decree from an Imam to give the legal, theocratic right to wipe out the Kurds.

    I was told that Iranian agents by the tens of thousands are everywhere in Iraq, and that Iranian proxies number in the hundreds of thousands. I can honestly say I really don’t like that, knowing I speak out strongly against Iran on network shows, and that I wrote Showdown with Nuclear Iran. I feel a bit like a canary in a mine shaft. I am so thankful for my faith; it strengthens me in the darkness.

    Karim told me that the biggest problem they have is the influx of Iranian agents into the whole of Iraq. Iran is working with Syria, a Sunni state, to kill Iraqis and with the Shiites to pit one group against the other.

    According to Karim, Paul Bremer (head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq) opened the borders, forcing the removal of all security check points in Iraq. Bremer was warned that this would create terror, but he wanted to show the world he was tolerant of everyone. Iran is now running one of the biggest employment services in all of Iraq. For a few dollars, they put unemployed Iraqis on the terror payroll. It is also one of the biggest intelligence agencies operating through the Iraqi government. It makes no difference if you wear a police or military uniform; the vetting process does not work, and the fruit is that secrets are being shared with Iran which now is aware of every move.

    Said Karim, “Your army is in a holy war with global jihadis worldwide. Thousands of Iraqi fanatics lived in Iran and returned home as agents with the full support of Iran. Remember, the Iranian revolution was planned in Najaf by Ayatollah Khomeini. Najaf knows well how to plan Islamic revolutions. The only reason they are not attacking you in America is because you invited them to attack you in Iraq.”

    Al-Maliki says the U.S. should not use Iraq for a confrontation with Iran. This is another sick joke. Al-Qaeda has between 4000 and 5000 terrorists in Iraq. If we leave, the danger will be a thousand times greater, but in the U.S., not in Iraq. The terrorists will take the battle to the streets of America. The only restraining factor is the U.S. troops. We keep the terrorists occupied by fighting them in Iraq. I was told that if we leave Iraq, all of the Arab countries would run away from the experiment in democracy, and that the entire region would explode.

    Karim further opined, “Saudi Arabia is so convinced that Iran is coming, they are building a 400-mile wall at the cost of $13 billion to keep them out. Saudi is panicking because 50 percent of their population is Shiite, and the oil region is in the Shiite area of Saudi. They know a nuclear Iran could mean their end. They pray that the U.S. or Israel will stop them.” I have been told that over 500,000 Shiite “missionaries” are gathered in Saudi Arabia with one goal…convert Sunnis.

    We are taping the last segments of the prime-time special based on this book. Late today at the studios of the state television station, we were given classified footage never shown on U.S. television, or anywhere else. I saw images of Saddam’s flag being planted in each village after the gas canisters were dropped. At first, gas that stayed low to the ground was used. When the people fled to the mountains, canisters containing poison gas that rose in the air was dropped in order to kill those fleeing. Later, I was shown footage of Saddam’s death squads exterminating multitudes, including Islamic fascists beheading Americans. It was the most unspeakably horrific sight I have ever seen.

    It was a shock to see the face of Ali Hassan Majid on Iraq television. He was standing trial for genocidal crimes against humanity. “I am not apologizing,” he said, “I did not make mistakes. I am the one who gave the orders to the Army to use WMDs against 100,000 Iraqi Kurds.”

    We were cleared by the government to see and have access to the footage. Some of it will be incorporated into the television special, “The Final Move beyond Iraq.”

    Click here to receive articles by Mike Evans, intelligence reports from Iraq, and to receive notices of scheduled showings of the television documentary, The Final Move Beyond Iraq and release of his newest book The Final Move Beyond Iraq.

    Please forward this to a friend.

    Join the Jerusalem Prayer Team Now!

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    An Invitation

    Merry Christmas.

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    How are you? Are you having a bad day? Do you feel the need to complain? Has your boss been getting on your nerves at work? Are they taking too long with your food order?

    I have an e-mail I would like share with you,  and then tell me how you feel:

    Dear Rosemary,

    I’ve just returned from a trip to meet survivors of the Darfur genocide at refugee camps in Chad. What I saw horrified and saddened me, but it also inspired me.

    Accompanied by acclaimed actress Mia Farrow, I traveled to the region to learn about the lives of those displaced by the violence, to tell them that the world will not forget them, and to gather their stories to share with you.

    We’ve posted photos and documentary film footage from the trip on our web site – click here now to view them.

    In the Gaga camp, we met refugees who had just arrived after a ten-day walk from Darfur and were too shocked to speak in anything other than three- or four-word sentences.

    At the Habile camp, we met the village chief of Louboutigue whose 300-person community was still waiting for grain rations eight days after their homes were burned and their food supply looted.

