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Japan to re-enter fight against terrorists

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal section, there was a pretty interesting article about the new Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda. It seems that Japan has been watching the US Senate, because they were put in a position where they had to use the ‘constitutional option’ in the lower house (two-thirds yes vote is necessary) in order to override the vote of the upper house. Pretty cool, eh? If only we had the stones here…

What was the vote needed to do? Since 1951, the constitutional option has not been used, but the upper house did not want to join in the war against those who are terrorize the world. Prime Minister Fukuda saw the situation differently. Apparently, so did the lower house! Please read the article. Have a great day.

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I have a few articles for you today that should be brought to the attention of the world outside of China. The fight for civil rights is alive and well in China, but we hear little of this. It truly is a fight, because people are imprisoned when they get caught. While in prison, they are beaten badly.

This first article is about a man whose only crime was he saw the humanity in each person. For this, they threw him in prison where he was beaten.

Chinese Rights Lawyer Beaten, Staging Hunger Strike in Prison.
December 28, 2007.

HONG KONG–Prominent Chinese civil rights lawyer Guo Feixiong has been beaten in prison and is now on the fifteenth day of a hunger strike, his wife and sister have told Radio Free Asia (RFA).


“He told me he was beaten for a long time. The prisoner stopped beating him only when the onlookers began to boo and shush to express their displeasure. In the process of the beating, he fell from the stairs, about two meters,” Zhang said.

Guo Feixiong, the professional name of Yang Maodong, is serving a five-year sentence for conducting illegal business activities, after publishing a book about a political scandal and helping villagers lead a campaign to oust local officials accused of corruption. [Continue reading.]

There is also, in this article, news about his hunger strike, “Official says beating ‘impossible'” and international attention. Please read this article. Learn about China. You may think you know why you don’t like China, but find out how the people who live there are living. It may open your eyes to these claims of ‘free trade’.

I am a fair trader, not a free trader. Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch. Just something to ponder.

Now onto some other links:

There are many issues in this post that need broader attention. Slavery? Rape? Permanent most favored nation??? I think NOT!

I may not write another open trackback tomorrow, but we’ll see. I have to catch up with my military posts, so maybe I will make a post out them. I’ll give you the title and a little about the article. That’s if I do it. I’m still waiting for that phone call from across this land mass…so have a Happy New Year, I pray for many blessings to all of you, and post what you will. Just make sure you add a link back to me and include me in your post. Also, no porn. This is Rosemary signing off for now.

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Many of my readers are familiar with the Daily News from Iran which is written by Dr. Zin. I have learned why we have not heard from him recently or seen any news on his site. It appears that they have frozen his site because he could not afford to keep running it without our contributions. Well, I’m not going to sit by and allow this to happen. Unfortunately, I am not rich. The total he needs is over $1000. I am going to be contributing $15. It may be small, but it will help. If we all give $15, it will only take 70 people to help get wonderful site back up and running. Remember how much information he brought to us? I believe he deserves this help. If you would like to heop, you may donate by PayPal (I don’t have the address) or at this address:

    Regime Change Iran
    PO Box 3373
    Tustin, CA 92781

Thank you.

I have several articles and videos from John over at Stop the ACLU that you may have missed. Here they are ones I kept:

Many of you know that I have been following a ‘moderate’ Muslim and what he has to say. I believe we should give him a chance, while others are not open to this idea. It is a decision that is totally up to you. I do, however, have a few articles from him if you are interested (and even if you’re not! lol). Here is an article written by Frank Gaffney: CAIR-TV on September 5, 2007 concerning CAIR.

One of my favorite radio hosts and authors has written another marvelous article entitle, “10 “Inconvenient” Questions for Al Gore and His Fellow Man Made Global Warming Believers. Wow. This is a must read.

Another good friend of mine lives in Japan. He was in television forum to discuss Japan’s pacifist constitution. Here are some of the things he wished he had time to discuss, seeing as it was hard enough to get a word in edgewise! lol Postscript of NHK Forum 1: Japan Has to Be a Pretty Boy in the Middle East? No way! and Postscript of NHK Forum 2: Inseparable Alliance between Japan and the United States. Here are some of the issues that he actually had the opportunity to mention in the forum: Media and Jurists’ Humiliation to the Iraq War and the War on Terror. These are a little long, but they are well worth your time. Besides being important issues, he is a fine writer.

