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Round-up of AIFD’s articles

American Islamic Forum for Democracy is a great site if you wish to follow the writings of a man who is trying to speak out against the Islamists. I realize many people are skepitical, some for their own reasons, some because they haven’t heard voices speaking against terrorism before, but that is because the media is ignoring this group on behalf of CAIR. Anyone who can make CAIR sweat, I’ll listen to hear what they have to say! lol.

Here are some of the articles he has written or have been written about him as of late:

View From America: The vicissitudes of genuine Muslim moderates, By JONATHAN TOBIN of the Jerusalem Post.
Muslim Campus Ritual Stirs Debate on Funding. Audio is available there.
Exclusive: Which Islam? Whose Islam? All Muslims Own the Interpretation of the Koran (Part I of 3).
M. Zuhdi Jasser.

Author: M. Zuhdi Jasser
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: August 24, 2007

These are just a few articles he has written in his war against Islamofascism. He claims to be trying to get his religion back from the thugs who have stolen it. It may be worth your time to at least give him a chance. After all, isn’t this what we’ve been asking for? He has been doing this since at least 2002, if not earlier. Thank you.

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First allow me to introduce those who are unaware of AIFD (American Islamic Forum for Democracy) to this organization. It was founded by M. Zuhdi Jasser in March 2003. Why have you not heard of him before? Ask the media. He does not fit the mold. How many conservate black citizens do hear from? To learn more about when this organization was created and why, you will find that information here.

The next part of this discussion will come to you in articles that were either written by or including Mr. Jasser. They are as follow:

  • Some say schools giving Muslims special treatment. USA Today.
  • Accommodation as an Islamist Political Instrument.
  • NRO Symposium: Suicide Reversal? Polling the Muslim World. National Review Online.
  • Congressman Ellison Carries the Islamists’ Water. Family Security Matters.
  • When Will We Learn? Family Security Matters.
  • CAIR’s Islamism Revealed. Family Security Matters.
  • Why The Pew Study of American Muslims is Dangerously Incomplete. Family Security Matters.
  • He is a very prolific writer, and he is quite genuine. I’ve heard him speak more times than the president (which isn’t saying much!), and he is willing to stand up for what is right and America. Fortunately, the two go together! 🙂

    Do not forget to check out the video he has on his webpage. He has a remarkable website with much news. You may want to add his site onto your sidebar. When you wonder when the Muslims are going to speak up and speak out, you can find out pretty soon right there. The dinosaur media cannot hide everyone forever. This is not Iran…

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