    In the Goz Beida hospital, we met three men whose eyes were gouged out simply for being on their own land – land that someone else wanted.

    In the Djabal camp, we met a woman who showed us a terrible wound on her back, caused by a bullet that had first killed the daughter she had been carrying as she tried to escape an attack by the Janjaweed.

    And yet all the people we met believed that the world community would end the violence and allow them to recover their lives and return to their homes.

    We met real people struggling to get through each day, grinding grain, and taking care of children. The children wanted to meet us and play with us. The adults had smiles for us. Most of all, they wanted us to tell the world that they were waiting to go home.

    We must not let them down.

    Upon our return, Mia Farrow and I held a briefing with media in Washington to share our experiences along with photos and video footage from Chad. The briefing and footage were also distributed by satellite to international media outlets to tell the stories of the people we met.

    Please click here to visit our web site to see photos and film footage from our trip and the press briefing. Then share these stories in your communities so the people of Darfur can go home.

    Through my work I have met many people like you who are standing up to fight genocide.

    It was my deepest honor to represent you, and the hundreds of thousands of courageous people like you across America, to tell the people of Darfur, face to face, that we will continue to speak for them.

    I ask you to please forward this email on to your friends and family so they can join the effort.

    To make a donation to allow us to continue our work, please click here.

    Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.

    Best regards,David Rubenstein
    Save Darfur Coalition

    I do not want anyone to feel guilt. If it is not in your heart to do anything for these  people who are the least of these, please, do not bother. But when you stand before Christ, do not wonder why He asks, “Why did not help the least of these? Why did you not feed nor clothe Me?”

    I hope you recognize how blessed you truly are. Have a nice day.

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    Good Morning

    Good morning everone. I woke up at 3 am, and I just love this time of day. It is peaceful, quiet, and I can even think. lol. I am very happy right now. Why? Because the Lord is my Shephard, I live in the US of A, our brave men and women are protecting us from another attack and they are helping another country, Iraq, stand on her own. I am so proud of them, and I am so proud to be an American. Have a wonderful day.

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    Slavery in this country has been abolished since 1865, yet it continues. There were promises made (just like to the Indians) that were never signed into law (40 acres and a mule).

    There were the Jim Crow laws that declared ‘seperate but equal’ was good enough for our black brothers and sisters. They were not allowed to eat, drink or sit wherever a white person could. They could not go to the same schools, and the schools they were allowed to attend were delapitated. Fine choice, eh?

    Then there was bussing. Who’s idea was this? Oh yes. Sen. Ted Kennedy. I guess he figured that black children did not want or need their friends from home. What a foolish and evil way to treat our neighbors. What an evil way to treat our children.

    I am glad to say that we are doing much better. Is it truly better? Yes. Is it equal? In some areas of life, yes, in others, no. How do you change an ignorant person’s heart?

    Now we have a case–in this day and time–of slavery. It is outrageous that they only received a three years maximum prison sentence.

    Abdel Nasser Ibrahim, 57, was handed a three-year prison sentence while ex-wife Amal El-Motelib, 43, was sentenced to 22 months by US District Judge James Selna. [Read the complete article]

    Editorial: I hate slavery, and this is completey unacceptable. Three years? What? You are allowed to kidnap a child at the age of 10 in Egypt, bring her here, treat her with physical and mental abuse, and have her in servatude for four years, and you only get three years? I do believe that we, as Americans, should stand together and unseat this judge.

    Maybe United States Attorney Debra Wong Yang can explain to us what went terribly wrong. If anyone has any additional information on this case, please contact me.

    PS. The one thing to come out of this whole ordeal is the young lady, now 16, has been granted a visa allowing her to stay in America. I just pray she is blessed with a family whom will show her love, kindness, fairness, charity, and all the things she will need to have a successful and happy life.

    Hat tip: Pajamas Media.

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    America’s Truth Forum is having a symposium at Las Vegas November 10 and 11 of this year to warn and inform Americans of the true nature of the threat spreading throughout the world, including the US of A. You may read more at their site, and information on how to get there will also be available.

    From what I’ve just heard about who is going to be there-if you can, then be there. The man that interviewed OBL 3 times, including one time after 9/11, will be there. If you don’t believe us, will you believe him when he tells you OBL already has nuclear weapons? Washington doesn’t have time to listen him. Maybe you will…

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    It has come to that point in time whereas one must decide. Do you want to live in fear of offending someone, or do you simply want to live? Sometimes, you may have to fight for that right.

    Liberty was never gained by weak nor the mild. Freedom was never won by the pacifist nor the lazy. Life was never more precious as when one gave up his for another.