Last, but by no means least, I have two articles from Michael Yon. These are always must reads, so I’ll just say that before I post them. Here they are: A Marine. A Mentor. A Model Approach. and Ghosts of Anbar, Part IV of IV. Michael has also started a channel on YouTube. If you would like to subscribe to it, click here. Then click on the subscribe button right there by Michael’s name.

Well, I guess that’s enough news for a little while. Boy, I can hardly wait for tomorrow…arghh! This is just the news I’ve saved. Oh brother!

This is Saturday, and everyone is probably out having a great time. I hope they are. I received some sad news tonight as I was putting this together, but I am not at liberty to discuss it. All I can do is ask you to continue praying and supporting our men and women in the Armed Forces who are protecting our butts so we can write crap like this that means so little when you realize what we are really facing…this is my open trackback post.

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  • Webloggin: Another Blow to the Democrats’ Desire for Failure – Sunnis End Boycott of Iraqi Parliament.
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  • Planck’s Constant: George Washington was a Terrorist.
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    Most people are familiar with President Sarkozy’s speech that he gave this week to a group of diplomats. Because it was to a group of diplomats, it took me a while to get around to forcing myself to read it. WOW!

    …On Afghanistan, he told the assembled diplomats, “the duty of the Atlantic Alliance as well as that of France,” is to “increase efforts.” He then announced he would be sending additional trainers to assist the Afghan Army. On Israel, he said he “would never budge” on its security. He warned about Russia, which “imposes its return on the world scene by playing its assets with a certain brutality,” and he cautioned against China, which pursues “its insatiable search for raw materials as a strategy of control, particularly in Africa.”

    In his speech this week to the diplomats, Mr. Sarkozy warned of the need for tough diplomacy, including “growing sanctions,” to avoid the “catastrophic alternative: the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran.” That doesn’t sound far from Senator John McCain’s useful formulation that “There’s only one thing worse than the United States exercising the military option; that is a nuclear-armed Iran.” The important point is that Mr. Sarkozy has put on record that he won’t let Iran develop a bomb under cover of feckless Western diplomacy. [Continue reading.]

    I knew I was happy to see Chirac leave (hope your jail cell is as rotten as you are), but I did not expect such a good replacement. Finally, France has learned to stand on their own two feet. Good job, France, and thank you. It gets kind of tiring being the only country in the world who gives a damn…

    What will the Democrats do now? They say they want to ‘fix’ our relationships with our allies. Our allies are moving to the right. Oops! Then they go and visit our enemies. Is this what they mean? They desire to speak with the same people whose only thoughts are about destroying us? Hmm. Indeed, they are in more than a pickle!

    Breaking news: Sorry to ‘distract’ you with this, but Larry Craig just gave a press release stating that he has the ‘intent’ of leaving the US Senate on September 30, 2007 so that he can pursue his legal options without ‘distracting’ the necessary work the Senate must do at this very serious time of war. Phooey! I had to write it, but that doesn’t mean I had to enjoy it.

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    This is today’s Open Trackback. Please read the article. It really is a good one by Opinion Journal online.

    As always, I would like you to sign-up at Linkfest to participate in these open trackbacks. For my friends, you can still trackback, but really, check it out. 😉

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    Source: Radio Free Asia.

    The Chinese (and therefore the Tibetans) celebrate the birth of the People’s Liberation Army on August 1. This year, however, there were protests in Tibet to allow the Dalai Lama to be allowed to come back home.

    “Rongyal Adrak is generally a religious and good person, but because he was frustrated at being unable to meet the Dalai Lama…he shouted in the midst of all the people that the Dalai Lama must be invited home,” one source said.

    “[He said,] ‘If we cannot invite the Dalai Lama home, we will not have freedom of religion and happiness in Tibet.’” [Continue reading

    I believe this to be true. The communists, no matter where they are (that means you, too, ACLU), hate any and all things religious. Why? Because if you do not have to depend on the government for your sustinence, then you may even encounter a thought all of your own!

    As the report goes, it started out with only a few people in jail, but now there are over 200 people in jail. Imagine this. What would you do if, in America, they started locking up people for going to Church? The point is to do something and everything you can before we get to that point! If you do not believe this can happen, just pick up a paper. It already has.

    Update: I have two more articles you may be interested in reading.

    As you are having nice day today, please say a prayer for those less fortunate. Thank you.

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    Michael Yon is one terrific guy, but gosh, can he move or what? I write one post and it seems as though there are three more of his! Oh, I’m not really complaining. NO! I love his writings most of the time. At least I know I will get a glimpse of what is really happening and truthfulness.

