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Source: The New Afghanistan After Years of War.

This is an Afghanistan friend of mine who is keeping track of what is happening to his home. He sends me articles that he writes once in while. I hope you will find them as enlightening as I do. I hope that we may be able to change this landscape for all the good people of Afghanistan, including the girls and women.

The first article he wrote is entitled, “Afghanistan’s Exploitation of Women.” The second article is, “A Nation Reconnecting after Centuries.”

These two articles are very informative, and they give an insight into a land that is war-torn, yet beautiful, isolated, yet it used to be one of our great resouces, oppressed, yet on its way toward a democratic republic. If you would like a peak into the heart of Afghanistan, you will read these articles. It is at least, if nothing less, the revelations of one man who has been there and longs for peace. Thank you.

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Since I believe it is important for us to understand the culture and some of the obstacles in our way to success, I am chosing this article for my open trackback. I hope you read it. He is a very nice and gentle man. Thank you.

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    10 Aug 07
    By Spc. Micah E. Clare
    4th Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – School field trips provide critical exposure to new experiences and knowledge about the world, and for nearly 30 Afghan school children this was never more true when they recently visited Poland.

    Sponsored by the Polish Minister of Defense, Afghan students ranging from 10-to 16-years-old were chosen to spend two weeks sightseeing in the eastern European country of Poland, said Jacek Matuszak of the Polish Public Information Office. The trip not only opened up the world around them, but also showed them another way of life other than the one they are familiar. They were chosen as the best, most promising students from eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province by the provincial Minister of Education, Matuszak explained.

    The students were flown to Poland July 26 where they visited communities and cities along the scenic Baltic Sea. “We had the opportunity to take them to either our sea or mountains,” said Matuszak. “But we figured being from Afghanistan they had seen enough mountains.”

    The children were treated on behalf of the Polish government to a variety of child-friendly activities. “They went to museums, zoos, sport events, dances; they did a lot during their stay,” said Matuszak. The kids also interacted with Polish children and played soccer and volleyball together, as well as becoming familiar with billiards and electronic games. During their visit, they were also given the benefit of state-of-the-art medical facilities, Matuszak said. They were all given check-ups and some were given treatments for various illnesses.

    “It was such a fun experience,” said Imran Jabar, a 12-year-old boy from Waza-Khwa Central High School, who has never before left the country. “The sights were amazing, especially the big, beautiful cities. [At a military family social event] I enjoyed the dancing the most, the Polish dance so beautifully, very different from traditional Afghan dances.”

    Yet of all the experiences shown them, perhaps the most valuable was meeting people living in a free country. “What meant the most to us was how friendly the people there were, they were always smiling,” Jabar said. “Living in such freedom is something we dream of here [in Afghanistan]. I can’t wait for our country to someday become just like that.”

    The children’s teachers, who went with them, were very happy to see their student’s horizons widened. “We wish our children to see, first-hand, the progress of other countries,” said Abdul Ghani, Jabar’s teacher. “This trip has opened up their minds to learning more about the world like nothing else could. Several of them have already asked about a continued education in Poland.”

    This is something the government has made possible. In an attempt to renew historic ties with Afghanistan, Afghans coming to Poland are offered a scholarship by the government, explained Polish Maj. Wojciech Kaliszczak, the Public Information officer for the Polish Battle Group stationed in Afghanistan. The two countries have had relations since the 1920s, at that time Polish soldiers came to the rugged Afghan mountains for special training, said Kaliszczak. Later, many Afghans came to Poland for refuge during the Russian occupation 30 years ago.

    “We have always had very good relations with the Afghans and we want nothing more than to offer them opportunities, which will help them rebuild their country, he said.

    This is exactly what the government of Poland had in mind when they arranged this “long range field trip.” “Since we are representatives of the kind of democratic country we are trying to give the Afghans, we want to give them a chance to see what living in such a country is like,” Kaliszczak explained.

    “Who better to show than the generation growing up in a free Afghanistan?” he said. “We gave them what they need the most, a smile and a helping hand.

    Photo – The Afghan students who just returned from their field trip to Poland wave while at the Polish military compound at Bagram Airfield Aug. 9. Photo by Spc. Micah E. Clare.

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    Democracy in Iraq

    Democracy in Progress is a very good site to find information on news that IS fit to print! These 3 brothers have covered many of the stories we have been looking forward to reading. This recent article tells about the National Conference that has just concluded. Were you aware there was a three day, 1000-1300 persons gathering to promote the next 81 people that would represent the Iraqi people? Oh, I’m not surprised. It was barely a whisper in the USA. How sad. Maybe if someone had slugged the chairperson…but then again, they don’t want to look too much like American politicians! 🙂

    National Conference is Born is an article written by Zeyad. It is a very well documented account of the National Conference. Please, read it. His site is Healing Iraq. Zeyad is a very intelligent man who has a heart for Iraq that is very big, and he reports on subjects of many interests. He is working very hard to heal his country, and we should do what we can to help.

    Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party is the party that Ali and Mohammed have joined, and they are running for the Assembly (or whatever it ends up being named!) These are two of the three brothers that have been writing Iraq the Model all this time so we would know the truth. Let us continue to support them. Please continue to pray for them. I am calling to arms every man and woman. By arms I mean “put your money where your mouth is!” and “tell everyone you meet or see about the good news in Iraq, including Ali and Mohammed.” In America, we have learned to do our fighting at the ballot box, I hope! 🙂 Everyone have a great and blessed day.

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