    Conspiracies are born from ignorance. They are also born of denial. Then there are those times when there simply is no conspiracy theory but a lie! Yes. People who want to kill you will lie to you. Are you surprised? What makes you think that that a murderer has the moral compass not to lie?

    This just in: The Lebanese men suspected of having deposited bombs on German trains last month were hired hands — in the employ of the German government itself.

    That, at least, is what one 27-year-old from Saudi Arabia believes. “It’s all a Protestant crusade,” the man explains. “All of northern Germany is Protestant, isn’t it? And so is President Bush.” Then the man launches into a melange of confusing arguments and historical facts. The bubonic plague, Martin Luther and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl all make a cameo. It’s all connected somehow, the man is sure of it. [continue reading]

    Was not Hitler a liar? Was he not a dictator? If you disagreed with him, was this hazardous to health? Then what do say to people who worship him? Yes, the Islamofascists. After all, was not Hitler a fascist?

    Hat tip: Spiegel Online and Little Green Footballs.

    Category: Terrorism and Germany.

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    Genesis 2:15 and Romans 5:12, 18-19

    Please take the time to read the whole chapter(s). I always recommend this, because it is not good to grab a verse out of the Bible and use it for a certain goal. Our Pastor only used those verses on top today due to the restraint on time. He expects us to do the rest of the work. Be a Barean.

    1. Doubt: Did God really say…
    2. Denial: You will not surely die!
    3. Defame: God knows you will be like Him.

    1. Let us discuss doubt. When Adam was alone in Paradise, he did not sin against God. He trusted God, and he was satisfied. So what brought doubt into his life?

    When Satan approached the scene, he waited for the woman to be alone. Why? Was she not there when God told Adam the consequences of the ONLY commandment? No, she had not been created yet. She had been taken from the side of man, not in the same manner as man was created.

    So what does this mean? It is my great suspicion that when we listen to people we know have no integrity and faith in the Lord, they are liable to attempt to mislead us. If we are not solidly grounded in the Lord, we will end up being one of those people who falls into the theory of “whichever way the wind blows.” Why does this happen?

    That is one of the amazing things about humans. They (we) have a deep-seated need to believe in something. Unfortunately, some of us end up believing in anything. There is an empirical thirst inside of us to question everything for some, some things for others, but always to question. To some people’s dismay, on both sides of the discussion, one cannot see the other’s side as feasible.

    Now we are coming into the denial aspect.

    2. Denial of God. Satan told the woman that she would not surely die. Is this true? Let us explore this in more depth. The woman already has doubt about God from listening to Satan in the first place without her husband to protect her. Now she is being told that all she had believed was wrong. But how could this be?

    We all have what is known as a sinful nature. But this was before the fall of man, you say? That is correct, so how did it occur?

    While we may wish to know the answers to questions pertaining to the origin of evil, Moses had no intention of supplying them for us here. The point God wishes to make is that we are sinful. To pursue more distant causes only removes our responsibility for sin from the focus of our attention. [continue reading]

    This is so powerful to me. I love to read Bible.org. I was searching for when Satan actually fell from Heaven, and this is what I came upon. lol. Pretty cool.

    I do believe the point is that what is true, it is true. To deny truth is to lie oneself. This is a very painful and lonely existence.

    3. Oh really? Does God say we will be like Him, or does He say, “We cannot allow them to eat from the tree of eternal life”? Actually, He does say both. Why, then, would He not want people around who are just like Him? Ah, and that is where the sin problem shows it’s ugly face.

    Are you happy? Do you ever notice any of the burdens around the world? Do you know what causes most of them? No, it is not lack of money, but the corruption of the hands to whom the money fell. It is corruption, hatred, jealousy, violence, lies upon lies, and many other sources caused by sin. God is pure and Holy. He cannot look at sin, therefore, how could He possibly allow mankind to live forever?

    I realize I am not saying this properly, and I know there are much better people than I that can explain it to you. Our message today was about the entrance of sin into the world by one man and the redemption of life by one man. It was through the sinless life and the evil cruxifiction of Jesus Christ.

    Yes, I called His death evil. It was a necessary evil. That is one thing many people just cannot wrap their heads around. Especially those of us who would rather seek excuses not to obey God than to live by His Peace.

    This is where evolution has filled the gap of the seeking unbeliever. You cannot challenge this theory, which has been debuncked for quite a while now, by our college professors. Darwanism was debunked several years ago.

    Please, if you can show me evidence of a big bang or some other absurdity, then show me by all means! They cannot. Alas, they accept it as fact without the scientific process. This, my dear, is a faith for which I will not indulge.

    Allow me to ask you one question to ponder. Do you believe in little green men? No? Do you spend your life’s work trying to prove/disprove their existence?Hmm. Atheists do just that with our beloved God.

    Category: Discussion.

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