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I have also posted this directly from the post of origin so that people do not get the wrong impression and carry this further. The Update is below. Have a nice day.

UPDATE: Rite Aid has taken appopriate actions, thanks to the outrage of each community and blogger, and they have settled on a donation to Wounded Warriors in the amount of $10,000, they have disciplined the manager who handled this whole affair obnoxiatiously, but then they went on, like a Saudi, and tried to rationalize his actions by saying he also had a son in Afghanistan and was having a difficult time dealing with this issue himself. Unacceptable, but the family is not making an issue of it, so I won’t either. Here is more from Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles:

Digital Billboard placed in view of Rite Aid store, hooah!

Lamar Sign Company has posted a digital billboard out in front of the Rite Aid where Chris’ mother was working; here are the images that are being displaced at no charge to us… Thank you Lamar Sign Company, maybe you guys can teach Rite Aid what true concern for Fallen Warriors is all about, you are all true Patriots:

Rite Aid has contacted us, they say they plan to respond soon…

I am asking everyone on MySpace… and if possible on all the other networking communities, to light a candle in support of our Fallen Soldiers, and their families.

By lighting a candle and placing it as your profile photo you are letting the Warriors of Freedom who stand on the Battlefield, so we may sleep without fear of terrorism, know that if they fall their families will not stand alone.

We should all stand up and show Corporate America we stand for something that’s greater than ourselves, as Chris believed the flag of this great nation does. (ref: Chris’s MySpace page).

MySpace let us all show the world we stand with our men and women who pay in blood for our freedom.

If you do not have one or need one quickly you are welcome to use Chris’ candle. But but please place a candle of some type as your profile photo as soon as possible. Any candle will do. I am asking everyone to burn the candle until this issue with Rite Aid concerning the statement that compared losing a son or daughter in The War on Terrorism “is no different than someone’s house burning down”….. is resolved. And with all the pressue you folks are putting on them you can bet it will be soon.

“Strength and Honor”
Cpl Chris Mason’s dad – Garland Mason (USMC / US Paratrooper retired)

Hat tip: Bear Creek Ledger, Beth, Matt at Lone Star Times and Blondie Pad.

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