    Well, let’s get down to it. I have been backed up pretty much on everything, and Michael is no exception. Let me confess right now. I’ve taken on too much. I have too many sites, and that is why I started this one. Everything goes here, as you now know. One blog, well, two. I have kept my DoD Daily News-2 blog for military news. I just have to know what is happening, because I certainly am not getting any news from our media.

    And that brings us back to Michael. This is how I found Michael around three years ago. I am certainly grateful that I did. Here are his latest articles:

  • 7 Rules: 1 Oath.
  • American Legacy: Wayne Downing.
  • Bird’s Eye View, The Battle for Baqubah.
  • Video.
  • Bread and a Circus: Part One.
  • These are full of information you will never read in our newspapers. I highly recommend you spend some time really trying to educate yourself about what is happening over here. Do not let anyone bamboozle you. You are smarter than that. You are more deserving than the junk you’ve been receiving as ‘news.’ Have a wonderful day.

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    Radio Free Asia News 8.1.2007

    North Korea Cracks Down on ‘Korean Wave’ of Illicit TV.
    SEOUL — Authorities in North Korea are intensifying a crackdown on smuggled imports of South Korean popular culture, especially television dramas, but the South’s “Korean Wave” may already have taken hold in the isolated Stalinist state. South Korean music, soap operas, and movies have already taken the rest of East Asia by storm, and, according to North Koreans now living in the South, North Korea is no exception. “North Koreans enjoy South Korean TV drama because it is interesting and realistic,” one North Korean defector told RFA’s Korean service. “North Koreans love the fact that South Korean TV drama is not about politics, but about love and life, the fundamentals of human existence anywhere in this world.”

    Chinese Authorities Close Tibetan Literary Web Site.
    HONG KONG — Authorities in the northern Chinese city of Xian have closed a literary Web site run by a Tibetan, apparently for posting “political” content, the editor said. The site, known as “The Lamp,” claimed some 800 registered forum users. It was closed July 4 by Internet police in the city, the editor told RFA’s Tibetan service. “When we called the [service provider], they thought perhaps it was due to the detection of political content by the Chinese Internet police,” the editor said, adding that the Chinese service provider was unsure of the reasons for closure.

    Education, Employment Top Concerns for Tibetan Youth.
    WASHINGTON — Tibetan youths seeking jobs inside Tibet are increasingly frustrated by a system that depends on making the right connections and learning Mandarin Chinese, young Tibetans and outside experts say. “Since we do not have any connections, we are unable to do anything,” one Tibetan college student in China tells RFA’s Tibetan service.

    Bhutanese Lama Saves Animals from Slaughter.
    A Buddhist teacher in Bhutan has set up an unusual network of sanctuaries in the hills and jungles of the tiny Himalayan kingdom and in its giant neighbor India to care for hundreds of animals saved from slaughter. “I would like to save as many animals as I can, but it won’t be possible to save them all,” the lama, Kunzang Dorjee, said in an interview. “No one can do that. But we have to do whatever we can.” Lama Kunzang began to rescue animals seven years ago, he said, when five bulls escaped from a slaughterhouse and made their way directly to his monastery in Kalimpong, India, passing other houses on the way. The bulls refused to leave the temple grounds, and it seemed to him that they were seeking help, Lama Kunzang said.

    China Confiscates Muslims’ Passports.
    HONG KONG — Authorities in northwestern China have begun confiscating the passports of Muslims, mostly ethnic Uyghurs, in an apparent bid to prevent them from making the annual pilgrimage to Mecca , local residents and officials say. An officer who answered the phone at the Tengritagh district public security bureau [police department] of the Xinjiang regional capital, Urumqi , said local residents were required to “register” their passports with local neighborhood committees, the basic building blocks of social control in China . “The authorities of local residential offices are collecting the passports,” he told RFA’s Uyghur service. “Local residential offices are collecting the passports in order to register them…The authorities will keep the passports for the public. If they want to go to other countries, they can come to fetch their passports. The authorities will give the passports back to them accordingly.”

    Radio Free Asia is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information in nine East Asian languages to listeners who do not have access to full and free news media. The purpose of RFA is to provide a forum for a variety of opinions and voices from within these Asian countries. Our Web site adds a global dimension to this objective. RFA is funded by an annual grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors. To add your name to our mailing list, send an e-mail to Join RFA News.

