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This one is given to me by Darth, who makes his own. (Gosh, he is so gooood!)
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I did it! And with technology to boot! Whodda thunk it? lol.

If you get frustrated with what you are doing, stop. Get up. NOW WALK AWAY. Back away from the computer. It does not own you! You can even turn off the screen if you’d like! Now, don’t you feel better? So what if you’re late for work! At least you’re not in the nut house! LOL. Hey, I can call it a nut house. You ever been to mine? Then you’d know what I mean. LOL. I wasn’t talking about a hospital. LOL.

These are all the topics that Digg has available. If it isn’t here, you won’t be able to Digg. The reason I am doing this for you, is because I had someone very kind do it for me. Thank you, Darth. 🙂


Now that you have the general idea of the codes, we can move forward without them. If you need to look at them again, you know where to find them.

“Design”, “short_name” : “design”,
“Gadgets”, “short_name” : “gadgets”,
“Hardware”, “short_name”:”hardware”,
“Tech Industry News”, “short_name” : “tech_news”,
“Linux/Unix”, “short_name” : “linux_unix”,
“Microsoft”, short_name” : “microsoft”,
“Mods”, “short_name” : “mods”,
“Security”, “short_name” : “security”,
“Software”, “short_name” : “software”,
“Tech Deals”, “short_name” : “tech_deals”,

“Environment”, “short_name”:”environment”,
“Health”, “short_name”:”health”,
“General Sciences”, “short_name”:”general_sciences”,

World & News:
{“name”:”Business & Finance”,”short_name”:”business_finance”,”container”:{“name”:”World & Business”,”short_name”:”world_business”}},
“Political News”, “short_name”:”politics”,
“US Elections 2008”, “short_name”:”2008_us_elections”,
“Political Opinion”, “short_name”:”political_opinion”,
“World News”,”short_name”:”world_news”,
“Offbeat News”,”short_name”:”offbeat_news”,

“American & Canadian Football”,”short_name”:”football”,
“Other Sports”,”short_name”:”other_sports”,


{“name”:”Gaming News”,”short_name”:”gaming_news”,”container”:{“name”:”Gaming”,”short_name”:”gaming”}},
“Playable Web Games”,”short_name”:”playable_web_games”,

(Sorry, I have no idea what category they call this. I think it is Video.)
“Animation Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_animation”,
{“name”:”Comedy Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_comedy”,”container”:{“name”:”Videos”, “short_name”:”videos”}},
“Educational Videos”, “short_name” : “videos_educational”,
“Gaming Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_gaming”,
“Music Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_music”,
“People Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_people”,
“Sports Videos”,”short_name”:”videos_sports”,
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