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    Jack Lewis: I Told You So…

    My dear friend, Danny, had written about this five weeks. What is ‘this’?

    A little over a month ago I predicted that we would soon have a case of food borne illness, due to sloppiness in the food industry, specifically related to the use of illegal immigrants in food processing plants. In spite of there being no case of botulism poisoning in three decades, last week it came true, and four people are now in serious condition in a Texas hospital.

    I guess I’m just fortunate. I’ve been boycotting China as best I could ever since Tienanmen Square on June 4, 1989. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, maybe this shall help. If you still do not understand beyond that, there is no hope for you!

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    This is an article that really bothers me. Anything to do with slavery bothers me to the point no one has ever seen from me. It does not matter the color, the location, the race, the religion, or whatever else there is. IT IS WRONG! I believe it is also a SIN against God.

    Yes, it is in the Bible. So is adultry. Why, some may ask? I can answer this. To show us the damages that sins cause, and to teach us how to live and be better people than that. God did not create slavery, man did. If you want to blame it on someone, look into your own heart first. Always, no matter the situation. That is a good rule.

    Back to the article. In the area of Uyghur, a minority Muslim part of northwest China, it is very poor. So when the local officials came around telling the families about a ‘training program’ (to work in factories) for the women and girls for which they would be paid 500 yuan per month in the beginning, and later they would be paid up to 900 yuan.

    It comes as no surprise to me, but they have received no pay. There are 213 girls that we know of who signed up for this ‘program’. If you would like to read the actual article, it is Radio Free Asia. Please read it, because there is more. The parents and the girls who manage to escape and return home are being punished and made to go back without pay. It is a crime against humanity. Where are the Human Rights groups?!

    Do you think we should say something? I do. Do you think we should stop trading with them? I do. Are you are ‘free-market’ person? I was, until I decided to become a FAIR trader.

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    Source: CNN.

    It is about time someone else besides President Bush started pushing Bashir in Sudan and the EU to allow the AU-UN peacekeepers to take control. If something doesn’t happen soon, we will have another Rwanda, if we don’t already. Boy, I’ll bet the Left would be just thrilled with that. They could blame Bush for it! Ah, but where are THEY? [Hello? Hello? (Kennedy on the Senate floor.)]

    PARIS, France (AP) — French President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed fast international action toward speeding up deployment of troops in Darfur, as key world players met Monday to try to consolidate efforts and resources for the ravaged Sudanese region.

    Sudan was not invited to the one-day Paris conference, organized by a new French government that has made the four-year conflict in Darfur a top priority. The meetings come after Sudan agreed — under international pressure — to allow the deployment of a joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force in the region. [Continue reading.]

    I shall be praying for the people in Darfur. I hope whoever reads this, if you still that you are not the be all to end all, would pray with me for these people. I will also be praying that the al Qaida will be found and killed! Have a great day.

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    Source: CNN.

    I love Australia, and the Aussies are some of the most wonderful people. One thing I can tell you, they are quite independent. Just like we are. Wouldn’t it be great if, even though it’s for their own interest, they became the super-power in the Asian hemisphere? Yeah, baby!

    CANBERRA, Australia (Reuters) — Australia will build an A$11 billion ($9 billion) fleet of advanced destroyers and amphibious warships, Prime Minister John Howard said, underscoring the country’s plan to remain a key Asian military power.

    The purchases would transform Australia’s navy into one of the most powerful in the Asia region, with two amphibious carriers able to land more than 2,000 troops, 16 attack and transport helicopters and up to 23 Abrams tanks. [Continue reading.]

    So, you see that the only country who has stood shoulder to shoulder with us throughout our country’s history is finally taking steps to move forward. Welcome! My only question: What took ya’ll so long? (lol)

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    Thatcher’s (Son) Lawyers Challenge Charges.

    Apparently, he is accused of aiding in the effort of trying to overthrow President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, who has ruled Africa’s third largest oil producer’s for the past 25 years. His claims of innocence will be heard for 2 days. Note: He has been arrested but not charged. They claim to seek only extradition to Brittain.


    Jamie Glazov interviewed Mr. Carl Zinmeister about his book Dawn Over Iraq. He is an imbedded reporter who went back to Baghdad in January for a few months to get the real pulse. Recommended reading. Hat tip to Rob from the Kommentariat.

    More than one reason to drop in on Sudan This is a site I ran across back in August, and I highly recommend it. You can find news on just about any place of interest to you.

    Hat tip to Kathy Kinsley.

    It’s about time. “The National Regulatory Commission has shut down its online document library, pending a review to determine what potentially sensitive documents should be removed because they might be useful to terrorists…” Really? Do ya think? Well, do you?

    This is 10/26/04. We were attacked on 09/11/01. Did they have enough time?! For God’s sake, what the heck is wrong with you?

    Karzai Clear Winner
    By Stephen Graham.
    Associated Press WriterKABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — More than two weeks after Afghanistan’s first presidential election, vote counting wrapped up Tuesday and interim leader Hamid Karzai emerged with a resounding victory. Well, well. How about that! I am so happy for Afghanistan, and I will be just as happy for Iraq after their elections. Freedom is on the march!

    Deadly Flash Point.
    Against popular belief, Communist China is NOT becoming more democratized. Free trade is not working. China is our enemy.

    “Relations with Taiwan are governed by the Taiwan Relations Act, which stipulates that the U.S. is bound to assist Taiwan in defense against attack. Congress passed the Act in April 1979, after U.S. President Jimmy Carter stripped Taiwan of formal recognition as the true government of China, and recognized the Communist government in Beijing as the sole government of the Chinese people.”

    “Neither sanctions from the world community, nor the threat of the loss of the 2008 Olympics, would deter China from invading Taiwan, if the moment seemed right….

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    Pakistan News.
    “Indo-Pak. Peace Treaty talks Move Forward”
    By Iftikhar Gilani.

    NEW DELHI: India and Pakistan have signed a nine-point agreement to improve cooperation between border forces but India refused Pakistan’s demand to stop fencing and constructions near the border.Indian and Pakistani border forces agreed to combine efforts against border crimes such as smuggling and human trafficking and strengthen border patrols after four days of talks in Chandigarh between India’s Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers.” Full story. Unfortunately, I learned that I should have stored this article, because many people and newspaper move the articles. My apologies.

    American firms to establish training centre to help the Pakistan Economy.

    “Since there has been 5 years of cooperation with America on the war on terrorism, Pakistan has kick started their economy. Enpointe and Ovex technologies will work together with Pakistan firms to build the centre at a cost of $6 million. 1,000 accounts experts will be trained in the next 2 years. Gov. Maqbool is hopeful the centre will bring about a revolution in e-commerce and technology.” Wouldn’t it be nice if the only wars were trade wars?!

    “…PMKP had decided to hold a two-day ‘World anti-imperialist conference’ in Lahore from November 27, said the communist leader…Political parties from Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Britain and the Philippines had confirmed their participation in the conference… Azeem said it was the form of government system that had failed in the former Soviet Union and not communism or socialism. The communist system was for the welfare of mankind, he said.” Full story.

    Radio Free Asia.
    “China Busts Trafficking Gang, Rescuing 53 Babies

    HONG KONG—Police in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian have arrested 110 suspected members of a baby-trafficking gang and rescued more than 50 babies, in the latest hint that the problem may be more widespread than authorities can handle.” Full story. This link works! 🙂

    International News Analysis Today.
    “…Despite a fragile ceasefire signed between the government and the rebels in April, ethnic conflict, attacks on civilians and clashes between Sudanese armed forces and rebels have all increased, Mr Da Silva said. The UN panel appointed by Mr Annan has been given three months to report back on the situation . The US has already spoken of genocide in Darfur while human rights organisations have said attacks on civilians there amount to war crimes.” Full story.

    Population Loaning Fund Established.
    At a press statement, the presidency office said that the meeting was devoted on discussing the security situation in Iraq further for preparing for the elections scheduled in January. 2005.” “…The orders included also the agreement on rehiring 33 judges and compensating the victims of the terrorism and removing distinction among populations regards ownership of the lands.” Full story.

    ISTANBUL, Oct 15 (AFP) – 17h26 – The husband of Kurdish activist Leyla Zana has been detained on arrival here after returning home for the first time after nearly nine years.” “The husband of Kurdish activist Leyla Zana road in exile…” Full story.

    This is a story I recommend you read. The Kurdish peoples helped us tremendously. Now it is time for us to help them. You should visit a great Kurdish site at Kurdistan Bloggers Union (KBU).

    Sorry about the missing links. This happened in my very beginning of getting my own site. I have learned so much since then. (Hardly enough!) Just for your convenience, I have started keeping a record of writings just in case this occurred again. I don’t remember how long ago I started this site, but it is mostly what others have written. Some of it includes other writers of Love America First. This makes sense, because the name of the site I am referring to is Love America First-2.) 🙂

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    Heavy Hearted

    I come to you with a heavy heart today. I have just been reading news from Radio Free Asia. There is an Australian woman who needs the world to hear her story of torture in China. Are we really going to have the Olympics there? Wait until you read her story, and you tell me if you want to take that risk.

    In Thailand, over 2,000 people were rounded up. They were promised they could find refuge in America, but the Thai gov’t. has decided that it was time to deport them back to Laos.

    Another story of my interest is that of the Burmese Opposition Youths seeking signatures on a petition for Democracy. Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest, although she was supposed to be released in April of 2004. The UN is doing nothing. Again.

    Speaking of the UN, it is the UN that has been in the way of Progress in Iraq. I am very angered about this. They steal Iraqi money, they demand Iraqi have soveignty, they demand and demand…and what? Now Kofi Annan says that the war was illegal. Oh yeah? Freeing people is illegal? Stopping rape and torture is illegal? Stop mass graves is illegal? Helping people to fight for their liberty is illegal? Kofi, get the hell off my property! You disgrace NYC. You walk around and have your fancy “talks” that do nothing. You let genocide occur, not once but several times! You don’t want anyone to act. Well let my tell you something, Mr Annan, from a New Yorker…I don’t need your permission to do what is right. You are not God, and you certainly are not my father! Now get lost.

    Peace out.

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    Deserter or kidnappee? You Decide

    Charles Robert Jenkins, Sergeant, US Army, has agreed to turn himself in after having been missing since 1965. His wife, Hitomi Soga (Japanese), was kidnapped in 1978 by North Korea to train spies in culture and language. She was finally allowed to return home in 2002, but her husband and 2 daughters had to wait until May. This happened after a visit from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to N. Korea for a summit. They were reunited in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now in the hospital, but the information did not say why.

    He will use as his defense the “fact” that he was kidnapped. He allegedly tried to escape in 1966, but was unsuccessful. He claims he had to cooperate with the North Koreans to avoid death. He is willing to share techniques and information about the N. Korean government. This is mostly the story, but to verify the veracity of my facts, please feel free to check with Radio Free Asia. The titles of the two articles are “U.S. ‘Defector’ to North Korea Reunited with Wife” and “U.S. Jails Deserter for 30 Days.”

    Originally posted at My Newz ‘n Ideas.

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    Hopeful News for 29 N. Koreans

    Being born in N. Korea is like being born in a death camp. North Korea is one of the few communist states left in the world. There are “work camps” which are where you go if you get caught trying to escape. Many people die in these camps from starvation, beatings, and disease. Does the UN know of these conditions? Of course they do. The difference is that N. Korea is not the USA. Over 2 MILLION people have already died in the past decade. It seems the only countries fashionable to condemn are the United States of America and Isreal.

    Today I have learned learned that 29 North Koreans were succussful in escaping to a Japanese school. From there, they were taken to the Japanese Embassy. You see, many embassies will turn the N. Koreans over to the Chinese government, which in turn repratriates them to N. Korea. Most of the time, the penalty for escaping is death. The Chinese are signatories to the refugee act in the UN. Again, we see the failings. They are never condemned for this treatment. Knowing that someone is going to face certain death is reason to grant refugee status. We must speak out for the over 300,000 hiding in the streets of China waiting for an opportunity to make it to South Korea.

    South Korea does not have a good record, either. They do not want many N. Koreans to come to thier country. In their defense, they may be worried about spies for N. Korea. Otherwise, I see no reason why they should turn away children. To read more on this subject, go to RFA.

    You will find many stories about the Asian countries. This group is funded by the USA, and we are trying to find out what is going on in a closed society. I highly recommend this site.

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    Radio Free Asia

    This is an article about Laos. In Bangkok, the appeals court threw out a claim-by the Laos government for an ongoing appeal since 2000-for the extradition of 16 men who were to stand trial for allegedly robbing a border guard in Laos. The court also ordered the release of these men within 48 hours, and given sanctuary. It is now 6 months later, and the men are being returned to Laos, where they will most certainly be tortured, given a mock trial, and put to death. Go to RFA.org to read this article. It may be called RFA news: Laos deports or THAILAND SENDS ALLEGED RAIDERS FOR TRIAL IN LAOS. It the article is not the one you want to read, try the archives. Also, go to “home.” They have many articles of interest.

    Originally posted on My Newz ‘n Ideas on 7/11/2004.

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